The rules are always being developed as the game goes on so please check regularly to see if any have been added. This list is by no means comprehensive; Administrators get the final say.

  1. No DUPING. One person, one account. If you are found to have more than one account all of your accounts will die. This includes making accounts before a planned death.
  3. Sexual Harrassment is not tolerated in any form and is subject to termination of account and removal from the game. Player can be removed at Administrator discretion no matter when the incident occurred.
  4. You may NOT share your account with anyone, not even one time log-ins. No account sharing. If you are suspected of account sharing all accounts involved will be terminated.
  5. No scripting, automated mouse clickers, etc. Use of any automated software to do your work is prohibited. If you are found using such programs you will lose your character.
  6. No pornographic, racist, or otherwise discriminatory pictures or quotes in profiles.
  7. No pornographic, racist, or otherwise discriminatory links in profiles.
  8. No pornographic, racist, or otherwise discriminatory threads or posts in public forums.
  9. No pornographic, racist, or otherwise discriminatory mails sent to users. This is up to the user to report. Roleplaying of an adult nature is frowned upon, but as long as both ADULT parties are in agreement, it is considered consensual relations and allowed. Should an instance occur where the parties are not in agreement, or one of the parties reports this to the administrators, the case will be investigated, and punishment will be dealt out on a case-by-case basis.
  10. No obscene, racist, pornographic, or otherwise discriminatory names.
  11. No spamming or abuse via mob mail or in forums. This includes advertising businesses and services in game. This also includes out of game sites. Do not mass mail people at random and you won't have a worry. This also include spamming for points. Copy/pasting/plagiarizing in an attempt for points is considered spamming. Spamming and excessively abusing users is bad, you die. Simple. If you feel you must spam every funeral because you think you're getting points for it—Don't bother.
  12. Reasons for not bothering:
    1) You don't get points.
    2) You could lose your account for spamming.
    3) You look like a complete fool.
    4) Posting "RIP" in every funeral is spam. You will die. Be creative, use the funerals for what they are there for, not to get your post count up.
  13. All bugs should be reported per the procedures outlined in the "Bug reporting" thread in the announcements forum. Users who exploit bugs, and are determined to have done so knowingly (by game administrators.) will suffer pain of death, and possibly worse.
  14. If there are, or there is a chance that there are, multiple players from your home, work, or school you MUST let us know every time you create a name by using the REPORT IP SHARING link under the management menu. If you are going to have more than one person playing from the same location (not just computer) we NEED to know.  Otherwise you may get dupe wacked.  You MUST report your NEW names AFTER you die.  It is difficult to keep track of all of your names. We will NOT revive accounts for those who "forgot" or "didn't know".
    IP Sharing includes:
    1. Playing from school
    2. Playing from a library
    3. Multiple players in one home
    4. Playing from a friend's house
    5. Playing from a net cafe
    6. Playing from a wireless hotspot
    7. Playing using a cellular phone (Yes, even when it is plugged into your computer and being used as a modem.)
    8. Playing from any location that is public not listed above.
  15. Regardless of what you think, game administrators get the last say.
When interacting with other users please keep in mind the following. 

"Just because we are separated by a few thousand miles, it doesn't give us the excuse to act in ways that are not acceptable in real life."
- IzzyCreamcheese 

Bug Reporting

If you happen to find a bug during your stay in this world, please follow these procedures to report it.

There are three types of problems you could encounter: Fatal Errors, Warnings, or Logic Errors.

When PHP throws a fatal error, the page will FAIL to execute properly.  An error message will be printed to the page. (note: I'm considering parse errors fatal errors.)  In general, these errors occur during updates to the site and have a lifespan of less than five minutes.  As such, it is important that you wait a few minutes before reporting these.  If you can't replicate these errors after waiting a few minutes, they're probably fixed.

When the game detects a problem, it may throw a fatal error or a warning.  All warnings and [User] Fatal Errors automatically mobmail a bug report to Administrator.  You may or may not notice any weird behavior when one of these errors is encountered.  If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please send a mobmail to Administrator.

Logic Errors are errors that are caused by the a bad piece of code.  In most cases, a logic error will not throw an error message.  The free bodyguard bug we recently found is an example of a Logic Error.  Please use discretion when reporting these; a money glitch should definitely not be posted in the forums, as malicious users will take advantage of it (and then I'll have to terminate their accounts).  If you notice a logic error, no matter how large or small, report it by mobmailing Administrator.

If you're not sure whether or not a problem should be reported, just go ahead and report it.  I would rather receive 1000 mobmails about a particular problem than leave the problem unfixed.

In general, the most reliable way to contact a game Administrator is to send a Mobmail to Administrator.  All of the gods can read mail sent to that username.  If the problem is time sensitive, you might also want to report it via IRC. (click on 'Chat' in the comm tab.)  If you're not sure what to do, or whom to speak with, try asking around; chances are there will be someone online who can direct you to the appropriate persons.

Recall, that per the Game Rules (see rules thread in announcements), users who are found to have knowingly exploited bugs will be dealt with as seen fit by the Gods.  Repeat offenders risk being banished.

Data Retention Policy

No medium of storage on the game should be considered a place to archive anything indefinitely. This includes mobmail and forums. If you wish to keep records, do so on your own computer. While an effort is generally made to ensure that in-use data is not deleted, Mafia Returns makes no guarantee that your data will remain for any period of time. If you lose data in routine database maintenance following this mobmail, you will be on your own.

It is possible, however, unlikely that data you wished to keep will be deleted on occasion. By choosing to store your important data in any in-game medium (including forums/mobmail), you accept this risk. Mafia Returns does not assume responsibility for the integrity or security of any data you choose to store in its database.

This does not mean that you cannot archive mobmails today and expect them to be there next month or that you cannot save your hits to back alley threads. Just remember to keep them active and back them up occasionally. As previously stated: data considered active will not generally be harmed.

Official Game Chat!

Tutorial - Your First 24 Hours

NOTE: This game is an original work. None of the code is from the original game.