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Nov 30 - 04:01:18
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An Honest Removal Started by: Tetley on Sep 08, '20 18:20

Tetley walked through the streets of Brooklyn New York as they ran with blood, the bodies from Honesty's family lay strewn all around.

"Hello fine people of this thing of ours, as you may notice Honesty and his family have been removed and the reason for that is quite simple. Praising a rogue, even one born out of a war, is never good for your health. So imagine my surprise when I heard that at Defender's funeral FastFingerFreddy had said 'Well done', yes well done to a man that shot one of my district heads and the right hand of another. Now this man hadn't been in this life of crime long it seems but had risen to the rank of left hand man so instead of out right shooting him in public I thought I would speak to his leader as I would have assumed he didn't attend the funeral and wasn't aware of Freddy's actions.

Before I got around to contacting Honesty I find out that now his right hand man Capo GuyWhoReturned is now out in the streets proclaiming Defender's efforts to be 'a wonderful effort'. From this point I no longer cared if Honesty was aware or not of his hands actions, the mere fact his two highest ranked members were acting this way meant they and he had to go in my eyes. I arranged a meeting with Latom and Honesty's future was decided."

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Just to be fair. If I'm not mistaken, Defender was not a Rogue.

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And to be equally fair if you had paid attention I said he was a rogue born out of war. He set up in Seattle without the permission of the established families there.

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"If it walks like a rogue, talks like a rogue, sets up without authorisation like a rogue, then its a rogue."

- Donald Duck

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I wouldn't define that as a rogue... That's a bit of a stretch. I'd define that as someone whose crew was shot at, and shot back. Are people not allowed to shoot back? 

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Hi Don Tetley, thank you for giving your explanation for the removal of Consigliere Honesty. Purely out of curiosity, however, what happened to Don Gambino?

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ThePeoplesSpike many of your ancestors would have called Defender a rogue. You know this as well as I do. You're just looking for an argument. You know that anyone who sets up without permission from established crews in a city is considered a rogue. This isn't something to be argued. He could have looked for support from those crews or joined one of them, instead he set up without their authorization and proceeded to shoot to kill. From what we've been told the other crews in Seattle did not support these actions which supports the classification of "Rogue" in Defender's situation. 

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You are this great defender of your city now but lest we forget not so long ago Don JohnnyCage whom was a so called friend of yours and his organization within your own city were shot to death as well as a made member of yours Maeby. Where was this outrage then? Were they worthless to you? My how things quickly change.

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Tetley your titless.

Giving praise to a dead person is what is to be done at a grave sight. Your as worthless as the other whores here that call themselves leaders.


Again another group dies without being asked why they even said what they said.....and this time for simply noting a person fought hard and did well. 

Definition of a Rogue Look it up sometime.....but you won't since you are all terrorists.

If one of the ruling families was in a struggle to survive you would all praise their gloriest attempt to stay alive and fight on.

No different the Defender did himself.  He did his family much honour, people like this need to be given a salute not a stab in the back like you did Honesty and his family.

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Jeden, I see that we can get hyper-technical over how Defender set up in Seattle, and setting up without authorization is usually a rogue action, but overall, Defender was on Defense as part of the takedown of Hush. A rogue usually is someone who drops out of a living crew and sets up somewhere without their CL's permission (and of course there are other variations). Hush was dead though so... Defender had no leader to defy.

It would have been better to just say that they were sympathizing with and praising the enemy in a takedown who took out people who were supposed to be allies. 

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I think it's better to say he was a rogue.
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I laughed hard when you died and someone got the money off the hit list.

Grin should have gone with you.

Just an opinion

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I would say he was not a rogue.

His family was gunned down while he was cross country and with little to no protection he caught word and quickly set up an operation to defend himself and avenge his family. Was he supposed to just lay down let you shoot him dead or maybe beg for his life to be spared? I think not he did what was honorable and went out fighting killing those who killed his Godfather Elodin and Don Hush. Defender swore his loyalty to them and did what any mobster now and in future should aim to do , fight until your last breath is taken from you.

I would expect the same effort from any other person but seeing how spineless some of you are maybe that is setting the bar a little high.

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"And yet here I am, alive and well, abcd. I know that is hard to believe considering Drop-down Spike's genius play of "mark yourself disloyal" is in full swing, but it is unfortunately true. Maybe his latest ploy of trying to redefine basic terminology will finally get the job the done!" 

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You are so stuck on yourself that .....well i was raised better so I won't say.

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Spike is in your head rent free his ancestors have touched you so deeply his sons are on your every thought. You live day to day cycling within thoughts within your head even killed off your own city and have been have suicidal thoughts.

For someone whom knows nothing he sure has taken the head seat at your table. It's pretty laughable at how easy it is for you to play right into his hand.

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Understandable removal but my fathers praise of his “wonderful effort” was more over a better way of saying “good job” for lasting quite a while and taking out a lot of important people.


Wish you had given him a chance to respond before straight up saying “No” and killing them off. That’s on his part for not being clear enough, but that just let’s me know this life is too time consuming.


Good luck to you all regardless.

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"So in this scenario "playing into Spike's hand" is me at the top and him in the gutter? You're right, that is laughable! I wonder what terrible fate awaits me next. Unlimited wealth perhaps? Oh please, no. Stop. I can't take it anymore!"

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Just nice to see you make a speech
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Thank you for your input OctopusHearts. It was very informative. 

This was at least the most Honest of all explanations recently, at least in terms of Honesty's death. I'd be curious about why CarloGambino died though. 

Mark yourself disloyal to Grin-08. It may not be a grand gesture in itself, but he clearly belittles the act because he doesn't want to acknowledge the grander implications or what the simplistic furtive act might yield in terms of sabotaging his goals of domination of the community. Let the People eat cornbread! 

Watch Grin-08 dance for me. 

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