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Tutorial #1 What to do in your first 24 hours Started by: Squishy on Sep 15, '17 22:50

Tutorial #1 What to do in your first 24 hours


Welcome to the first installment of three Tutorials to prepare yourself for this world. Below is information you should know to start your journey in the Mafia Returns world.



Jobs are available immediately, and are an excellent way to get you acquainted with the various crews in this world. Doing Jobs for Crews will gain you some money, however its main benefit is to open conversation with important people in crews that in turn could land you an invitation.
Note: Jobs will only appear for Crews if they have a Sponsor online, and their crew is set up properly for jobs.



You start Mafia Returns with the ability to carry 5 units of drugs. These “units” are your level. Level is not everything here, but the higher your level - the more you can do. The more you can do and the more drugs you can carry means more money. The concept of drug running is simple, buy low, and sell high.
Note: You can sell drugs district by district within the same City, or fly from City to City - however it should be noted that City-to-City travel has a lengthy cooldown time.


Understanding cool downs

Most actions in Mafia Returns come with a cool down, a period of time before you can perform the action again. The following is a list of the cooldowns between actions, we will describe what these actions are and what they do later on in this series of tutorials.

Work: 1 minute
Petty: 3 minutes 20 seconds
Felony: 12 minutes
JailBreak: 20 seconds
PickPocket/GraveRob: 1 hour
Shooting: 1 Hour (Unless training at the range)
HQ Shooting: 30 minutes.
Travel: Taxi between districts every 5 minutes
Travel: Fly between cities
Mafia Returns is set in the United States, each city falls into a region of West Coast, Central, or East Coast. Each city has a sister city in the same region (Philadelphia and New York are sister cities, both are located on the east coast). Traveling between cities has a cooldown that is dependent upon where you are now and where you are going.
Traveling to the sister city in the same region - 3 hours
Traveling from Central region to either coast or either coast to central - 6 hours
Traveling from one coast to another - 12 hours.


Importance of crews and finding one

It should not be a shock to you that the Mafia is organized and puts a large importance into family. Having a family is the only way to stay safe, people are less likely to shoot you if someone else will avenge your death. Choosing your family is the single biggest decision you will make. This decision affects the rest of your life, this will be the place you call home, the people you interact with most, and the people you go to war with. Because this is such an important decision, it should be made carefully. You are welcome to take up to 48 hours to talk to crew members and find a good fit for you, know what is expected of you, and know your role. As a newer person you should be looking for friendly people willing to help you find your way. Doing jobs will allow the crew sponsors to come to you, if you wish to go to them you can visit the crew list page here to see all the crews in the country and the upper structures that run them:


Mail / Respectful communication

Mail can be found under the ‘Comm’ tab in your menu and also under the mascot, Potato, on the left hand side (It flashes an envelope icon when you have new mail). Respect is necessary in the mafia, you won’t see a new guy talking shit about the Godfather in a movie, it is unwise to do it here. Role playing is encouraged and some individuals will not speak out of character, most are very skilled at answering your questions and making their point clear while staying in character. If you like the role play aspect, please embrace it and return the conversation. It is perfectly acceptable and even often encouraged to partake in debates. There is, however, a proper way to go about things. Express your opinion(s) freely, but do so in a respectful manner. Always keep in mind the person's rank that you're debating with. Despite whether you're "right" or not, if you express your opinion in a disrespectful manner - especially in public to someone who outranks you - there's a damn good chance you'll wind up dead. After all, the action is yours...the reaction is not.



When you have found a crew or have turned off the Tutorial you will be presented with the petties, it is recommended to start with ‘Snatch a Purse’ and work your way up to the more difficult Petties. Petties will be a part of your life forever, they are small income but free money every few minutes.



We are all criminals in this world and as such we all end up in jail sooner or later. Visiting the jail allows you the opportunity to bust out fellow mafioso. The more important someone’s rank, the more guards they will have. Work on the accounts that have 0 Guards first, everyone has to start somewhere. These jails reward a lot of experience considering the small cooldown for the action. If you visit a jail and no one is inside you are able to “lockdown” the jail for credits (Mafia Returns special currency) which will throw everyone in that city in jail.
Note: You can also launch a jail with $525,000 in game cash if there are no credits on the Marketplace.



There are 7 skills in Mafia Returns, most can be trained but all are dependent on your initial character creation. The skills are known as: Marksmanship, Physique, Stealth, Defense, Breaking and Entering, Intimidation, and Street Smarts. These skills affect your success and failure chance of certain actions as well as your abilities. The wiki is an excellent source of information for new players and defines the skills very well here:


Identifying your starting Skills (If character rolled)

Don’t remember what skills you selected on startup? If you rolled your character with the standard method (instead of the roleplay questions) you can find your starting skills under the manage>profile page.


Rules and Consequences

Site Rules


The site rules keep MafiaReturns a fair and respectable place, there is no tolerance for cheating or obscene content. The Gods (Admins) of this world intervene in the breaking of site rules and will lock your account for a period of time, kill your character, or ban your account depending on the severity of the rule. The rules are posted publicly here:

Sponsor/family/GF/City rules

These are rules made by the people in charge, your crew leader, sponsor, Godfather, city rules, etc. These rules are player discretion. The Gods (Admins) of this world will not intervene in the breaking of these rules, they do not have bias towards players, only site rules. That being said, the players that have created these rules generally have the gun, or the power to have you killed should you disrespect their rules.



You are statistically the farthest from death at character creation, but it is important to understand now before it is too late. Death is final, like it is in life. There is no respawn, there is no reset, there are no doctors or hospitals. When you are dead you will have a notice telling you so. You cannot see the rest of the game, you cannot speak with anyone. You are dead. There is a link to character creation and you will start all over again as a nobody, taking with you only your credit balance and savings. With your new life you can start from scratch or seek out the friends you just made. Understand that your actions can lead you to greatness or to death, Enjoy your first 24 hours!
Thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial. Part two continues HERE

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