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Jul 22 - 22:59:06
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Name: JoJoStiletto Send Mail...
Level: 60
Bodyguards: Not Protected
Status: Dead
Sponsor: None
Home City: Hollywood, LA
Packing: Definitely
Wealth: Dirt Poor
Lounge Credits Won: 0
Messages Sent: 1304
Threads / Posts: 0 / 24 (View Activity)
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The Irish Alliance



PP: return or I will put my hands on you


And the Bot says: [20:35:08] [IRC]MRDot: Yo JoJoStiletto, There's a word for a woman who has lost a husband. (Widow) A word for a man who has lost a wife. (Widower) There's also a word for a child who has lost their parents (Orphan). But there is no word for parents who have lost a child.

It also said: [14:25:07] [IRC]MRDot: Yo FishTheKitty, If we all lived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, history class would be a lot more interesting.

[18:10:07] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, Our noses are programmed to forget smelling a smell that we smelt for too long

15:35:07] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, Though squares, rectangles, and cubes are associated with robotic inhumanliness, they are in fact some of the most humanly shapes in existence.

[18:05:08] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, Brightness is volume for your eyes.

[21:10:08] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, Every glass is a shot glass if you're brave enough.

[21:40:07] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, The larger the Download Now button, the less likely it will download the file you want.

[20:00:06] [IRC]MRDot: Hey JoJoStiletto, You can't judge a book by its cover but you can figure out how cheap your roommates are based on the quality of toilet paper they buy.

[21:45:07] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, Toilets are the politest place to fart, but toilets also make farts sound like a foghorn

[21:50:08] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, All horses have mullets

[22:15:08] [IRC]MRDot: Hey JoJoStiletto, I'm 25 and just realized that Fruit of the Loom is a romantic way of saying "end product of a textile factory".

[21:15:08] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, People who use medical marijuana to treat arthritis are burning joints to soothe their burning joints

[20:55:06] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, The more that you use something new, the less you use something new.

[21:00:07] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, People who announce they have peanut allergies do so to prevent people from killing them, but such an announcement also makes it easier for people to kill them

[21:35:08] [IRC]MRDot: hmmm, JoJoStiletto, The Outcome of a Job is an Income

[15:15:08] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, Once McAfee expires, and it keeps popping up notifications to renew your licence every five seconds, it's like you've gotten a virus.

[21:20:08] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, We are all essentially just camping out on the wild...with elaborated tents better known as houses

[23:35:07] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, If yawns are infectious there must be a yawn-chain that has lasted for years

[23:40:08] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, If you watch porn then shaming pornstars for being in porn is like shaming the players in your favorite sports team

[23:45:07] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, lol, All of the people calling for public schools to teach practical life skills probably just had really shitty parents.

[22:00:06] [IRC]MRDot: JoJoStiletto, Reverse human trafficking ring where you can kidnap verified child predators and child sexual traffickers and make them fight deathmatches in underground rings.


"Attempting murder? You're gonna be in the slammer a looooong time for this one."

  Feb 07, 18:45:25 Your latest pickpocketing victim chased after you, but was no match for your speed.



I'm a fan of the longer profile, obviously.  I say, the longer, the better!


Success! Diamonte was set free.


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