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Jun 26 - 05:39:08
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Rationale for war Started by: KingofMeatPopsicles on Dec 26, '18 17:44

When a city/cities goes down, an explanation should be provided. People may not always like the explanation; there's almost always someone who disagrees with it. But still, one should be provided so those who died understand why. Maybe our society will even improve as a result of understanding why.

Detroit was removed simply due a lack of trust. They had multiple rogues emerge from their city, especially a Don CL, who killed a GFC, multiple other Godfathers, and more crewleaders.

You could argue that rogues could pop up from anywhere, but a pattern that includes someone who was trusted to run a crew is too much to trust that the city can handle its business. Philadelphia, New York,Chicago  and Seattle acted to correct this.

Las Vegas was included in this takedown since they recently split off from Detroit and seemed likely to retaliate.

Finally, after a long, long day full of death, including Spaceman, JackMezzo, Rubix, and many other CLs and colleagues, the reaction of the Godmother of Los Angeles to the removal of DT/LV was concerning. Not knowing if she was angry enough to take action, a decision was made to remove her as well.

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So when rogues emerge from your city, the rest of the cities should automatically remove you?

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Depends on the scale of the Rogue Melis. On this occasion, 100%.

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Well we shall see then. We shall see.

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Funny to mention that when it was very well known that Los Angeles had no intention at all to shoot back or they would have done so long ago

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The crew leader was a rogue Melis, or are you arguing just to argue? If you can't trust the people you auth no to rogue it's hard to have confidence in the rest of the leadership. 

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Melis - whenever there is a wrongdoing it is up to the powers that be to work out where the buck stops so as to cut the rot and prevent future issues.

On this occasion it was not any old rogue - it was a RHM. And the initial target was not a nobody, it was my beloved GFC Spaceman.

So where to cut it? Well Random should have raised his hand, shot his RHM/ assisted the chase and then turned his pistol on himself. But he didn’t - and the rot spreads, and it spreads and it spreads. It is then up to the powers that be to make a judgement call and assess who has done their bit to assist the cause and who has not.

We have been fortunate to live in peaceful and constructive times, I pray that we can return to such times knowing we have a broad bench of rational talent at the top.
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As the previous godmother-chairman of Los Angeles, Sabrina, I cannot help but speak up for my people. Not only them but also for my friends.  As it was mentioned in this thread, it should always be used because people deserve explanations. Let me start by saying, that it is just not meant to start hating on New York or Philadelphia for what happened. What is done is done, and we have new lives.

It was regrettable that f4f decided to a rogue in Detroit, but how can rogues be controlled? It is just impossible. A good rogue will stay incognito or deceive people. That a previous leader of Detroit, however, joined in and used that chance to shoot a Philadelphia leader called William_Bowden who was a dear friend of me was more than unfortunate. 

However,  Detroit left a legacy behind. They were a powerhouse for a long time and should be proud of that.
Las Vegas was also a city with great people and have my biggest respect.

About Los Angeles: 
Unlike our sister city who pretended to be allies of Detroit, Las Vegas and us we did not merely watch, we decided to speak up. Our dearest friends friend, friendship go beyond the game. What do you expect us behind the screens to be? Machines? Hell no, we are real people. Of course, this would frustrate us and tears were lost too.

I was in talks with multiple people over there in Philadelphia and one in New York, you all knew precisely that I would not shoot. If I wanted to shoot why would I not have ordered so after I saw the first orbits popping up? I was online and such were most of my city.  Hell, what could we even have done? Our biggest gun in Los Angeles was below 900. Los Angeles did not have the power yet to be considered a treat. Los Angeles also consisted of about 7 % of the player base, while Philadelphia and New York had together about 40 %? I can once again ask: How can one win against such an overwhelming force? 

As final words and closing words for Los Angeles: Los Angeles was a city where many people found their spark for the game back. People who played the game for a long time spoke about how happy they were.  It was a very active roleplay city, even the most active one. Being the leaders of roleplay for multiple consequent cities, despite having the smallest player base and 5 out of the ten people in the top 10 being from Los Angeles. Los Angeles was not a city where people were treated as objects. It was a city where the player base was deeply cared for, and I am very sure that my people can support that without a doubt. New players got opportunities as hands and leader because how the hell does the game expect the game to grow when the same people get the same opportunities over and over? Give new people chances to prove themselves too and guide them through it — everyone else who does not merely do not want to put the effort in.

As the previous godmother-chairman of Los Angeles and as a leader already back in Seattle I always stood for one value. The happiness of people.

Shoutout to everyone in Detroit, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I love you all, and I hope you hit me up once you are back. I would stand up for anyone of you again. What matters, in the end, is how we are remembered after our deaths and it is better to die for friends, over living forever but not doing anything.

Sorry for everyone who died under me. It truly makes me feel miserable, and I lost many tears over this.  

Huge thank you all for your loyalty to me and to have followed me until the very end.

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You really shouldnt feel bad Lucia. I dont think there was much more you could have done for your guys.


It came at the end of a long night of fighting. We could have all left a risk up and gone to bed. Or we could have stayed up for 40 mins longer and gone to bed feeling a fair bit more relaxed. It was a purely tactical call as far as I was concerned....


You've also got to consider that myself and Mr Meat Stick now control 5 out of 7 cities. Couldn't have said that if we left your mother up :P 

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Let me begin the story of how this all began.

There once was an acient person who called himself Clank, Clank was just your ordinary fellow, unfortunatly he had himself a bad reputation.

Spaceman the GFC decided that he "thought" that Realtor was a decentant of the so called Clank. And decided he was to die. An awefull decision for many reasons l. Firstly Bloodlining someone is a big no no. Then secondly to top it off it was the wrong person.

My RHM Lollipops believed this was the wrong decision and took the only route of action sje thought was nesesary.

The reason for myself joining forces was because I also stand up for what I believe in. And believed that Lollipops was correct.

Others may not agree with that, and I really dont care.

I was upset by Draven and her follows that decided to stand back! In the end they paid the ultimate price!
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Lynchy that is a nice theory except so many have double standards its so hard to figure all that nonsense out. I figure this will be another one of those moments where its a double standard. Say and do one thing, but when the shoe is on the other foot it becomes nonsense.

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I'd just like to remind the big men under the big seats to control their crew and anyone with the ability to kill another human because innocents died there on the basis of "I thought they'd pro someone" when clearly they were not even Made+ and got active for a few minutes whereas other people who just blindly followed orders are now alive and people who slept this whole thing out of the bucket

Until you have proof or see action being done that is conclusive and evident enough don't do the most powerful thing in the game which is to kill someone you can always reach them and confirm you know? And yes it might sound silly but some percent of those would save lives on both sides never blind judge!

Let's not fuel the game with more fire that'd bring us a second f4f rogue because trust me I have no problems whooping some ass if that happened to me 3 times in a row for the same stupid reason we are all humans and there's no harm done in contacting someone you THINK might do something when clearly their intentions and ideas were in a whole separate direction

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Angela stood among the crowd and listened to everything that was said. She was utterly confused about all the talk of previous lives...almost as if everyone was speaking of a second dimension. She shrugged, and assumed those individuals speaking were on some sort of drug.

How can we expect to flip a profit if we begin consuming the same product that we sell?

She shook her head as she walked away. The strange conversations of mobsters in The Streets were becoming more frequent, and she wanted no part in the lunacy. 

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Any further points should be addressed to Mr Gadget please. I want to hear more from this guy. 

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People seem to forget that the people in charge- the people with the authority to make the rules- have obligations only to their own crews, not the entire world. They aren't the League of Nations. Their goal isn't world peace- it's protecting their own. Now, in many cases, peace and protection may coincide but that is the exception, not the rule.

Let's also not forget that those in power write the fucking rules. If they give us a standard for how we should behave and then decide on a dime to murder everyone who behaves that way, they're still in power and still in authority to keep writing rules. They're going to do what's best to protect (or in this case, avenge) their allies, regardless of the precedent, standard, or whatever the fuck thugs have to say.

If that surprises, shocks, or angers you, you're in the wrong business and you probably worked for dead, stupid leaders thinking their job was to be friends with everyone.

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John was standing with his back up against the cold hard bricks of an old apartment building in Philly as he listened to what KingofMeatPopsicles had to say about the events that had occurred the previous days before his trip to the fine city. He watched and listened as people complained, yelled, argued, and debated before stepping past all that just to address the new Godfather Chairmen of Philly...

"I have to say that I for one appreciate a good speech or letter explaining the events that transpire in this life, especially when they occur on such a massive scale with so much bloodshed." He looked over his shoulder as he watched a few people continue to go at one another in a heated debate.

"It is never required of anyone who is in power to give an explanation. Honestly for most it can just turn into a name calling match between the people standing in front of them in the streets. It gives some people solace to know they'll at least hear some sort of explanation on major events. Rather than just watching bodies drop and then silence afterwards from those who came out on top. For that I greatly appreciate you coming out here." There wasn't much left on his mind for him to say so he figured he'd add his last bit of thoughts.

"There will always be disagreements or other sides to a story for any conflict. As others essentially said, it's the winners or survivors who write the history and make the rules moving forward. The only thing for people to do is pick up and keep moving on. Whether you're the son or daughter of a dead parent or the surviving heir to a criminal empire. The past becomes the past and everyone needs to keep making money." He tips his hat to King and heads on his way.

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Victor-Zsasz can't help it but hear the debates in the room and comes to share his opinion as well "I saw that some person, have no respect for anyone, an ex-con @Jermaine_Clement who straight-up disrespected the former Chairwoman and Godmother of LA, Sabrina, who was someone he will never be."

Victor takes a sip from his bottle of Jack and continues, "Ya know? I understand a lot, I stay quiet as well, but when there is the time for me to speak, I do speak. And now it's that time. My brother was new to all of this, he didn't know this and was trying to figure it out. His CL was also new and she was trying to be friendly. I'm sure that if asked nicely they would've understood, but, like in ancient history, there had to be a Brutus to stab Caesar."

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I'd recommend some of you put your dicks back in your pants as this isn't a pissing match. This is the new GFC of philly coming out to fill the masses in on what happened and why we saw the removals of LA, LV and parts of DT. It's all fair to voice your opinions but this isn't a debate this is just common knowledge he's charming with everyone.

Thanks for taking the time to come out here KingOfMeatPopsicles
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This what happened made my heart get pumping, I put in so much effort just to stay alive since I didnt were into what happened in any way, very sorry for all who died but a game is a game always.

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