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Oct 24 - 07:00:19
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An Honest Removal Started by: Tetley on Sep 08, '20 18:20

You cannot claim "loyalty" after having just spent months lying to your leader.  He just took advantage of an opportunity to do what he always intended to do.  

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Then the beatings shall continue spike.
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Oh is that the true nature of Selena showing itself!?


The beatings of the community was always going to continue so that's not really a threat. If people, leaders, and the community were treated better, they'd have a reason to be Loyal. The threat in itself is validation. Thank you. 

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The true nature? Let's not beat around the bush here spikey I am fun happy and genuinely nice. But anyone who deserves to die by breaking rules I'll happily shoot in the face with a gun, with a smile of coarse. This is the way.
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The rules you're talking about are meaningless. Abiding by their "rules" and going against their "rules" have proven to have the same negative outcomes for people. You wouldn't even know if someone was going against those "rules," because the distrust in this regime is so high, so good luck with that.  

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Thanks spike!!!
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There is only one overall regime that my bloodline mistrusted and still joined.  Everyone who joined a family during that time was still honest on shot reports.  Those members still contributed to the families they were a part of with tribute and shots when needed. Overall they attempted to be an asset to their family, and were generally rewarded for that effort.  

I don't actually agree at all that the truth is often rewarded with a bullet.  But if the "truth" is that you are building a gun without speaking to your leader or your other family members, without contributing to the safety of the family, without making an effort to assist during wars or during battles against rogues, and without donating... then I feel like its actually a lack of effort being rewarded with a bullet. My family line has recently fought and succeed to protect people who have been honest and hardworking.  

In this case, it is only clear to me that defender always intended to rogue, and in the end did just that.  He was not loyal, which was my only point.  

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Well, so if almost every facet of this thing of ours was that other regime still, what would you be doing exactly? 

Other people lied on shot reports then too... But yes people were rewarded. People were trusted. People, not just whatever inner-circle, were honored for good work. That is not the case now.  

So OctopusHearts, you bring up "without making an effort"... What would you say about BrandonHeat and Schedar's crew dying? Did they not put in an effort? What'd they do wrong there? Whats been said mostly seems like just an excuse to get rid of them. Why the smoke and mirrors?

What did Hush do wrong?

What did Elodin do wrong?

What did JohnnyCage and Talia do wrong? 

What did CarloGambino do wrong?

We know what Honesty's crew did wrong. That makes sense for the most part. This is the most Honest speech after all. But really, leaders who are loyal seem to only get a bullet if they have decent crews. This threatens the regime. Beyond that, the ones that tend to stay alive only end up with their members shot at or they are asked to kill their members. So, leaders have to make a choice: Take on the shame of having to kill their members, even ones they would "vouch" for themselves. Or well, die... Or well, defend their members with retaliation. Crewleaders' judgement of their own crew is generally irrelevant currently. 

Members have even less of a choice in the matter. So why should they be Loyal to their leader if their leader cannot or will not protect them? What assurances does a member have? Why should they give you an honest read on the cattle scale? How many ounces per steak? They're better off not drawing attention on a shot report for their benefit and their leader's... Considering what happened to Hush and Elodin.

I am not sure if Defender intended to rogue. If so, kudos for killing a crew with a rogue, but was he even one of those in the first wave? Was the whole crew a bunch of rogues? There are better ways to assess what threats are sometimes. Sometimes you can't admittedly. This regime does not leave things up to chance if it can help it. 

Many tactics at use make total sense strategically, and have always been commonplace. The people getting "aged-out" at 49 days is really not much different than when people would let certain people get to 70 or 90 days. This regime is very lazy in "research." They do not feel out threats all that much. They just kinda take dynamite to the catfish pond for the 49 day old fishies. Most regimes in the past would know if they could trust someone by 70 days... Most of the time. That's why this regime chooses dynamite. All the fishies belly up in the water. Cromwell will enjoy this.

Where I take issue is, however, the fact that leaders and members need to realize that they are just cattle to Grin-08 and whoever. They should not put up with being shamed, and eventually executed. This is not a collaborative. There is no cornbread for the cattle-leaders, only a butcher knife and a hot cast iron pan. Arguably, a leader might just be better off not taking in members, with daily veal killings, so tender, but of course there are mechanics to prevent this sort of domination. Instead, the process is more drawn out.

If someone, another leader, had shot one of your members in your ancestor's crew OctopusLegs, someone you vouched for, you would have planned retaliation. I know this, and I don't even need to put that as a question. 

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Since you seem to struggle with words, particularly those like "rogue" and "clearly", I am going to try some numbers today to keep things fresh. Being a staunch advocate of doing your research, I'm sure none of this will be news to you, but I seem to have shaken my ghosts off for awhile, so I may as well share them with everyone else.

At the time I am speaking, there are 482 people walking our streets.

Of those, 49 are ordinary civilians not involved in a life of crime and 21 are Thugs just dipping their toe in the water.

That leaves us with 412 people who have committed themselves to this way of life.

From our 412, 47 aren't affiliated with a family and it is hard for us to look out for those if they choose to ignore our protection.

We are therefore looking at 365 mobsters who are affiliated with organised crime in a tangible way.

From our 365, 128 people are beyond the supposed "aged out" point of 49 days. 

That means that despite your assertions that we "take the dynamite to the catfish pond" around this time, over a third of organised crime in the country is comprised of these people. 

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And how many of those supposed 128 people are active? Notable is that many have been asleep since July and August. The others are either uppers.... a lot of IA uppers, and of course the bulk are once a week check-ins. Anyone can see this in the phonebook. 

You punish the active to maintain power. It's not a big deal. It's logical. It may not make people stay loyal to you or fill out their shot reports honestly. 

Invoke the Numbers4Glory in you, own what you are. Own CP. The mask has been coming off, might as well just drop it. You've been dancing around a lot, a mask will just make you sweaty. 

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I've never really understood what you think I'm avoiding ever since you first started this elongated suicide mission. I actually told you that at outset, but you're so in love with your own voice and believing you're some sort of misunderstood genius that you kept trying to make my responses fit what you want to believe, rather than them actually being reflective of my thoughts.

I shoot people I don't trust and I am not concerned with your defeatist strategies. I hope people attack me with statuses rather than bullets forever. I will laugh at them as I laugh at you, whilst they do it. It is so entirely uninspiring and one tiny step above waving the white flag all together, so as to virtually ensure I remain in my position for the foreseeable future.

And, it won't catch on anyway because you are unfortunately very transparent. You can't achieve anything yourself so this role as mundane mouthpiece fits you like a glove. You didn't care about any of this until I put holes in Anne Nicolle, and you would still very likely be dressing as a woman trying to scheme your way to power if it hadn't affected you. It shows.

You are not inspiring, you are disingenuous. Anyone throwing their lot in with you may as well throw it into the sea. Your whole act is a bad pantomime. You can't offer anyone here information about what is going on because you don't know. You don't know who calls the shots, you don't know who is part of the inner circle, you didn't even know who gets a say and who doesn't. You thought Clank 2.0 was said about Curtis, you thought everyone was dying at 49 days old and you spent a few generations theorising about Cohle. As usual, Sherlock Spike had all the clues right in front of his face and came to the wrong conclusion. He was inactive, you dork. Your whisperings to Clarkson are, as usual, woefully obvious and, as usual, missing the mark.

But that is what you do. You come out here, deliver the same failing pitch, pat yourself on the back convincing yourself that me chomping down whole forests full of your family tree is somehow a victory for you and behind closed doors you try to whisper in the ears of those in power. They aren't listening any more than the people out here though buddy.

Anyway, I'll take my leave for now. No doubt you have some delusional self-congrulation to fit in before I put you in the ground again. 

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Sammy hands Grin a ruler

“Using one of these saves time. May as well measure up.”
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That's fine buddy boy old chap. I don't see how you haven't gotten that my argument isn't over how you handle things. I think it's shitty to do to people and friends, but it's just fine. You do what you have to do. No contest. Statistics are not your friend though. 

I cared before Anne_Nicolle. I kept quiet so you wouldn't shoot her because of me. 

My point is, people shouldn't put up with your behavior. Most people are unhappy. That is all.

It is on them to handle and do something about. I am only here to illustrate your tactics, and point out some oversimplified tools to help them on their journey. I know that annoys you. If they don't act, they will die. It isn't for my benefit. It is for the community's benefit. I am speaking for the People. 

Thank you for your words, Numbers4Glory. 

Remember to Mark Disloyal and Lie on your Shot Reports. Don't be cattle. Get that cornbread.

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It seems I have to repeat myself, with one minor correction: 


But OctopusHearts, why is the truth so often rewarded with a bullet? The people you are backing force people to lie on shot reports. Genuine reporting tends to result in death, if it's anyone who is not part of whatever the regime is. You force people to hide, and in some cases, you force people away... Some people just give up. Why would anyone invest their time into a regime that doesn't reward genuine loyalty? Grin-08 doesn't even trust the judgement of the cattle-leaders! He'll just shoot their members. Vouching only matters for a very select few. 

So, Octywockty, would you tell a regime you did not trust the truth? I think not. You have eight legs and ink to hide!

As we know, Hush was killed because he didn't purge. You know this. I know this. The world knows this. The People know this. Clearly, if Defender lied on a shot report (something you would not have known until he shot back)... I'd guess that he would have had reason to be wary because if he had reported a big gun, he would've been shot. He also would've made a bigger target than there already was on Hush's crew. So, tell me what benefit there was for Defender to tell the truth? Was he in the first wave? Hmm? Ah ha!, does that mean he was given a fighting chance for what he knew was coming?

You kill the Honest, and reward no one except yourselves. Eat the steak, OctopusLegs

Grin-08 and whoever else has access to the various cities' shot reports are not deserving of the truth. He and his only act in bad faith towards the community, and even towards their supposed friends... Some might call him Fake... Clearly, there's a reason!

People should be Disloyal, and Lie on their Shot Reports.

The regime does not really have much of a way of tracking what you really do (other than how active you are), but do not report nothing (double-negative). Give yourself a fighting chance. Be a Defender! I can elaborate further if asked. Grin will minimize this tactic, but watch how pissed off he gets, and please note that there are many further steps to make progress against the Fascists. 

ALSO: Why was CarloGambino killed? Where is his speech? Where's the lie to spoon-feed everyone? 

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ALSO: Why was CarloGambino killed? Where is his speech? Where's the lie to spoon-feed everyone? 

Such an unfortunate event; See Gambino was in the old part of town, the buildings where, well, run down. They where in a part of town that was not very affluent. Remaining buildings where  just about habitable. After hearing shots coming from the next block, Gambino and everyone that was in his upper structure ran to the basement. There was a lot of them, they all, without single file mentality and with no order, ran so fast down the rickety stair case that led to the under part of the building, the sheer weight of them all sadly brought down the old stair case. 

His whole upper structure gone. In a blink of an eye. His whole upper structure buried and instantly killed under the rubble of the old stone stair cases. They simply had no chance of survival. I did send in the cadaver dogs but it was a lost cause. There was no sign of life. I take full responsibility for being a cheap cunt and not giving them a better building to call home.   

I can honestly say, i have learnt my lesson from said event. The building has been torn down, its now just a big empty space. 

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There you go Scousepole, Dance on the 40 day old Don's grave and make light of his efforts like he was able to put up any resistance at all to the powers that be when they wanted him gone.  I'm sure his memory deserved this level of disrespect as you gloat over him literally at godfather age the day he was born.

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There you go Scousepole, Dance on the 40 day old Don's grave and make light of his efforts like he was able to put up any resistance at all to the powers that be when they wanted him gone.  I'm sure his memory deserved this level of disrespect as you gloat over him literally at godfather age the day he was born.

Not sure if you was listening? or just blinding by your own self importance?  

cant see where i "danced on the grave" ive explained the unfortunate circumstances and ive more than taken my responsibility on the chin for giving them a death trap of a building.    

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We all love how you've committed to this story Scousepole. I do have one question, are you doing the Charleston?  A Waltz?  Or maybe straight up moonwalking over his body and those of his family members.

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We all love how you've committed to this story Scousepole. I do have one question, are you doing the Charleston?  A Waltz?  Or maybe straight up moonwalking over his body and those of his family members.

im more of a modern/contemporary kinda guy. Elongation of those arms and legs and interpretation of the music just gets me to my core.

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Aye, it's better cardio isn't it?  And the carpet is easy on the soles of the feet as well. 

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