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  Crew Leader   RHM   LHM Location Mbrs Space Open
[MM] Ellie [MM] Faith [MM] The Loop, CH [C] 3 27 Details
[MM] Rubix [MM] None [MM] DanTerminus The Loop, CH [C] 20 0 Details
[MM] Cary_Grant [MM] Nikolai [MM] CassandraVilmont South Side, CH [S] 25 5 Details
[MM] TylerDurden [MM] None [MM] None Everywhere, All 2052 0 Details
[MM] Beyond [MM] Scarlett [MM] Assassin Downtown, DT [C] 9 21 Details
[MM] DeeSe7en [MM] DravenLynn [MM] CLINT Downtown, DT [C] 9 2 Closed
[MM] Random [MM] Sapphire [MM] lollipops Downtown, DT [C] 23 7 Details
[MM] Assunto [MM] Denny- [MM] Ju_St_Ice Corktown, DT [E] 10 1 Closed
[MM] Becceh [MM] Ducky [MM] Donny_Donowitz Corktown, DT [E] 15 15 Details
[MM] Rampage [MM] JoeDough [MM] RegMan 12th Street, DT [W] 11 0 Closed
[MM] Soseki [MM] Lust [MM] Tammy 12th Street, DT [W] 22 8 Details
[MM] Flexx-Mitchell [MM] Cataleya [MM] None The Strip, LV [C] 6 5 Details
[MM] GrimReaper [MM] Koop [MM] John-Dillinger Summerlin, LV [N] 18 12 Details
[MM] TwoB [MM] DarkLotus [MM] Summerlin, LV [N] 9 2 Details
[MM] KenoN [MM] Jukera [MM] Downtown, LA [C] 3 27 Details
[MM] Sabrina [MM] Victor_Zsasz [MM] Lefty Downtown, LA [C] 9 2 Details
[MM] Maurice- [MM] TomRhodes [MM] Omerta Pasadena, LA [E] 22 8 Details
[MM] Jemaine_Clement [MM] SuperHans [MM] bighead Brooklyn, NY [C] 11 0 Closed
[MM] Madeline [MM] HandsomeRob [MM] Jadus Brooklyn, NY [C] 25 5 Details
[MM] Kamille [MM] Sameera [MM] JoJoStiletto Manhattan, NY [W] 27 3 Details
[MM] Odin [MM] Ronin [MM] Badb Manhattan, NY [W] 28 2 Closed
[MM] Roper [MM] Cowluh [MM] Cowlette Manhattan, NY [W] 21 9 Details
[MM] Space-pole [MM] Zeitgeist [MM] Lancelot Manhattan, NY [W] 11 0 Closed
[MM] ConstanceBonacieux [MM] HughJorgan [MM] FinalPig Old City District, PH [C] 29 1 Closed
[MM] KingofMeatPopsicles [MM] JaceCorso [MM] Father_OMalley Old City District, PH [C] 15 15 Details
[MM] Spaceman [MM] Zoom [MM] Heston Old City District, PH [C] 10 1 Closed
[MM] Arya_Stark [MM] Indifference [MM] Chef Bella Vista, PH [E] 11 0 Closed
[MM] Epiphany [MM] Bangerson [MM] Seraphyna Bella Vista, PH [E] 22 8 Details
[MM] ArturoStrigliori [MM] Rebecca_Ferrari [MM] South Philly, PH [S] 19 11 Details
[MM] Charlie__Pavanno [MM] Nikita [MM] Itachi_Uchiha South Philly, PH [S] 15 15 Details
[MM] JackMezzo [MM] GavinAndTaraByrne [MM] Isabella-Luciano South Philly, PH [S] 9 2 Closed
[MM] Vincent-Alo [MM] DustyKid [MM] South Philly, PH [S] 5 5 Details
[MM] William_Bowden [MM] Yvette [MM] None South Philly, PH [S] 22 8 Details
[MM] Coltrane [MM] Shini [MM] Long_Island_Lolita Pioneer Square, SEA [C] 10 1 Closed
[MM] Richard [MM] razor-blade-mario [MM] DonnieV Pioneer Square, SEA [C] 5 25 Details
[MM] JohnMarston [MM] Marcella [MM] None Ballard, SEA [W] 25 5 Details
[MM] Leo_Maranzano [MM] Coppa1 [MM] Drea Ballard, SEA [W] 11 0 Details
[MM] WilliamWalker [MM] Luckies [MM] Luukas Ballard, SEA [W] 5 15 Details

Names in bold denote people who are currently online and active.
Names struck out are dead but still have fortifications that can be attacked.
Crews that are looking for new members are denoted as "Open".
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