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Tutorial #2 What to do in your first week Started by: Squishy on Sep 15, '17 22:53

Welcome to your first week


Welcome to the second installment of three Tutorials to prepare yourself for this world. Below is information you should know as you begin your journey into the world of Mafia Returns.



Due to the nature of the cooldowns and the price changes in drugs, it is wise to develop a routine. Your family is the best source of information for developing your routine to maximize your profit and experience, it is wise to use your cooldown abilities when you can to make the most of your time but there is strategy to when and where you make your travels between cities and districts.



These are crimes, like petties, except they bring in more income but also have a longer cooldown time. Felonies become available when you reach 15 units, a new felony is available every 5 levels after that until you reach 60 units. Having your felony available will allow other players to invite you to Organized Crimes which have the highest crime payouts but require multiple players in order to succeed. More information is available below.


Organized Crimes

This is the highest level crime and requires several users to complete. You must be the rank of Made Man or higher to start an Organized Crime however in your first week you may be invited by others if your Felony timer is open. More information is available here:


Graverobs / Pickpockets

This feature is a way to take hard earned money from others. It is recommended that you start with Graverobs, this is only available to players under the rank of Made Man and since you are robbing money from dead people, they do not fight back. Pick Pocket is the theft of money from online and active accounts that are currently in your city and district. Many players are offended by this action and will say so in their profile. It is wise to make sure it is okay before attempting a pick pocket. For more information about Pick Pocketing requirements and how skills come into play, follow this link:


Profile Management

There are many members of the mafia in this world, the best way to find out information about them is through the use of their profile. Because of this, you should take some time in your first week to add a picture as well as some information to your own. Be sure that what you add is acceptable and respectful, site rules come into play heavily in regards to profiles. This is your link to edit your profile:


HQ Crew Forum

Once you are a member of a crew you will have access to a forum that is only visible to the members in your crew. The majority of Crew Leaders will use this space to provide very valuable information to you as well as the rules that they would like you to follow. It is recommended that you stop in to the Crew HQ Forum immediately upon joining a crew. It can be found here:



Being that Mafia Returns is a Roleplay environment there are advantages to posting to the forums. Not only are you letting your voice be heard publicly but some forums will reward you with the vision skill as well as experience. Please use these valuable resources:


Achievements / Rewards

Achievements can be found under the News & Info tab. Think of achievements like optional objectives with high rewards. People who try for achievements maintain their purpose and commitment and will be rewarded with cash, credits, and experience!


Credits / Perks

Credits are an account level currency. This is the only form of currency that transcends death. Credits can be used in many ways however this guide is only covering perks. Perks cost 1 credit each and last for 30 days. While active, a perk grants a 5-10% chance of not using a cooldown timer for the action in which the perk covers, it allows you to immediately perform the action again. More information on what credits can be spent on can be found here:



This is our communities third party chat environment. Being an active part of our community will open doors for you as well as reward you. Free credits are posted on IRC to be raced for against others. There are also events that can net you a nice sum of credits. Please be respectful in our community and IRC will be a serious advantage to you.


Rank Requirements (Below Made)

Ranks have a age and drug unit requirement to be obtained. Mafia Returns will automatically promote you to any rank up to Wise Guy as soon as all requirements are fulfilled.



Age Requirement

Drug Units Requirement

Rank Notes

New Abilities


0 Days old

5 Units

Starting Rank



Petty Thief

0 Days old

5 Units

Automatic after completion of a few crimes



12 Hours old

5 Units

Automatic upon joining a crew or being 12 hours old.

Shooting Range


1 Day old

5 Units

Will be obtained automatically after 7 days of age





2 Days old

10 Units




5 Days old

15 Units


First felony

Capable of Sponsoring new members.

Wise Guy

8 Days old

20 Units

End of Automatic promotions

Capable of being assigned as Left Hand Man to Crew Leader




If you are enjoying your time with MafiaReturns you are welcome to click on the + symbols on the left of your screen. This will take you to a voting site where you are required to complete the necessary captcha code. You are not obligated to click the + symbol, however administrators will take action against any account that is starting but not finishing the voting process. Voting grants cash rewards based on your voting honesty. It will also grant instant petties and felonies to be performed upon your next petty crime.


Responsibilities of Gun Ownership

Proper gun usage and maintenance is critical to being successful in this world. Because death is permanent, our society places a lot of rules around gun usage. It is up to you to contact your sponsor or family hit squad leader to understand how to use your gun correctly so that you do not find yourself swimming with da fishes.


Thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial. Part three continues here

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Great info for even those as me who played a bit in here, good post.

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Also A great thread for all noobs to read and learn by, great work showing this.

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Can I sell this?

The gifts you are able to sell are listed in your Gifts section under the Manage menu and are labeled with a 'Regift' button.

If there is no regift button it means that is is unable to be sent to another player.  If the gift is not listed there at all, it means you already opened it and applied it.

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great ok

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Is there a way for me to see how near i am to reaching an achievement for a particular crime?

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Thanks for the heads up. The wiki link helped a lot, not just for stats info. 

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This needs a big-time overhaul

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@SamAdams what part of Tutorial #2 did you find in need of a big-time overhaul?

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Thank u.

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Thank you
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Thank you for the informative post =) 

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Thank you <3

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