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Do you ever get attached to your character? Started by: Bearzy on Dec 22, '17 01:13

As we are here with the sunset of yet another war, myself falling prey to it. I legitimately miss my last character and the crew I was in. Its odd for me because I normally have zero attachments to games...hell or even most people lol. 

But I'm just wondering if you guys ever feel similar to that. 

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As an RPer, yes. I make a LOT of connections very quickly. However, the good thing about dying for us is, even though a part of us dies with that character, it allows us to jump in to a new story to write. :)

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I just lost my first, serious character. 270hours, level 40, nice backstory (at least I think so).

That hurt.


But I agree with Sullivan - It's an opportunity to write something new.

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To quote myself in another post I just made:

If you’ve ever cried over a character in a two-hour long movie… one you didn’t work on or invest yourself into… why the hell is it shocking to think that players who spend weeks and months on a character (sometimes imagining their hopes, dreams and fears – sharing that with the world) MOURN the loss for that time/effort/creation?

Take some time to mourn.  Know you won't love your new character for a while.  Maybe a long while.  They are a blank canvas where as your old one was a masterpiece in completion.  Know that your love of the old one isn't a reason to stop playing... it's the reason to keep playing!   If you'd stopped playing your other character two days in, you wouldn't have cared for them either.  ;)

The more you add to a character - the harder it is to lose them.  It's a part of you.  It's your masterpiece.  It hurts to see others trash what you put time and effort into creatively.  Like someone coming in and taking a leak on the mona lisa.  You gotta know artistic fans would lose their collective crap over that... well, your character is your mona lisa and someone killing it is the equivalent of someone taking razors to Mona Lisa's face.

Totally legit to mourn the loss of creative time and efforts expended in the form of creating a fictional life.

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Capazzo Sep 13 '17 798.23




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Sorry <3

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I get attached to my characters, sparingly. Whenever I feel that I'm getting too infused with the character, I detach myself though. I remind myself that this is a game where we all tread on thin wires - one wrong move, the wires snap, and we fall into oblivion. The good side is, its always nice to start a new character, new storyline, new angle, and new opportunity. 

And I think, with every character death, you come out a little wiser. 

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Depends on the time and feel of it for me honestly. Sometimes i come on and screw around wasting time and running away from real life then sometimes i get the urge to come on only for RP(this ones rare)

This time around i'm in between things but attached is not one of them.

I don't think it's healthy to be "attached" in the first place.

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Not really.

I tend to miss the money I wasted on a cl (if I died because that cl was inadequate in some way).

I think I've died far too much over the years to really get attached to a character. Death is very much a part of this game.

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I feel more attached to the crew leader than the actual character, if that makes sense.

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It's very rare for me to get attached to an account, anymore. When you're used to dying every month for years on end, it kind of takes the sting out of it a bit. That's not to say I haven't been attached to an account before, but hot damn it's been awhile. I'm kind of with HeartBeat on this one, I find myself getting more attached to the CL/Crew and the atmosphere you help build/relationships you make rather than my personal account. 

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I tend to feel the opposite. I go all gung ho and write up a storm then interest wanes or real life gets busy and I welcome a bullet. But like the above, the crew environment and interactions are what I miss when the character does end up in the obits.

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I tend to get attached to the people in the crew they are the ones that make the place interesting. My last crew had a really fun side always chatting, even if nonsense, they chatted. But chatting was not the only thing they worked towards helping you become better.
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Louise They were truly a special bunch, I really enjoyed our time with them. 

I get what you and Zoom are saying, its rare that I make a character that I really enjoy and want to keep alive for more than just the lulz, and every time I think its because of the crew/CL

And Honesty Ive notices the trend lol, its not like Ive been a hard one to track. 

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There have only ever been two that I've missed, and that was because I was mid-storyline with them. Otherwise I prefer the fresh starts, from the writing perspective anyway (grinding your way up to 40, 45, 60 units is a ballbuster, and building a gun alongside the maxing of BGS is just too damn expensive to do over and over when you aren't willing to sink hundreds into the game).

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Anyone who says they don't is lying to themselves. You invest so much time into what you do and in a split second, it's all gone. Usually blindsided which is the worst way to lose something.

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No .If I did I would be in need of a brand new News Years resloution

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I've been there.

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