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What is your favorite Vacation Destination and why? Started by: Snacks on Sep 14, '21 00:22

I don't think I have one. I've loved everywhere I've been and want to visit a bunch of other places. But if I have to pick one I think I'd say currently Amsterdam

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Vanuatu was my favourite ❤ 

I would happily go back in a heart beat, the snorkelling was amazing as we're the people.

Though "locally" port Macquarie in Australia was absolutely beautiful, really laid back and the kids had a ball

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At this moment it's france. Just because of the wine and the weather. And ofcourse the food also helps
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The LLŶN PENINSULA in North Wales. Only 2.5 hours drive from me but if (and it’s a big if) you get the weather there it is stunning. Beaches to mountains to wild countryside not to mention ancient castle ruins and a multitude of outdoor pursuits. Absolutely fantastic place to visit.
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I loved Egypt and all of its history and culture. You learn little bits but it doesn’t compare to being there and seeing it.

3 places on the bucket list though;
Machu Picchu
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My grandparents had a cabin in the Pennsylvania Pocono mountains, just off a little lake.  


Effectively no cell service, but a lake, boating, swimmingly, fishing, and just generally not being my normal self. It was amazing

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New York City - culture, history, amazing restaurants, and I got a train to Philly and met Izzy and Benny!

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All inclusives with unlimited beer and food.


after that, the country really doesn’t matter. It just has to be warm.

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How ironic, given my name, Jamaica is my favorite place to visit. The Sandals Resort in Jamaica is one of the nicest most beautiful places I've been. Lots of shows, eateries, and you can buy weed around every corner you turn. I can't think of a place that's even close.

I also enjoy Destin, Florida. It has great scenery and some good restaurants that are oceanside. Another good one is cruises, I really enjoy taking those as well for the excellent time the cruise alone provides you, but also the many different Caribbean Islands you get to see on your cruise tour.   

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I'll be honest, I haven't been on very many vacations or been to very many places.  But my favorite places to be are places that don't have a lot of rain but I am there just when it does rain because it smells INCREDIBLE :D  Then again I've been spoiled, living in Oregon most of my life so maybe I just think that Oregon rain smells good.  But who knows!  I also LOVE the ocean, just so long as the beach isn't too crowded.  (Yup again, spoiled in Oregon because our coast is COLD most of the time!)  I would love to take a cruise sometime though! I think that could be fun.  :)  Honestly, I don't get out too much. :)

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Okay favorite vacation location. Hmm lets start out with a few potential locations, Pattaya Beach Thailand reason umm its Thailand yes everything you hear about Thailand is true its a place where you can enjoy the luxuries of life you wouldn't get to enjoy in say the USA or EU due to a budget. For example at the time i went to Pattaya Beach Thailand 93.00 USD converted to 3000 Thai Baht now For 3000 Thai Baht i was able to do absolutely anything i wanted to. A Resort was roughly 2500 Baht for a 3 night stay now this resort was top notch bars pools room service good tv comfy beds the rooms ere all basically pent house size with a living room and stuff. Happy hour for us alcoholic drinkers was from 0600 until 2300 in the pools tiki bar and happy hour to them is buy one get one free now for 4 Thai baht your getting 2 pina coladas or tequila sunrises or whatever your fancy drink is. Shots Same as the drinks buy one get one except its like 3 thai baht per shot. Everyone is friendly and the club/bar seen is enjoyable, just be careful of the lady boys on walking street unless thats what your into. They have these things called soapies message me if you never heard of it and wonder what it is im not going into detail on that lol. But yeah for the most bang for your buck Thailand is where its at. nuff said Forbidden out...

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anything with tropical climate, warm sea, nice beach and with some new stuff to see and i am good 

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Hmm it's a bit tough to set my mind one 1 specific, because there are so many gorgeous places in the world. However, since I was little I have always gone to Turkey, because I have family there, so I've definitely been there a lot, and it never get old. It's a big country with a lot of history and beautiful nature, so that would probably be highest on my list. Istanbul has my heart especially, can't wait to go again.

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cruises or all inclusive Mexico trips! you can go to a resort for like $1,000 for the week.  food and alcohol are all paid for along with your room.  its perfect well before covid it was perfect now leaving and getting back in the country is a pain

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been on a few cruises and have been to a few all inclusives. not really my thing, i end up getting too shit faced and crying the next day about how shit faced i got. sad times. this is why the best vacation is always spent at home 

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I'm going to Florida in May for 3 weeks.

The drive to WDW, going through the arches, getting into the lot then onto the tram for the first time is great. Looking forward to it more because its my 4 year old first time so you see disney through a kids eyes again
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City break has to be new York, so much to see and do. Night life is great to to be fair can't wait to return from over the pond.
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My home is one of my favorite vacation destinations. It feels like I'm only there to clean it, do laundry and sleep. Most of the time I'm at work, so if I get a few days off I'm happy just hanging at home and doing my thing.

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I love cruising! I have been on quite a few cruises of the Caribbean. I enjoy because of the variety and ability to see all the different places.
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