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May 27 - 00:28:19
  Crew Leader   RHM   LHM Location Mbrs Space Open
[MM] Gaston [MM] The_XX [MM] None The Loop, CH [C] 19 21 Details
[MM] Malachai [MM] LaceyGodreaux [MM] Hoosier The Loop, CH [C] 38 2 Details
[MM] MonsterHair [MM] bobbi [MM] None The Loop, CH [C] 9 2 Details
[MM] Mickey_Bowers [MM] Monique [MM] SadieMae North Side, CH [N] 39 1 Closed
[MM] Prati [MM] Jacobthefirst [MM] Wraith North Side, CH [N] 10 1 Closed
[MM] Yeah [MM] Sliver [MM] Darkwing North Side, CH [N] 24 16 Details
[MM] Orange [MM] LawnMower [MM] Princesa South Side, CH [S] 10 20 Details
[MM] Divina_Princeps [MM] Enigma [MM] Harold Downtown, DT [C] 11 9 Closed
[MM] Middy [MM] JakeTheFruitcake [MM] swaliny Downtown, DT [C] 8 2 Details
- None - None - None Corktown, DT [E] - - N/A
[MM] Hades [MM] None [MM] JoJoStiletto Black Bottom, DT [S] 4 11 Details
[MM] Bunny [MM] CharlesVane [MM] Lynn The Strip, LV [C] 17 23 Details
[MM] Disorder [MM] DanGleeballs [MM] None The Strip, LV [C] 11 0 Closed
[MM] Pollution [MM] Ermintrude [MM] Zelda The Strip, LV [C] 11 19 Details
[MM] Angy [MM] Vile [MM] JoeKing Summerlin, LV [N] 10 1 Closed
[MM] Kharon [MM] Hank_Moody [MM] None Summerlin, LV [N] 36 4 Details
[MM] Vivian_Ward [MM] Diogenis [MM] Bachelor Summerlin, LV [N] 29 11 Details
[MM] Baba_Yaga [MM] veliotis [MM] PaulMcGranit Paradise, LV [S] 28 12 Details
[MM] Hisoka [MM] NormaBates [MM] Tricky Paradise, LV [S] 32 8 Details
[MM] Lillith [MM] Daria [MM] OleWalrusDong Paradise, LV [S] 10 1 Details
[MM] Alexander_Solonik [MM] Gracie [MM] Shini Downtown LA, LA [C] 25 15 Details
[MM] Ranger [MM] Aoife [MM] SaintSilver Downtown LA, LA [C] 6 34 Details
- None - None - None Pasadena, LA [E] - - N/A
- None - None - None Venice Beach, LA [W] - - N/A
[MM] Frankie4Fingers [MM] eMAKE [MM] Mark_Fischbach Brooklyn, NY [C] 40 0 Closed
[MM] StripheGotti [MM] Giana [MM] Charlie Brooklyn, NY [C] 12 18 Details
- None - None - None Bronx, NY [N] - - N/A
[MM] Woodpecker [MM] GalakFyyar [MM] Nina- Manhattan, NY [W] 7 13 Details
[MM] Saitama [MM] Dazai [MM] None Old City District, PH [C] 11 29 Details
[MM] Tonberry [MM] Diego [MM] Diesel Bella Vista, PH [E] 12 28 Details
- None - None - None South Philly, PH [S] - - N/A

Names in bold denote people who are currently online and active.
Names struck out are dead but still have fortifications that can be attacked.
Crews that are looking for new members are denoted as "Open".
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