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Feb 29 - 22:21:28
  Crew Leader   RHM   LHM Location Mbrs Space Open
[MM] Ketamine [MM] HERA [MM] TipToeTimmy The Loop, CH [C] 25 5 Details
[MM] BerZerk [MM] ChrisCornell [MM] Falka South Side, CH [S] 6 24 Details
[MM] Brent_everett [MM] Anyalis- [MM] DickBrewer Bricktown, DT [C] 7 23 Details
[MM] Music [MM] FreddyFastbear [MM] Kiala Bricktown, DT [C] 13 3 Details
[MM] Slash [MM] AxlRose [MM] NovemberRain Corktown, DT [E] 16 0 Details
[MM] harison [MM] Al-Bundy [MM] PR_Rep The Strip, LV [C] 15 1 Details
[MM] MrSki [MM] Svent [MM] SeanieFlaherty The Strip, LV [C] 9 21 Details
[MM] Pain [MM] JimmyLuigi [MM] Geneva Summerlin, LV [N] 27 3 Details
[MM] Petah [MM] Noodle [MM] LilPeep Paradise, LV [S] 16 0 Details
[MM] Meadow [MM] H-E-R-O [MM] Spicy Downtown, LA [C] 20 10 Details
[MM] Tyki_Mikk [MM] Amira [MM] Ivy Downtown, LA [C] 13 3 Closed
[MM] BulletToothTony [MM] DeadIrishman [MM] Meg Hollywood, LA [N] 15 1 Closed
[MM] FishTheKitty [MM] JoJoStiletto [MM] Koehler Pasadena, LA [E] 15 1 Details
[MM] BadxWolf [MM] SakaiRihito [MM] Ventus Brooklyn, NY [C] 15 15 Details
[MM] DangerClose [MM] Clarity [MM] Georgette Brooklyn, NY [C] 11 5 Details
[MM] Sniffler [MM] Allie [MM] Harvey_Specter Bronx, NY [N] 10 6 Closed
[MM] Teyla [MM] Yeet [MM] RufusWatchdog Queens, NY [E] 5 25 Details
[MM] Shoresy [MM] AdamSmasher [MM] Kairi Old City District, PH [C] 11 5 Details
[MM] SpikeS [MM] Lucrezia [MM] Marston Old City District, PH [C] 6 24 Details
[MM] Sal_Giaquinto [MM] The-Big-Joker [MM] veliotis Bella Vista, PH [E] 25 5 Details
[MM] Sylence [MM] Junk_in_the_Trunk [MM] MrGiggles Bella Vista, PH [E] 12 4 Closed
[MM] Alexa [MM] Gladius [MM] Sisu South Philly, PH [S] 25 5 Details
[MM] Transistor [MM] Haleakala [MM] Gigantopithecus South Philly, PH [S] 16 0 Closed

Names in bold denote people who are currently online and active.
Names struck out are dead but still have fortifications that can be attacked.
Crews that are looking for new members are denoted as "Open".
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