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Jun 25 - 01:56:47
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Sixty Days - Live Past It, Defeat The Regime Started by: Chippy on Jun 04, '17 16:48

60 days. SIXTY! The two strongest words in our world at the moment.

Now one might ask, that's not even Godfather standards yet. And you would be absolutely correct to point that out. For most of us, the space and spectrum we are allowed to live on is somewhere between 60 to 80 days. That's if you are lucky. The 'others' will either go swimming with the fishes before that magic number. And if your nose has a bit of brown to it, you may last long enough to see the century mark, but definitely not 120. 

Fair? Maybe? Is life fair though? As they say when life gives you lemons, you can either take it and rot in the acid or make lemonade. I rather make some lemonade. 

Now we all want to live long. We all want to survive, hell some of us want our first Godfather accounts, since now we can have near 18 opportunities at any given time to realize this. However, back to the premise of this conversation, your fish pond is probably going to be ready in 60 days. So how do we get to the 100+ mark without getting 'shit' on my nose? This is where the community has to bond together against the prevailing administration. The 'Great Baldy's Empire', this monster debauchery where even the dogs Bork! And Bonk some more. So yes back to the friend that keeps feeding friends to his fishes. How do we get out of this vicious cycle? 

Needless to say, the men and women that dawn the Godfather suits would never want someone else to share their space of privilege. By the standards instilled by Town Hall, everyone one of us is allowed to rank up from a mere thug to Wise guy, under proper protection of course. Town Hall also allows us the ability to be able to build a brand new life once we follow this route, till we get to well Made Man. Now this is when the 'Great Baldy' wants to know everything about you. Most of you won't make it past here, some tactical ones might. 

So say now you are a Made Man. You got this brand new life. But you still cant get to that 100-120 days for that ultimate once in a lifetime glory. What now? How can this next threshold be broken so the general population has a even chance to realize what the current GodFathers have? Sadly with how big the fish in the fish pond have grown from all the over feeding in LV, its time to drain the pond and burn the castle down. Easier said then done of course. 

The answer really is simple. A change at the top is necessary for a change in the current prevailing 'order'. If you like this system, stick to it. If you have a problem with it dying every 60 odd days. Explore my possibilities. 

Gun builders will always build guns, its what they do. Its what they are bred to do. However as we have seen from Disorder's posts in other places. A "+1 isn't in the greater interest of his organization". Which basically means, the minute you start hovering around 20 days from a capped gun, your going to be cut down. 

How can YOU help this? Very simple. STOP sending in Witness Statements, doesn't matter whether they belong to family or not. STOP SELLING Witness Statements. The minute you SELL them, they are available to the current administration for purchasing on the market. That way the administration always knows WHO is building. So to throw a wrench in the system, we almost have to shut down their intel flow. Which in this case is Witness Statements. 

Now most would say, Witness Statements earn us money, so I sell them. Well do the math, how many Witness Statements do you have to sell to make a Million? Roughly about 200 of those statements will get you your 1 million. Most of us won't live long enough to realize that number given the rule of 60's.

But if you burn and delete these witness statements, the current administration goes literally BLIND. The only way they will be able to track the guns in the country is by Shot Reports ALL of us fill out. Discrepancy in the Shot reports usually lead to death. But the discrepancy is usually tracked down from the Witness Statements. 

Now one other argument to this will be. The Grand GodFather always dies, some how some way. Always happens. So I don't have to do my part. I don't have to DELETE Witness Statements. (Mind you none knows how many and which Witness Statements you are catching, so they cant force you to show Statements. Besides, if you have the original Witness Statement, you can always fabricate it. Its always safer to DELETE though). 

So continuing with the "I don't have to do anything for this cycle to end". Well you kinda have to look at the next laws of this administration. Last some wars, they have usually shot the top gunners/CL/GF's, anyone that maybe capable of shooting the GF's. And then peacefully the GodFathers retreat to their beds for some well needed sleep, while their middle managers/hands eat bullets. Half the time these hands/middle managers don't know the war is coming, and so the pro's aren't sorted. This way if you look at the gun divide, you have these 7-10 GF capped guns up top. And then the drop from top 10 gun to top 20 is astronomical. Its why none from the top 20 will EVER be in the range of a GF. Its why you cant keep saying "Im a do me, and someone will do Disorder". It won't happen if you don't start DELETING the Witness Statements. The only time you will see someone grow balls and take down an administration is when the top 20 starts getting in the range of the GF's. This administration has alternative thoughts. Most would do 'purges' in their city to keep the 'threats' down. These guys not only level cities when they war, but the way they leave their hands/middle managers hanging without pro's after. Is essentially their version of the PURGE. Only since the other city does it for them, they keep their hands clean. And the divide between the top 10 and top 20 grows astronomically. 

So in short, if we as the community bonded together and STOPPED selling the Witness Statements to the Warden and DELETED them. We may get a knight in shining armor one day, that comes and liberates us the SIXTY's. But till then, your life and mine will have no more than 60 to 80 days. 

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There are currently nearly 100 people over the 60 day mark. Time for this terrible regime to trim it down I guess.

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Shit, I'm 3 days over 60. I'm deaded then
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Must say a bloody good post! I think many many of us are utterly fed up with the current regime really, hasn't been this dull predictable and click click click for a long time. Good for you for standing up and saying something! I might ot might not have been around these parts for a while now but I do know that many I know are taking a break until something changes, we keep popping back to see when or if that happens.

It's a high five from little old me for having the balls to post that!

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OOC post telling others to delete w/s...are you trying to kill Disorder with laughter?

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Dude, this will make exactly fuck all difference.  Sorry, but it won't.  And neither it should, when people have worked as hard as they have to achieve what they have, it should take as much effort to take it from them.  

And it appears you're as lazy as you are uncreative. 

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Plus, it is "Godfather" not "GodFather".

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Lazy Kuku-?  He could have just suggested everybody delete their witness statements in a sentence or two.  Instead, he took the time and effort to draft 14 paragraphs on the subject.  That doesn't seem lazy to me.

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If fairness Larry, he used the phrase Godfather as much as he did GodFather, so the point is moot.

As for everything else he said, it will achieve the square root of fuck all. Do people really think witness statements are important still? These were essential about 10 years ago when there were only a few guns that built big and could be used to track these people. Now everyone can be a hitter with the amount of targets available and so WS whilst I guess can be useful, they aren't a much used tool.

People use the law of averages to decide on many things. As you said yourself, the age of a character is a very telling point. Add if we know who the RL person behind said character is, then chances are they are marked for death already regardless of there are any WS with their name on it. I've been guilty of using such tactics in the past, some people are just natural born killers, like DeadlySin, and so I once agreed to have his name included on a kill list when removing a city, I had no knowledge of whether he was building a gun or not but since his other half was being removed it made sense to include him too, rather than risk the backlash of having to chase him down if he went rogue.

There are a number of hitters as skilled as DeadlySin that aren't BFFs with the current leadership, however I have no idea if many of them are even playing right now as they've lost more than one big character to the purges you mention and simply lost the appetitie to be here.

This leads me to my next point really. No matter how boring and frustrating many people may find the current regime, I have to say that it's by far from being a dictatorship type regime where chances are few and far between. If you want to survive in this regime and build a gun, you can, there is always a ways and means to do so. Detroit for instance.

Granted, reasons may suddenly appear to remove you if you get strong enough, but thats life. Thats not a new factor brought in by the current powers, thats simply what someone on top does when someone they don't know or trust is big enough to bring down what they've spent so long building. Its actually the entire point in playing the game in the first place really, to reach that level. So to speak of this aspect like its a bad point really doesn't sit well with me. And I say this as someone who lost a Godfather character to the regime already.

So yeah, delete WS all you want. It acheives fuck all.

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The point isn't moot.

The point is use the right one.

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"Y'all was actin' funny, hope y'all doin' comedy."

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***Mass Mail To All Residents Of Las Vegas***
Hello all,

Now that the huge spawn is finished, I want to remind you all to take the one minute required to copy and paste all your WS into the form. As every just go to the Witness section of your personals and copy all your recent statements, then paste them all at once in the form, here:

! Witness Statements !

These statements are very important in helping us protect our city from threats. Please do your bit to help out.



Kuku-, what was it you said about WS making exactly fuck all difference? If they make fuck all difference, why is Curtis sending a mail talking about how they are very important in helping? Wanna re-think your position on witness statements now that your mighty Godfather has spoken? Or you @√PeterParker? LarryLongNeck? If witness statements aren't important at all, the why would he be sending mails saying that they are? 

They are requiring that you provide your IGN name when you submit your witness statements. Which means they are likely also tracking who is submitting witness statements and who isn't. Don't give up hope! There's still options. If you want to fight against the current regime, even in the smallest of ways, you can do the following:

  • Send in witness statements of only known shooters. Yes, this means you have to do a little work of unscrambling names before submitting them. Remember you can use this link to make it easier:
    • Known shooters are people like the current Godfathers, CLs, hands, higher ranking members, etc. Send in witness statements of friends that you know, ones that aren't trying to build large guns.
    • Delete all the rest! 


Remember, DO NOT SELL YOUR WITNESS STATEMENTS. They buy them, frequently. 

Lastly, just remember that if this idea wasn't solid, Curtis wouldn't be sending out mass mails to his city asking for witness statements. They use them and will continue to use them to track guns. Sheer numbers alone will overpower what they are trying to do.

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I'm beginning to see how this could throw a monkey-wrench into the planning of an attack.

Let's say Disorder is planning to take down a family of 30 members, yet he only has witness statement data on 10 of them due to witness statements being deleted.

He'll be so confused as to what to do with the remaining 20 members he won't know wtf to do and I guess will let them all live (little does he know, they are secretly training guns and their witness statements have been craftily deleted).

Well played, sir.

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Poor sweet Romance. Which one is it then? Are witness statements fuck all useless or are they helpful in knowing who not to kill? Now mind you, if Curtis and co are planning a take down and happen to miss a gun, which seems to happen quite often lately as their takedowns have been so very messy, you will die no matter what. Missed on Divina. Missed on Telkin. Missed or forgot about Odin and Penny and Cato in NY. You guys can't seem to get shit right lately (I digress, that's another conversation for another time.)

Online at the time of the attack? You could be a pro and you'll be shot. Nothing wrong with that of course, that's war, but don't pretend like all it takes are sending in witness statements to ensure your safety because that's a load of shit. 

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Eyyy, technically they didn't miss on me, it was a WB. :P 

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And Chicago took out LA, not Vegas? 

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Im excited, 2 more days and I'm gonna be dead :D Looking forward to it.
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Like 22 more hours to go...

*grabs popcorn*

Someone better leave me a whisper! I've also been sure the Condos clean wouldn't want my assailant thinking I live like a slob.

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4 minutes and counting. 

Biting nails

Pound of kosher salt ready to doing around

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