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wats your favorite thing about the game Started by: Master_Shake on May 03, '09 00:33

I agree with what a few have said. I do like many in this community. Thats what keeps me around more so than much else. I have a few who I would go to the moon and back for! Which was all thanks to playing this game in the first place. But it no longer what holds the friendship, we have the friendship regardless. I will always be grateful to this place for doing that! I love the events like vday in how it brings people together and the fun shared too! 

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I love the making of new friends and hunting the old ones after a war lol. Its fun to try and get a bit further each run. 

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I have said this time and time again. MR itself doesn't keep me coming back. Its the community and the friendships I've built over the years I've been around. If it wasn't for the community I wouldn't come back if it wasn't for the community. The game is basic in every sense possible but the joys of joking around with folks or sharing common interest here and outside of here is what does it for me. 

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I like going to IRC, saying some outlandish shit and having someone throw a shit fit at me because they're too motherfucking dumb to understand what comedy is. It humours me.

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Getting ready to  watch the browns and broncos,  weird year for sports,  but mw favorite team, The Browns all the way.

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I enjoy the people here, the conversations and the diversity people from the UK to China and down-under back to the USA.   The people is what keeps me coming back.  

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People I met over the years would probably be one of my favorite things about the game. I mean, I also love the endless clicking I get to fulfill when playing almost 90% of the game. So yeah, definitely the atmosphere I suppose.
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I like watching the board change. Seeing where the alliances are and trying to predict what I think will happen. Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you don’t see it coming - but it’s always fun to monitor the pulse of the game.

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I like the people. The friends that I have made along the way. Of course like any friendships some come, some go, and some last for a very very long time. Its the ones that are forever friendships that make this place pretty awesome. I mean after all if you had no interaction it would be all clicking and no real joy.

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I like turtles.

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While Mafia Returns Offer A Wide Range Of Different Lessons And Skills That Will Come In Handy In Everyday Life

(I Actually Think They Can Teach More Than Schools But Hey, That's Just My Opinion)


My Most Favourite Thing Would Be The People You Met.

Sure, I've Had My Fair Share Like Everyone Of Running Into People We Would Find Less Compatible To What We Prefer

But Then You Also Get To Experience Those Friends That Last Longer Than Some Of The Ones You Get In The "Outside"

So, Thank You To All Those Whom I Have Come Across. :D

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by far the best thing about this game is the the comradery. the life long friends I have made and all the great times spent hanging out and laughing and just talking until the wee hours of the morning. 


so grateful for all the friends and good times! 

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My favorite thing about the game is the contact i keep with friends. Every day we have contact and thats nice
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Well my favorite thing about this game isn't the game itself, it's the people on here, the community and friends I made in all these years. This is what makes me come back everytime. Keep doing what you do people, and much love to you all.

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