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Nov 24 - 14:37:30
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What had made MR so addicting for you? Started by: PanchoVilla on Feb 09, '20 15:11
For the most part, this game has a nucleus of players who are the foundation and pass on values, tradition, strategy, etiquette etc.

Given the large group of players that have been around for years and some even decades, it really begs the question of why?

We've all had are highs and lows on MR. Sometimes our lows/disappointments can be so hard we contemplate not even coming back. So why do we?

What is that that drives everyone to come back? Is it something specifically for you?
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Im a big fan of reliving my failures and making the same mistakes over and over again
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The serotonin rush from wars and whatnot.

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For me, it's all about the writing. I LOVE character creation and world building. And MRs turnover allows me to do be in that creation process CONSTANTLY. It never gets stagnant. Because even while I'm working on a current project, I know that soon enough that project is GOING to get wiped. So behind the scenes, I'm planning and brainstorming the NEXT thing. And that's fucking brilliant, in my opinion. I really think that its a beautiful mechanic because it ensures that things remain fresh and exciting and driving. Even if I recycle an old idea, it comes out in a completely new and usually unexpected incarnation with a complete life of its own. I've played for four years now, and it's literally never the same run twice. I love it. 

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Conversations with Grooglez.

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For me it would have to be the politics of our world. Since my first time being able to make meaningful decisions, I've been in love with it.  

The people I've met from other the years make every return worth it as well. I've met lifelong friends that I could never replace. 

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The people, the fact that you can spend years here making enemies and friends that then switch and you still love them both!

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The people, only the people.  You meet people from all over the world, some become great friends.  Without the people the game would become what .org is these days.

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Probably the lust for power xD. Every char I feel like I go a little further

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Dom's sparkling personality 

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Definitely has to be the awesome feeling you get when you lose millions in a few clicks...dice you sexy devil dastard
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Autumn xD

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I came around in this era. Long story short I view this as the beginning of the end to date. Wars are not wars anymore. 

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Going rogue and posting stupid shit in the whispers like this

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For its the timers. The timers really keep me stuck on.

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I ask myself the same question many a time, why am I still here, since the FHM top online games list whenever that was, 2002 perhaps. My wife asks me even more often why I'm still playing this. Seen some fun times and seen some bad times but still keep putting myself through this.
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Free penguins honestly.
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I'm new to this game but what's kept me here even though I've died a lot is the people I've interacted with and built friendships with. 

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People, the community makes the game what it is. Wondeful game bacuase of wonderful players, good and actives adm and devs.

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Shower curtain eating backsides.
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