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Monomial: The Archduke Ferdinand of our Time? Part 1 Started by: JackHenryAbbot on Jun 27, '20 22:42

Having attended several funerals, JackHenryAbbot steps onto his soapbox and begins to speak...

I am not here to talk about the chronic injustice of all of us living in a world where Zapata lies dead yet @Billy_Russo and @JustSoYouKnow remain alive.  I am here, instead, to talk to you about something else.  But briefly, I baldly state that the entire weight and force of The Talking Heads will be levelled against anyone who provides a home to JustSoYouKnow.

This is a tale of sorrow and loss, but it begins with a story that would be farcical, did not not have such far-reaching consequences.

Sanction possessed firepower potent enough to kill anyone in this thing of ours.  Very few in this society possessed this, and that made him powerful.  A force to be reckoned with.  A variable that needed considered at every turn by the leading and guiding lights of this society.

He turned rogue when the unrequited object of his affections was shot dead.  Monomial had been under suspicion for some time for falsifying reports concerning his firearms training to his boss.  He admitted to this treachery, and was killed, completely justifiably.

Monomial was a snake, a leech, a rogue in waiting.  A dishonourable cur.  His death should have been celebrated by all those with honour on their sides.  But Sanction had established something of a relationship with Monomial, with what appears to be romantic overtures.  Or, at least, Monomial had allowed Sanction to think that.  Sanction, we can speculate, was grief-stricken at Monomial's death.

This seems to have gone to his head.  He lashed out, wildly, blindsiding Evening.  He then regrouped, murdered Billie, finally killing TommasoCiampa before being dispatched.

Eve, Billie and Tommaso were popular leaders.  That is without question, and they will be missed.  But their firepower was limited.  They were not among the most powerful leaders in our society, and it does not besmirch their memory to state that.  And, of course, it goes without saying that none of them had a hand in killing the wretched scumdog, Monomial.

Sanction could have attacked those with firepower similar to his.  Or the undisputed rulers of powerful cities.  But he didn't.  

Instead he killed someone who saved his scummy ass on one occasion, and who coddled him during his turbulent relationship with the liar and cheat, Monomial. 

When all is said and done, he didn't change society in any military or political sense.  He just took his bereavement over Monomial's demise and caused others to lose people dear to their hearts.

He could have been a legendary rogue.  Instead, this will be his epitaph: a born loser, who got butt-hurt over losing his disgusting paramour, and died disgraced.  What a silly sausage of a man.

But then, and at the same time, Fidd, Nipper and Zapata were cruelly murdered, and everything changed....

To be continued.

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What got your big boy panties in a bunch this time? Why are you calling for me to be killed now? Because I’ve told you repeatedly to stop harassing me and that you aren’t actually a good writer? You’re coming across as quite the whiner right now.

Does anyone else see the irony of, Kuku, calling someone dishonorable? If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black than I don’t know what is.

Keep showing your true colors though. We all love hearing it. And I have to state the obvious here, but that was sarcasm. Don’t want your head getting any bigger with that ego of yours.

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Yeah this over the top and un called for.
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Billy_Russo I find your obsession with JackHenryAbbot quite unnerving.
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The_Head - I know, right?  I mean, what does he actually want? 

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I hear someone talking but my brain is too smart to comprehend it.
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I think he wants something to eat, he looks a bit malnourished. Maybe you should Russo him up a few steaks, huhuhuhuhuh!
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That is quite fine The_Head, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. That also doesn’t make it true in the slightest. If you’ll notice, for some reason he’s calling for me to be killed when I had absolutely nothing to do with any of this. You’re also missing the point where I’ve asked him to leave me alone countless times and yet he consistently and constantly tries to get my attention. Even going so far as to have his Right hand message me after he’s been ignored. 

But, as I’ve already stated, you are more than welcome to your opinion, even if it isn’t based on anything other than suckling at Kuku’s teat.

Ill tell you exactly what I want Kuku, the same thing I’ve been telling you time and time again. I have no use for you. You serve no purpose to me what so ever but for some odd reason, you called me out in whatever whinny post this was and have even gone as far as to write, albeit not very well, entire posts about my justifiable killing. I understand that you somehow see the world through a very strange lens but be better and you might not be hated as much around these parts.

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I didn't call for your death here, Billy, and I told a story about a man named William Rasso.  It wasn't about you, you narcissistic, spiteful stone in the shoe of good and decent men here. 

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Oh the irony! You’re projecting again. You don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to good men or decency. 

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I am surrounded by good men.  I probably have more friends than you have good men that you can think of.

Son, your obsession with me is really weird.  It's indecent.  You should spend more time trying to achieve something with your life.  Create your own life; don't fixate on mine.  I know I have a certain glamour, and that I'm famous.  But son, I worked hard for that.

I have a crew, lots of friends, I'm rich, and I'm handsome.  And you...  Well, you finally got your button.

Now go and talk to yourself.  That's all you're good for, you spineless goofball.

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I’ll just leave this here, again.

To: Billy_Russo
From: Kirsty
Sent: May 25, '20 22:16

you interest me.  truth me told, i am bisexual, and your writing arouses me.  i have a degree in sexuality studies and wish to explore this further with you


But I’m the one with the obsession, right? You really do sound like a child when you talk about all of the friends you seem to have. Did I strike a nerve? You aren’t even half as loved around here as you seem to think. And as per usual, be a better writer, maybe someone will want to deal with you then.

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Billy, son, why are you putting weird messages from a dead woman on the Streets?  Is that the most exciting thing that's ever happened to you?

My speeches here are far, far more popular than the jerky murder stories that you bang out.

I'd like you to leave this speech and let us other people talk.  We are good people, interesting people, and you have terrible hair and weird shoes.

I know four people who know you, and they are say that you have literally never laughed.  Not once.  What kind of a freaky bastard has never laughed?

I have a sore toe, yeah, ok, but you've never laughed.

Now go away, son.  And don't send me threatening messages again, or I'll forget that I'm a gentleman and tell you off.

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Ok, sure thing. Keep being the liar that you’ve always been and always will be. You’ve never actually been worth the hassle. Maybe now you’ll not keep bringing my name up like I haunt your dreams or some other bullshit. 

Word of advice though, be a decent writer, it’s getting a bit stale from you. Well actually, it was stale long ago, now it’s just pathetic. 

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This is mostly covered elsewhere, but use respect, RP and common sense in all of your communication and dealings with others.


Ranks are important.  Use them where appropriate.


We are a laidback crew but we will come down heavy on anyone being disrespectful of abusing rules.

This from your own crew details.  Honestly Mr. Abbot I understand wanting to have a laugh but I sometimes wish you would live up to your own rules. 

You know the right things to say when telling others how to behave but you lose face when you lash out like this.  No one can't make you want to change but I certainly think anyone who speaks so highly of Miss Billie is capable of being a much better person than you've allowed yourself to be tonight.

Am I wrong to believe there's someone I would like to get to know behind all your brashness?  There certainly are a lot of people who I think highly of near to you but you're always on your own with Delicate in a separate crew.  She must be an awfully good person to stick with you through thick and thin.  You could make more friends, Mr. Abbot.  Mr. Russo is a wonderful fellow and I'm sure that whatever has come between your kin in the past would be best left there.

I would think you of all people would shun bloodlining of any sort.  Be it violent or simply this kind of bullying.  Ultimately it's up to you.  But I will say that I would like to like you, Jack.  However sometimes you make it difficult.

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How can you speak of Billy Russo for all to hear, clearly annoy him unjustifiedly and then actually deny you did so?

Is it all to find a reason to show disrepect?

If you did try so, you didn't find a reason to, but you did manage to be disrespectful.

What an utter disgrace for a crewleader to act like this.

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relationship with the liar and cheat, Monomial. 

Oh the  Irony.

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Right - TL/DR but I'm sure it's a cool story, bro'

DominicGrey - Billy has done unspeakably cruel things in the past. He has sent me telegrams that make me out to be some kind of malcontent.

Anyone who has taken just a few moments to get to know me has never had cause to regret their investment.
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Four lines are too long for you to read?

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Right - TL/DR but I'm sure it's a cool story, bro'
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