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Feb 25 - 19:39:05
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Happy Holidays Started by: WaterLilly on Dec 15, '20 00:52

Christmas 2020 is in the books now, I had a great day, But could not help but think of all the Frontline workers giving up their Christmas to keep loved ones safe, For that.. Thank you, you are appreciated.

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Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas with loved ones (if you were able to see them) hoping you ate too much and drank more than approved

Here's hoping 2021 is going to be "easier"
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Hoping that everyone had a safe, happy holiday. Its been a tough year. It's hard to find the blessings when bad things happen. This year was my first without my Mom but I could feel her presence and somehow, even with all that's happened, I was able to have a very special Christmas.

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Yes happy holidays everyone, merry christmas and happy new year. Hope even though 2020 was tough for everyone you were able to make it through and look forward. 2021 will be much better. I know for myself 2020 was a pivot year and 2021 WILL BE my beat year ever!
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Health, happiness, and peace during this holiday season and through the coming year.

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I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas yesterday.

It’s been a tough year for many and hope people can have a better 2021

Much love and peace!
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Happy Holidays and happy new year everyone.

Hope 2021 will be a better year for everyone. :)

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Well i'm glad thats over for another year... i dont do well at christmas.

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I saw a good friend that I hadn't seen in almost 20 year?! I was also shocked to see no negative posts in this thread. New years Eve is going to be great too.

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Merry Christmas and happy new year 2021.

I wish everyone to be healthy, happy and fulfil every goal or dream.

Let us leave behind 2020 and every good or bad experience we lived with the pandemia.

Love ans peace!!

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I hope that everyone had a merry Christmas and that everyone has a wonderful new year filled with all the love and laughter in the world!

Hopefully 2021 will be a better year. I know it’s been a hard one for some.
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Vacations are a wonderful getaway, especially if you are with your family and loved ones. There are plenty of things you can do during the holidays with them.

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Christmas celebrations were quite different this year from what we used to do, but I cant complain. 

Hopefully next year will be better. Looking forward to leaving 2020 behind.

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4 days to a new year, and I can only pray it gets better, If not please wake me up in 2022. Lord have mercy on our souls 

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