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Apr 12 - 17:00:48
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Boxing Part Four: You Down with DPP? Started by: Angry_Goose on Apr 05, '21 12:57

*much flapping of wings, Honking and waddle running in circles, clears the podium and gains the attention of the streets*


(roughly translated - listen up you biped motherfuckers)

*The goose angrily pecks a couple of people who weren't paying attention and steps back*

A phonograph had been set up on a crate, and with an angry honk and flapping of a wing, the record that had been recorded began to play. There was a crackle of static, and then the ear-bleeding voice of a Midwestern woman fills the air. "You down with DPP? YEAH, YOU KNOW ME. YOU DOWN WITH DPP? DICK PUNCHING PROFESSIONALLY!" you can imagine this small fat woman dancing as she sang, excited about the new technology and the fact that she could finally focus on her new business, DPP or Dick Punching Professionals. The record continued to play. 

"Well now that that's out of the way, I just wanted to say yet again, like a broken record," there was a pause, a choking sound, and then a large snort it heard on the recording, "Boxing shall continue since I have all the paperwork sorted and a million fun ways to describe someone getting hit in the balls. So if you are a current fighter, or your parent was, you can find me on IRC Ave. as Jen or in the room with the sign on the door stating, #TheRing. We still have fighters who have yet to go and I'm hoping to get ThomasCrown squared off against someone today." 

The record goes silent except for some creaks and crackles before it starts up again, "We're looking for a good clean fight," she starts laughing again on the record, "Fuck that, we're looking to have a damn good time. So come to the ring so we can see some titty tapping goodness." 

With a honk and another wing flap the Goose knocks the record to the floor, honking lots around it. The message was over. 

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(Roughly translated as thee will be many cash and credit prizes but we're still looking for sponsors)

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Fancis spent some time walking around the old boxing gym, remembering the good times, and his undefeated record.  Kicking around some of the papers on the ground he sees a poster of Dino holding a championship belt then scoffs.


“Only because I never had the chance to challenge you.  Rest well Jack, I wish it lasted.”


Fancis is snapped out of his thoughts by a commotion outside.  Rushing to the door he sees a crowd gathering up the street.  His curiosity got the better of him and he went to join them, only to see another person announcing fights.  Shrugging he makes his way through the crowd.


“This sport seems to kill people who want to push it forward, but I’m in.  I can’t let it end with an undefeated one and o can I?

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The goose flaps and waddle runs around excitedly

HONK! HOOOOOONK! Flap FLap Peck peck!

(do we have a challenger?)

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Apparition had endured a few bouts in the ring. You could say she knew her way around the square. She heard it was going to be starting up again under her new management. She took her time to head down and listen to the announcement.

“Well folks I’m not afraid to hit a nimwit or two square in the face for a few bucks. Sign me up.”

She took a few stops back lit a cigar and took a few puffs

“Anyone got anything stronger”
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Yo was wondering... está posible to give away los potential moves of mi mamá to some otra persona?
Cuando there are people interesado, por favor contact me.

Her estilo was muy aggressivo y she trained to do dos uppercuttos and un haymaker en a single bout. Yo would be feliz to give it away a otra persona free of charge.

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The Goose notices the Spanish Painter and flaps in a confused manner


(let me paint you a picture *giggles* stats can be reclaimed by family lines i believe but the boss woman will know best, search for her on IRC avenue in ##thering)

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The Goose waddle runs into the streets with an important message


(there will be pugilism this evening, we are looking for sponsors to provide prize money for their fighters)

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At last Apparition had found a competitor who wasn't afraid to jump in the square of unfriendliness. She put on her best slippers and headed over to the arena. She was ready and willing and mostly ready to kick some butt. She had trained hard she would want you to think but most of her past few days had been spent in bars and clubs. 

"Francis you better bring your best fight because I'm, well I'm going to be in the ring." 

Apparition took a step back and raised her gloves. 


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Nicholas Grimwood is driving down the road when he notices a large crowd gathering in the streets. He swings the car to a halt and parks right near the gathering, just in time to catch the phonograph belt out the announcement.

Quickly he finds the new sign-up sheet and jots his name down.

"Glad to see boxin' is back up and runnin'. Can't wait to throw on the ole' gloves.

I know this ugly mug of mine can definitely use some rearranging."
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Fancis was glad to be back in the ring.  He missed his sponsor, she would have set this whole thing up for him normally, and given him the rundown on his opponent.  But she was no longer here, and he was on his own.  He just grinned and climbed in the ring.  

"It's Fancis, and I just hope you can keep up."

Fancis slid to his corner and prepared for the bell.

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Apparition had a few moments to relive her fight over again in her head. She loved the feeling of victory. It was just something that couldn’t be marched. She wanted more. No she needed more. She stood proud and her herself announced the winner. What a feeling. The joy was overwhelming. She went to her corner and grabbed her bag. She pulled out a bottle or whiskey and tipped it back taking a big swig. She stood proud and yelled

“Anyone who wants a shot at me need to bring it. I’m ready to take my next steps I want to be a real champion in this world.”

She took a step back and took another swig of whiskey. She then exited the ring. It was sure to be a long night
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The goose flaps his wings and honks in appreciation of @Apparitions demolition of her opponent


(Having inherited my biped fathers skills, I'm happy to challenge you for the unclaimed spoony belt. do you accept?)

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Apparition saw the wild animal appear it seemed quite distressed and volatile. Not knowing how to react she walked a bit closer. Soon the animal started squawking and flapping its wings. 

"Hey there lil fellow be nice. If you are wanting a fight I'm going to pummel you and feathers will soon be flying everywhere.  Is that what you want?" 

She took a step back and the bird squawked some more. 

"Fine then consider the fight on. Winner gets the spoony belt." 

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The Goose bumps @Apparitions fist with his wing tip

'Honk! waddle run, peck flap honk honk'

(Let's get it on)

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"Gals, Gents, Geese and Ghosts!" she said, waving her arms around to get the attention of the fighters gathered. "Today we will be running several fights in our IRC Avenue location, #TheRing and I have included a fight schedule within the page of the usual documentation that Mr. Mezzo prepared for us." she passed around business cards with the address on them of where to go. 

"Our current champion is the great Angry_Goose but Apparition is easily in second. But this does mean that the following fighters have a chance to have another fight today, JimmyJr FancisClownNose Dihajh @_Issi_ and perhaps take over the second or third spot. Certainly not the first though, not without buying a booster pack." 


"Now, we do have some Boxers who have yet to be tested, are unbloodied virgins of our ring. Today is the day to change that! Perhaps they will fight each other, perhaps they feel lucky and will take on one of the seasoned fighters, only they can tell us. But I want to draw attention to the following fighters, ThomasCrown NicholasGrimwood StonedCold ZebrishRed and JoynerLucas who all have gloves, and moves but need to show them off for the first time in the ring." 

"So good people of the boxing, are you willing to fight? To win? To lose? Are you willing to spend more than an hour listening to me insult you and your opponent in fun and charming ways?" Pulling out a clipboard from her bag she looked at them, "So who is up for it?" She asked them. 

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Stepping out onto long had it been since he had been in the ring? Too long now. He shook his head, glancing at Georgette with a small smirk. 

"I'll fight whoever wishes to step into #TheRing and fight me, amigo ooor is that non-amigo!? Whatever! Just sign me up for a fight with whoever, I'm ready, I know I am!"

He stepped back, giving everyone a small glance as he settled himself, waiting to see what would happen, maybe. 

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"A challenger approaches! _Issei_ currently has engaged in two fights, but has not won in either of them. Is today the day? Perhaps some unblooded welp will be the easy target and path to victory, sir?" she said to the man. 


"ALSO EVERYONE, I HAVE SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION" she yelled into the crowd to get their attention. "Changes have been made, and to keep everyone up to date, I've plainly stated them in OOC Ave. for everyone. Should you have questions, my door is always open. On my mailbox, that is." 

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Just to reiterate, the winners of any bout this evening will be 5 - 15 credits plus any prize money the sponsors would like to offer

Sign up now and become a legend

i mean


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"At the moment we have Apparition vs. Angry_Goose which should be a battle for the ages, imagine, a haunted honker, what a great time we will have! But the first fight we need someone to step up and accept the challenge laid forth by NicholasGrimwood a new fighter. The prize for this match is 13 Magic Coins, (Credits), and win or lose, you get a new standard move of your choice to add to your fighting bag o' tricks." 

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