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The Las Vegas Fun Fair - Come One, Come All! Started by: Frankie-Messina on Mar 14, '18 11:30

Fun Rides
Tough Games
Sweet Treats
Everything that makes a Carnival Neat
Welcome to The…

。・:*:・゚,。・:*:・゚Las Vegas Fun Fair゚・: *:・。, ゚・: *:・。



“STEP RIGHT UP LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, DON’T BE SHY!”  A man dressed in a fire-engine red suit & flamboyant top hat called out to the crowd from high atop a stage, located at the edge of Las Vegas.  “We have sights and sounds you’ve never seen or heard before, forbidden wonders from all over the known world, thrills and chills you CAN NOT miss!  If we don’t have it here, they don’t have it anywhere! WELCOME TO THE FUN FAIR a traveling attraction coming to your city soon!”

The powers of Las Vegas’ underground had come together to give the common man a real treat.  It was an opportunity to win over union leaders, members, and their families as well as the business owners across Las Vegas from Summerlin, to Paradise, and up and down the Strip. 

One of the world’s most remarkable street fairs was in town for a limited engagement and names like Godfather Shaggs , @Don TonyCastelli , Don Frankie-Messina , Don Prof-V-Jameson , Don VictoriaValium , and Don Klejnot had made this thing of dreams – a reality.



Enjoy the Rides

“Prepare yourself for heart stopping thrills as you speed along our tracks, are thrown dozens of feet into the air and soar high above nearly every nearby building!  See Las Vegas as you’ve never seen it before on the world’s largest traveling Ferris Wheel!  Or, take your sweetie by the hand and try to catch the golden ring while riding atop dragons and unicorns on our fantasy-themed Carousel!  Folks we have all the very best rides that you can find ANYWHERE in this modern era of the 1930s!”



Experience the Midway

“Are YOU up for the challenge?  Want to show off for your favorite girl & win her a stuffed toy?  Can you best our strong man and ring the bell high atop that tower?  Can you and your friend saw that massive log of timber in half the fastest?   Is your pie, jelly, or jam better than all the rest?  Knock over milk bottles, be the best shot on the range, or catch the duckies as they pass in the moving pool of water – challenges for the young and the young at heart all up and down our Midway!”



Visit the Scientific Exhibition Tent

“Innovations, inventions, and curiosities of all sorts!  See the technological wonders from all four corners of the globe!  Marvel at the adhesive fixture called scotch tape!  Foods that can be bought ready made in your grocery’s freezer section – simply warm and serve your family a wholesome meal!  View the magnificent jet engine which one day may take man to the moon!  Listen to the quality sounds of FM Radio, a new sort of radio that all your friends will want to see and hear for themselves!  Soon there will be one in every home!  These and so much more in our exhibitions tent!”



The Food & Shopping

“Corn dogs, apple pie, cotton candy, candy apples, funnel cake, and all your favorite tantalizing delights from around the world await you in our food corridor.  Looking to buy something special… visit the Las Vegas downtown merchants who have goods from the finest cities around the world for you and your family to browse and buy!”



The Side Shows

“Come one, come all and feast your eyes upon the amazing, the beautiful, and the freakish at our side shows!  From fire eaters to tight rope walkers, to bearded ladies and men without stomachs!  See the world’s smallest man and the world’s tallest man… laugh at the antics of our clowns and enjoy the menagerie of animals from around the globe!”



The Parade & Fireworks Display

“The Fun Fair has the most spectacular parade ever put on by anyone, ANYWHERE!   Music, floats, and beautiful women galore!  Balloons and animals, candy thrown to the children, it’s truly a sight to see, Friends!  And each night enjoy the exotic fireworks that light the sky, straight from the mysterious lands in the far east!  Come one, come all to the Las Vegas Fun Fair!”

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Tony was excited to see the Las Vegas Fun Fair finally being set up and ready for visitors to enjoy it. He began to make his way around all the lights, sounds, foods, drinks, and friends. He made his way past Shaggs and VictoriaValium as he attempted to use the hammer to win the strong man game. He spotted Jones, Pep-Carpuccio-E001 attempting to eat the most corn dogs in Las Vegas. 

He made his way over to a tent with the sign "For Authorized Personnel ONLY". This tent was set up for those who had the connections to those in powers here in Las Vegas. He made his way over to Frankie-Messina and Klejnot who were having a drink to quickly toast the opening of the fair. Tony grabbed a drink to join in....

"Let's hopefully see a fantastic turnout for this event. I think it should be a ton of fun. Now let me go and try to win you both a cute teddy bear." Tony chuckles and winks at both of them. 

Tony then made his way outside to make the rounds. He was going to make sure that those who showed up to the event got a second of his time or at least saw him around. The hope was that many of Las Vegas would show up, but also that many people from outside Las Vegas would come to enjoy the event as well. 

Jasmine and Blooter were walking around together having some laughs. Jasmine was already holding about ten different prizes that she and Blooter had won. He smiled and nudged Jasmine to make her worry about dropping all her stuff. Then he ran off to see who and what was around.

As he went from game to food stand and all around her ran into a few different people. At one point he spotted Insomnia throwing a ball to knock over some milk bottles in order to win Briya and Bubbles some cute stuffed animals. Ramone was waiting in line for the strong man game in order to win something for Serana

He stopped to watch RomanReigns, Syndicate, and Freeman competed with one another at the shooting gallery. Marie_Lucania and Adorkable were waiting their turn to compete. They were laughing at a few puns that Adorkable was making which made Tony shake his head as he chuckled. 

There was a performance going on that involved some fire, juggling, and clowns which had caught the eyes of many. Within the crowd he spotted Kleopatra, HyacinthBucket, Petah, and Reignman. They were clapping and enjoying the spectacle that was unfolding with expertise. 

Tony stopped to say hello and shake the hands of Freelancer and James_Coonan who had just arrived with some of their fellow Seattle mobsters. He pointed out a few of the games and events hoping that they could quickly find something that they would enjoy doing. There were also a few good food spots that Tony had already sampled that he pointed out to them.

He eventually decided he would stop and play a game where the object was to catch some little duckies. He invited AlexaBliss and Isorin to play the game with him. As they raced to catch the ducks Tony bumped Alexa to try to stop the tidal wave of ducks that she seemed to be catching. Isorin was not far behind. Eventually the game ended with a score of Alexa 17, Isorin 16, Tony 3. He sighed and congratulated the other two.

"You two should go and enjoy the rest of the event. Maybe catch up with a few other people. Hell if you find some good food or a fun game then come grab me and I'll join in." He nodded to them as he decided to head on his way to see what others were up to.

As he made his way around he finally spotted a few people sitting down to get something to eat that he would love to join just to have a conversation and see what they had accomplished so far that day. At the table was DesireeKaira, TheButcher, Joy, The_Kid, James, and Monika

"How are you all today? Enjoying the festivities? Tell me what you've all done so far today. Maybe we can go do something as a group!" Tony smiled and waited to hear what fun they'd all had so far at the fair. 

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He had to go. He just couldn't resist the urge. New to the country and in need of some culture to give him a better idea of what America was all about, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

And he heard there was a bearded lady. What the flavoured popcorn. As he approached the main gate Francis' eyes darted from the welcome committee to the flashing lights and sounds. It was madness. Chaos. He felt good.

As he entered he slid the rubber remnants of an attempt to make a balloon animal into his jacket pocket. Maybe another time. The smell of food caught his attention. With hands in pockets, wide eyes and a smile, off he went in search of its origin.

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A fun fair. Hmm it sounded like a circus, which I hadn't been to before, and it sounded like fun. (plus it being in Las Vegas helped too) There was so much to see. I was glad I wore my comfortable shoes and casual clothing. I did not know  where to go to first. I tried a few of the games, then wondered what I would do with all of these stuffed animals. i decided  if i would see a child I would give them to one or two....then I thought of a better idea....why not donate to the children's hospital. We all know they could use something to make them smile being cooped up in the hospital.

Next I found the tent with all of the shows, the clowns, animal tricks and everything under the sun. The clowns were funny running al over chasing each other around, and making the children laugh making balloon animals , and squirting with those fake flowers. Who does not fall for a joke like that. I then looked up high in the air for the tightrope walkers, almost scared to death for those death defying feats.. knowing full well  you could not pay me enough to do that. Then there were those swingers.. no NOT THOSE They did a sort of flip or something with a little swing, but not a playground swing. I don't know how to describe it. Another thing I would not do. 

My stomach grumbles telling me its time to fill it. I did not know what sorts of food they sold here, so I made my way to the,  what is it called? Concessions tent I guess. Hmm looking at the menu it has food like the baseball games have, and then other stuff. I could not make up my mind easily, so I ordered a burger with lettuce, mayo, bacon and cheese.. that sounded good.. and a coke to of course wash it down with.. that way I would be able to eat one handed and still hold my drink too. I gave the worker a five dollar bill and told her to keep the change, and thanked her for her service. After today i was tired so I was eating and drinking on my way back to the car. What a day that was.. kinda made me feel like a kid again. I could see why kids like these things so much.

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Klejnot was having fun just walking around the carnival here in Las Vegas. Visitors and crew members running around enjoying the fine day and the activities. She stood watching everyone when she passed by the games. Occupied with watching she would stop by stands and pick up a treat before moving on.

The carnival was a hit as she enjoyed the laughter that everyone had, making her way over to where James and the_kid were located with a few others she took a seat and listened to the conversation. Waiting she spoke up, "Everyone enjoying it so far?".

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Just smile.

“Hello!”  Bright voices yell across the busy street full of fair goers.  She repeats the process she’s been doing for days now.  She smiles.  She nods or waves.  She keeps walking hoping no one looks close enough to see the cracks in her façade – the weakness in her carefully constructed image.

“Don DiCaprio.”  Men doff their hats and women avert their eyes respectfully.

Thousand and thousands of people in the streets in Las Vegas.  More people than she’d seen in one place, perhaps in all her life, but Frankie couldn’t help but feel utterly alone. 

“Can I pet your goat?”  A little kid asks as his mother pushes her son away quickly scolding him not to approach people he didn’t know without asking.  Frankie’s eyes linger on the young mother and small boy and a burning emptiness that starts in her gut and chest, echoes in her soul.  There will be no sons to scold, no ‘wait until your father’ gets home.

“Don DiCaprio.”  Another says passing her and her bodyguards and the word she longed for so badly her whole life begins to feel like a noose around her throat.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this way. 

“You wanna eat, Boss… you should eat something.”  Carmine reminds her for the third time in… how many hours had it been?  Time blurred together sometimes.  Food didn’t bring her joy, it was a job to force down things that had no taste.  She fit better in her clothing than she ever had before.  Most women would be thrilled… but she felt nothing. 

The indifference she had for food really was truth for all aspects of her life right now.  She was going through the motions; she made money – more money than ever before… just to make money, because it’s what she did, but she had nothing left to work towards.  What inspiration was left, what pleasure, what future?

Her crew was thriving, growing, and expanding bit by bit… her work hadn’t slipped a bit.  No one knew and, of course, that was why those closest to her worried.  She claimed nothing was wrong - but in truth nothing would ever again be right.  Even if she could will herself to see color and find passion for life again as Sully seemed to be trying to do with Matty … what would be the point?  Tony had left her and then… he was gone forever.

A part of her wanted to stab a small child on the other side of the world, for making him long to leave, but it would do no good.  She could not blame the girl for wanting her only real family back in her life – she could only imagine how the girl faired now that Tony was cold in the ground.  For certain she would never be right… Frankie, as a grown woman would never be right, so it stood to reason that Katy DiCaprio would be a tortured soul of a particularly unique sort of madness.

Frankie realized then that she was standing in front of a food stand.  She hadn’t noticed walking to it, but she suspected Carmine had lead their path here.  She sighed and relented to his attempts to care for her.  Tony would not want her to starve. 

“A slice of pizza and an apple cider, please?”  She dug into her purse looking for some coins. 

“I got that.”  Someone said behind her.  Frankie turned to see who was offering to pay for her meal.

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Alexa snarled at TonyCastelli she took the game very seriously and he was trying to put her off luckily despite his best efforts she still managed to win, She poked her tounge out at Tony singing "I WIN! I WIN, NER NER" giggling she skipped off to see what else the fair had to offer.

Looking around Alexa noticed Jasmine in the distance, skipping up to her she greeted her "Hey home girl" they did there secret home girl hand shake and Alexa began telling Jasmine how Tony tried to win they game by pushing her. In the distance she noticed the ferries wheel and she loved ferries wheels she had to go have a ride of it, the thing looked huge, she gave a quick be back soon to Jasmine and ran off towards the ferries wheel screaming like a little girl, sometimes she would get a little over excited.

Once at the ferries wheel she said to the attendant "one ticket please" the attendant let her past and she jumped onto the ferries wheel buckled in and waited for the ride to start.

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    "Klejnot, we're just talkin' 'bout the city. Been a... Rough series of events, you know? This place is pretty entertainin', god if I'd ever try to run a fair like this..." Dimes' voice would trail off, he'd get up from the table Klej happened to sit into and lit a cigar; Sounding like poppin' a can, however a much-needed ease. He'd start to look around, feeling the rush of excitement of crowds of visitors. He'd almost of felt outspoken, as he'd almost go into a 'yell' over the high crowd. "Oi, for the love of God too many fuckin' people to talk. I got someone to meet, they're from out-of-town. Told they'd be here in an hou-" 

    His voice would crack, the most painful emotional feeling he deals with, utter embarrassment. He'd mutter a curse to himself, as he'd go on. "Anyways, ended up just comin' over, visitin' the crew. I rather see about actually enjoyin' somethin'." On that, he'd go back to lookin' at the faces he was talkin' to, all to be seem interested in whatever they're 

"What are you up to Klejnot?"

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Klejnot smiled when Dimeeer came up and spoke to her. Listening she was glad he was waiting for someone he knew to arrive. Though she really was interested in knowing if everyone was enjoying the event. 

"Just relaxing, the event is just wonderful to enjoy even if it means walking around." She was not going to admit she had bad luck when it came to skill games for the carnival so she avoided the games but only went to watch if she was invited over or just wandering around. Looking at the others she smiled. "Now what to do for the rest of the day here?"

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    "Walkin' 'round? Gee, I wouldn't be able to walk a whole day, god if I'd live just runnin'. Nor am I really here to stay, or to do much of anythin'. I just thought the fair would be a great place to waste time..." He'd continue, after a brief pause, thinking about what else to say. "...And money. I would've hoped they'd be some kinda... In-fair lottery, somethin' I have a better chance winnin' it." As he was talkin', he'd see members of multiple businesses he's known before coming to Las Vegas to be with Klejnot and her crew. He thought, why'd anyone from fuckin' Chi-Town go ahead and come here? It's not much of any family comin' down, just standard business men...

    "As for the fair? I'd prefer it to be a little quieter, ears ringin'... Children laughing, I hate it. The noise, rather. I stopped by a couple of the tents, ended up bustin' my budget, I made sure to make one in-case I decide to risk 4M in Blackjack and lose..." He'd chuckle, soon ending to the bitter-sweet silence.

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Jasmine hands all of her prizes , mostly won by Blooter to a nearby bodyguard and runs off to catch up with AlexaBliss and onto the ferris wheel. She steps into the cart after paying the operator and buckled up, waiting for it to start.


Jasmine sees Archon as he is at the popcorn stand stuffing his face as usual. She shouts down for him to get on.

TonyCastelli is walking by again, so she drops a bar of chocolate down on his head and hits him right on spot. She laughs so hard the cart starts rocking and AlexaBliss is freaking out. 

Jasmine grabs Alexa's hand tight as the ride starts to move.. "Relax, its just moving for more people to get on" Alexa giggled. Jasmine didn't share that she really isn't into heights. Just like fish is too ugly to eat.

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Joy wears her cutest red sundress and puts her hair in pigtails in preparation for the Las Vegas fun fair.  She stops and picks up James, holding his arm as they enter.  Looking around with wide eyed wonder, she takes in the sights with complete awe. James stops and buys them corndogs and cotton candy.

James, this is so much fun, She exclaims with glee.  I can't wait to see everything here!  It's amazing.

They continue, finishing off their food and enjoying their time together.

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Klejnot nodded before standing up deciding she would go to find something to eat, possibly walk around more. "That happens, but its still just for entertainment." She smiled and told Dimeeer she would be back around before walking again. 

Enjoying the noise once more she stopped under the faris wheel and watched it go round before turning and walking to the stands to get some food. Ordering a corndog she walked around stopping by small game stands and watching those who took part play it. She made maybe four rounds before sitting underneath a shaded tree alone for a while.

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Alexa starts to giggle when the chocolate hits Tonycastelli on the head and it relaxes her. As the ride begins Alexa plucks up the courage to take a look over the side of the cart, and the view of Las Vegas is amazing, the city lights up the sky.


Alexa pulls out the goldfish she won from the duck game and hands it to Jasmine "See his not ugly, you may keep it" Alexa laughs as the rise continues

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    He'd start to say somethin', but Klej already left at that point. "Oi Kl- oh, some other time?" He'd practically question himself in-front of the rest of crew, as he'd be more focused on The_Kid... Who's been awfully quiet, looking at him more than anyone at the table. "Uhm, you got somethin' to ask mate? Oi, you ain't thinkin' I'm trynna ask some weird ass question, are you?" He'd hope to god that that's not what's he'll expect to hear.

    He'd look 'round, only to find some familiar faces, at least he thought. Unless you see some other person jumping on a jump rope while eating cookies, then Dime would be sure to recognize Joy. She seems more focused on jump-roping rather than bein' on a carnival game. 

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As i exit the airport i see a flier sitting on the ground. Flier talks about the fun affair in Las Vegas.

Man, 'This looks like fun. Figuring i only came to Vegas to break the casino in blackjack. I think i will attend this festive event.

walks over to the curb to hail a cab. "Whistles" cab pulls over. Enters the cab hey i'm going to the Flamingo, but first run me by the Las Vegas fun fair.

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Raconteur's cab ride back into town after his stay in Detroit was almost as dull as the motor city had been. The driver was a gruff veteran of the streets of New York and treated socializing as a luxury. The money he had made from deals and the casino was cold comfort for his loneliness while away from home. 

As he contemplated the last few days and wished he could make the taxi go faster a light caught his eye. He could have swore that the outskirts of town were as barren as the rest of the desert when he left, but here was a festival in full roar. He turned back to the gruff old man in the driver's seat perplexed. "Hey, what's the deal with the celebration?"

The cab driver chuffed at the question and shook his head as he replied. "Some of the big shots in town put on a fun fair..." Raconteur knew the driver had kept talking, but his mind wandered at the words "fun fair". He'd always heard about people who had gone with their families and all the great memories they had. Memories he had never had the chance to make. He'd never had a chance to go to a place like that and here he was with a pocket full of cash and plenty of down time. He resolved himself to make up for lost time and interrupted the driver's musings on "kids wasting their money".

"Never mind the strip, take me to the fair instead." The driver kept grumbling but Raconteur was too wrapped up in the lights shining on them to care.


An hour or so later, Raconteur had made a quick tour of the fair grounds, gawking like a schoolkid at all the sights and sounds. It was energizing to be in crowds so full of life, and he'd even taken the time to throw darts until he won a prize. He didn't really have anybody to give it to, but he saw a little stuffed goat that reminded him of the stories he'd heard about the tower and couldn't help but pick it with a chuckle. He decided that it was about time he tried some of the food that he'd seen people with around the fair and headed to the concession stands.

When he saw Don Dicaprio and one of her guards at the stand ahead he hesitated. Raconteur hardly wanted to be a bother or seem disrespectful by approaching directly, but it was rare to get a chance to talk to the boss away from the buzz of business. If he had been less of a gambler, he might have backed away before he looked closer.

Raconteur recognized the look on the Don's face. It was one he had worn not so long ago. One that had only just eased off his face since he found his family in Las Vegas. He looked at the concern and watchfulness  on the guard's face and decided he'd chance it, just like someone had chanced it for him. This was something more important than opportunity and work. He waited until Don Dicaprio had ordered and put on a brave smile, even as he was sweating bullets, and called out as he approached the pair from behind. "I got that."

"If you don't mind, that is, Don DiCaprio." He felt his resolve fraying as Frankie and the guard turned to him, but stood straight and determined to face whatever response he got.

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Krieger heard of the massive fair being throw and he made his way over as quickly as he could. He was lucky, parking was not terribly bad just yet. He stepped out of his car and walked to admissions, purchased a ticket and entered. He thought about riding one of the rides, but knew he needed to get something to eat. He looked around and immediately spotted a hotdog stand. He made his way over to it and purchased one and a soda. Feeling content he ate the hotdog and walked around seeing plenty of happy people enjoying their time.


He was almost finished his hotdog when he  spotted the scientific exhibition tent. His eyes went wide and he finished his hotdog before entering the tent. He was certain to enjoy this tent most. He walked inside and began looking around, he could ride the attractions later on. This had his complete attention. Some of the exhibitions were pretty comical compared to his own experiments, but there were some that were... inspiring.

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He wasn't much into festivities, in fact, loud noises and excitement were usually two of the things that gave him the largest amount of fright. His ulcer had an ulcer growing atop another, and his mind was heavily weighed on millions of thoughts all at once. Why was he here? What put him on this planet? Why co-- that's when he smelled it, popcorn! He hadn't had popcorn in decades, and it smelled so popcorny. Butter, salt, and everything else that's good for a young growing boy.

"I'll have some of that, I suppose."

There wasn't much more to it than that. He decided what he wanted and it was off to the races, at this point nothing could stop him from devouring every last kernel in the place. It was nearly twenty minutes later when he heard the shouts of Jasmine which he ignored for more of the delight that had intoxicated him.

"Just one more bag, please."

The man serving the treat looked a bit dismayed as he shoveled more scoops into yet another bag, this would be number four and at this point everyone around him looked a bit concerned, but the Archon wasn't detered; he would finish this one up and then maybe one more before joining up with the rest of the activities.

"Just two more and I'm done..."

Butter now ran down his chin and the smells of freshly popped popcorn wafted from his body as if he were wearing it as a deoderant, yet he wouldn't -- no -- he couldn't be stopped. Sure, he had eaten enough food to feed most of the fair-goers two times over, but what did that matter? That's when he spotted from the corner of his eye a hot dog stand and his eyes lit up even larger than before. Round two.

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He must've got lost for a moment, if you could even use that term here. The place was so big it was a wonder anyone knew where they were to begin with. Francis had let himself drift with the crowd. He'd passed many stalls with games and those game to try their luck. But he was less one to partake.

A watcher, taking in the ways of his new found people. People he saw similarities to, and found many differences with. But everyone seemed to be having a good time, and had a carefree ease about them. Something that was amiss where he'd just travelled from.

Or maybe it was him that was the problem. As many locals in Calabria seemed to still have the heart to continue their everyday existence, even with all the shit going on at a state level. With that and the Church turning into another money led and bled organization, his soul ached for liberty.

And here he was, in a country built on freedom. So they said. And his mind was stuck on comparing what was, with what now is. He was a world away. And then he smelt the aroma coming from an area close by. Coffee.

As he pushed through the crowd, smiling at those he was politely moving like pawn pieces, he saw her. It was a memory that flashed before him. The back of her, from the last time they shared the same space. It was all he had left and it had gradually turned into a black silhouette of thoughts and emotions unexpressed.

As he moved toward her and Carmine, he saw another doing the same, a little forward and left of his position. Was that a goat? It reminded him of his first moments meeting her again in The Tower. Funny, how life threw coincidences around like it wasn't a thing.

He hoped Carmine would see. Anyone moving up on Frankie-Messina to make a move would be foolish. But thoughts lingered of Italy. Of that farm house. And how fucked up people could be. His humanity was rearing it's ugly head again.

Before anything could go down, Francis firmly grabbed Raconteur by the right shoulder. He hoped to stop what he feared was about to turn the fair into a bloody front page headline in tomorrow's paper.

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