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No Room For Old Dogs Started by: Lucatiel on Oct 03, '21 18:23

"Move it." Lucatiel hissed as she shoved a man with a black bag over his head forward. This man owed her boss big money, and she'd be damned if she did not help him get it. "Please, just-just give me two weeks!" The man begged, but Lucatiel responded instead by kicking him in the back, sending him sprawling to the dirt.

"Where's the money, you lying bitch?" Lucatiel said, drawing her sword. "You know exactly what I can do with this sword I hold." The man squealed like a pig, and Lucatiel smiled with glee. "I can flay you, slice you apart, piece by literal piece. Now where's the money?" When the man did not answer, she drew her swords, making sure he heard it.

"Looks like a pig, sounds like a pig, therefore... a pig. Now squeal for me," Lucatiel said with a manic grin, as the dark forest where she had taken the man was filled with the sounds of high-pitched screams and flesh being sliced off.

Lucatiel inhaled as she startled awake. She had fallen asleep outside Tekkadan HQ.

"Ugh... jeez, musta really hammered myself if my head hurts this much..."

She stumbled to her feet, and walked inside.

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Mikazuki was about to head out from a rather dull morning in his office. As he walked towards the main door to headquarters he spotted Lucatiel stumble in looking rather disheveled. His face grew concerned and he walked over to her placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey there Luca.. is everything alright."

He hoped she wasn't falling ill and that perhaps she had just had a crazy night of drinking and enjoying the west coast life style. Something told him that wasn't the case though. Mainly due to the alarming amount of dried blood on her hands and clothing. She had no apparent injury so Mika was relieved that it appeared to be the blood of another.

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"Oh. Hello, Mika." Her head was pounding now, and something inside her wanted to hit something. She stumbled over to a chair and sat herself down. "Sir... is it alright if I break a table? My head is hurting like hell, and I really REALLY wanna hit something."

She swallowed her saliva as she took off her hat. The hat had a mask which covered the upper part of her face, and it was something she rarely took off. Now, Mika saw why. She had a large burn scar over her right eye, but somehow the eye was still functioning. The wound was many years old now, but the scar was very much visible without the hat.

Lucatiel apparently forgot about this and was content with keeping the hat off.

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Mikazuki shook his head as she asked about breaking a table. He chuckled slightly as he spoke. "No, let's not break headquarters please.."

He walked over to the kitchen and ran the sink until it was piping hot water. He filled a large bowl and placed a clean white cloth into it. He then walked over to her. He saw her hat was removed and he saw the scarring. Mika was completely not phased by it. They way he saw it, her body had an terrible experience, and had prevailed. It was a mark of honor as far as he was concerned. A source of strength. He placed the bowl on the table and rang out the cloth, folding it neatly. 

"Here this should help. Close your eyes."

As she closed her eyes he gently laid the warm wet cloth over her eyes.

"Just relax, focus on deep breathes, and let your eyes rest."

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She shut her eyes, taking deep breaths. It would have been relaxing if her brain was not alternating between the torture flashbacks and the present. Her headache was going away though, and that was the good thing.

"...thank you sir."

She sat down there for a while. Her mind was a storm, and right now, she missed the old country. And her girl. Oh right. She got drunk remembering her. She sighed deeply, shaking her head lightly.

"...a fucking idiot, aren't you, Luca?" She mumbled. She did not realize she was starting to drift off.

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Mika sat on the couch next to Luca. He smiled as he could visibly see her body start to relax. Then as she drifted out of consciousness she mumbled and Mike raised an eyebrow. 'A bit hard on herself I see.' He thought to himself. He pulled the throw blanket off the back of his couch and laid it over Luca. She deserved rest. About forty minutes passed and Medea came out of her office and say Mika. Mika tried to motion for her to be quite, but it was too late. 

Medea smiled and spoke out, "Hey Mika! How're you doing today?"

Mika's eyes grew wide as he looked over to Luca hoping she wasn't startled awake.

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Medea got confused for a moment seeing Mikazuki's wide eyes, and stopped in her tracks to look where Mika was looking. She did not have a clear enough vision, so she took a few steps towards them, holding up her gun as a pure habit, in case there was any danger near them. The minute she saw Lucatiel however, she lowered her facade and her weapon, before she went and kneeled down beside the woman to get a closer look. She looked up to Mika and made a face, as to ask what had happened. 

Medea saw Lucatiels eyes open up, so she took a little step back to not startle the girl by being up in her face. As she tried to take In the atmosphere of the room she noticed Luca's scar and felt very intrigued, but decided not to ask. She herself had plenty of them, each with their own history, so she knew that to some, it could be a painful subject.

"What happened here?" Medea whispered to Mika, though she was confident Luca heard as well.

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Lucatiel, still sleepy, looked up at Medea, and went, "Heh... Guin, what are you doing here? Did you follow me cuz ya missed me? Or because you wanted to laugh in my face?" She chuckled. Her vision was still blurry, but her mind had already replaced the woman in front of her with the girl she really wanted to see.

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Mikazuki looked at Medea then back at Lucatiel. He heard Luca call Medea Guin and he couldn't help but smirk. He walked a little closer to Medea and began to whisper.

"Guin huh? Is that a pet name between you two?"

He braced ready for Medea to strike him for the comment and then grinned.

"I think she's recovering from somewhat of a wild night. I'm not really too sure as to what exactly is happening with her. Hopefully she'll snap out of this soon enough and we can find out what's going on here."

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Medea fought her urge to smack Mikazuki on the head, and rolled her eyes instead and tried to ignore him to focus om Lucatiel. She tried to make it make sense in her head but failed miserably. Guin? Who is Guin, she thought to herself while mumbling to herself trying to make it work. She studied Luca's face, and it seemed Luca was happy talking with this Guin, which warmed her heart a bit.

"Mika, I don't think she's had a wild night, look. She is reminiscing something." Medea nodded in Luca's direction and stood up on her feet, walking in small circles. She was trying to remember if the girl had said anything about a Guin, but nothing popped into her mind. She went over and got a glass of water to bring it to the woman.

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Lucatiel gladly took the glass of water, and downed it. Vision was starting to adjust, but Luca was still seeing Medea as Guin, or rather... Her full name was Guinevere. It was Lucatiel's first, and probably only, love. "Thanks for the water. But seriously though, what are you doing so far from home? Even though you wanted me gone, I could not blame you... God, why could I not blame you?" She shook her head and laughed. It was full-bodied, but sounded mad.

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Mikazuki was still not sure what to make of the situation. Hearing her speak made him feel that Medea was probably right. Then when he heard her laugh like a mad woman he turned and made eye contact with Medea. 

"Yeah... this certainly looks like a job for a strong independent woman to me."

He then took a step back and motioned with his arm for Medea to try and snap her out of it. Mika grinned at her as he did.

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Medea felt more confused as more time passed. It was obvious that the woman in front of her was trying to cope with something, and did it in the only way she knew.

"Lucatiel, it's Medea." She said slowly, trying to help the woman in front of her remember the now and let go of the past. "Who is Guin, what happened between you?"

She looked up to the now passive Mikazuki, and motioned for him to help her instead of laughing.

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“Come on, don’t play stupid, Guin. I was the girl who dressed like a boy, covered in cuts and bruises from all the fights I got into. You alone supported me when I told everyone I was going to become a gangster, and when I told you I loved you, you went, ‘I’m getting married soon.’ Like what the fuck, Guin… s-sorry for swearing at you… it’s been a long day.” Lucatiel said as she stared at Medea, still hallucinating. One part of her brain suggested that the drugs she inhaled last night were still in effect, but the other keeps telling her the opposite. She decided to go with the latter part of her brain.
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Mikazuki was enjoying the show at first, but began to grow worried as she wasn't snapping out of it. He could see the same reaction on Medea's face. He leaned in closely. Making sure that Lucatiel was seeing his face and not able to see Medea at all. He smiled down at her as he spoke.

"Hey there Luca. Do you remember me at all?"

He was hoping that she would connect his face with Mikazuki, and hopefully bring her back to reality. However, this was a first for him and to say that he was out of his depths here was an understatement.

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“Why would I forget my boss? Did I ever introduce you to Guinevere? She’s the girl who owns my heart, and the only one who can break it as many times as she wants.” She said with a chuckle. “Did I ever tell you that?” She looked at Mikazuki’s face, and when she noticed the confused expression he held, she went, “No? Okay.” She looked back at Guin, but where Guin stood, instead Medea was there.

Then Lucatiel realized her mistake. “…Shit.”
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Medea smiled calmly to Lucatiel, trying to make her feel understood and relaxed, as she knew it would feel like a weird situation to be in. She waited a few moments for Luca to gather herself before she stood up and walked over to the window, trying to make sense of what had happened. Medea was curious but she knew not to force too many questions on people when something like that happens, as it could make them feel a bit threatened. 

She walked over to them again, and sat on the edge of the couch, trying to leave as much space to Luca as possible. 

"Hey, don't worry about it. It happens." Medea assured Luca. She looked over to Mikazuki, and saw that they were sharing the same curiosity for what just happened.

"You know, I had my own Guinevere a long time ago. Jason.." Medea sighed and looked away. "He did indeed break my heart at many times as he wanted, but in the end I refused to let him do it any more and took actions into my own hands." She looked down on her hands, thinking about what had happened. 

"What I'm trying to say, is just that it's painfully toxic to let somebody mess with your feeling, and when your patience and your cup finally overflows it can lead to bad things."

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“…Sorry. For spacing out on you all like that. You all must think I’m crazy. But Guin… She’s different. I gave everything I had. And even though I acted like a total asshole to her many times… she always accepted me anyway. You must think I’m a fool for letting that one get away…” Luca said as she drank from the glass, but sighed when she realized it was already empty. Stupid mind, even stupider memories. “Again, I’m sorry for letting you see that. No one wants to see that.”
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Mikazuki watched and listened to Medea share some of her past. It was pretty unusual he thought. He smiled for a split second as he watched his family grow closer. He then leaned in close to Luca and shook his head.

"There's nothing to be sorry about. We all have our own quirks and things we need to work out. That's just part of being human. No one here is going to think any less of you for that. In fact, I'm very happy you shared that with us."

He then stood up straight.

"Now... what can you tell me about why you're drenched in someone else's blood?"

He asked raising his eyebrow.

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"Ah... I was expecting you to ask that sooner or later... um... So, I was at a bar right..."

Luca was drinking by herself, spending a few dollars her and there for some whiskey, when someone bumped into her. "Oh, shit. Sorry." She clearly had too much to drink, and was stumbling around trying to balance herself.

"Hey baby," someone spoke from behind the girl. "Come on let's go home."

"Fuck off will you?" She slurred. 

The man took on a serious expression, and grabbed the girl's arm very hard. The bar went silent as they watched the girl struggle to escape. Lucatiel was trying to enjoy her drink in silence. "Let go!" The girl somehow managed to shove the guy... right towards Luca. Her drinks crashed to the floor.

Lucatiel inhaled, exhaled, in an attempt to calm herself. She stood up. Although she wasn't tall, she was very intimidating nonetheless. "Guy, she already told you to leave her alone." The guy stumbled to his feet, and the entire bar sensed a fight was about to break out. "Fuck you, man. What the hell do you know?"

"I know that 'Fuck off' certainly does not mean, 'I'm going home with you.' Does it?" She asked the bar patrons, and they all went, "No."

"See?" The man grit his teeth in an attempt to punch her, but it missed. Luca shoved him off her and he crashed and broke a table. Good thing there wasn't anybody sitting at the table, as she dragged the drunk out the bar. She felt a few more people follow them out. He threw him to the ground in a dark alley next to the bar.

She heard multiple footsteps behind her. She turned and counted four new players. "They your friends?" The drunk nodded with an arrogant smirk. "Do you know who I work for?" He asked as if he expected her to know who the fuck that was. "Don't know."

"Kill her. Now." He ordered, and the four charged her all at once. "Now that's just rude." She said as she backstepped out of the range of their attacks. "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to gang up on a woman?" She kicked the first one to get close, then she got on the offensive. She punched the man, sending him flying backwards into the brick wall. The three were stunned that one of their own was dealt with so easily, but they got over their surprise very fast. Two of them drew knives, while another picked up a piece of metal rebar. The drunk had gotten up and was hiding behind his hired goons like a bitch.

"You'll regret messing with me!" He said. "No, I don't think I will," Luca responded, as she unsheathed her own knives. The two knife wielders charged first. One went high, the other went low. Luca parried the knife headed for her face, and stomped on the other knife that would've slice her legs out from under her. The two pulled back, letting the metal rebar wielder charge her. Lucatiel got smacked in the ribs, forcing her to step back.

"Okay okay, you three know how to work together at least." She held her two knives in reverse grip and charged. She kicked away the knife wielder coming to her left, pulled the other one close and headbutted him, stunning him. She prioritized killing the rebar wielder. The man panicked as he tried to block the incoming knives, which was foolish.

She stabbed one in his leg, and the second sliced off the middle and index finger of his right hand, disarming him. She pulled out the knives, and sliced his stomach open. The second knife found itself in the man's eye, and he was no more. Just to be sure, however, she pulled out both knives and sliced the rebar wielder's throat open. "One..." She counted. The two knife wielders were now terrified, but they attacked her nonetheless.

She threw one of her knives at a charging target. It was aimed for his face, and it landed right between his eyes. He groaned as he fell face-first, the knife further embedding itself in his head. "Two..." The last remaining knife wielder launched one last desperate assault. He lunged forward, but Luca side-stepped, leaving him open. He grabbed the arm, pulled it into an uncomfortable angle, and before he could even scream, she jammed her knife into his neck, then his ribs, then his armpit, then... She wasn't sure how many times she stabbed the man, but she was coated in blood when she was done.

The first man she attacked tried to stand up, but she stomped him into ground, and continued to stomp him until she saw his brains spill out onto the alleyway floor. The drunk, now without goons, was afraid. "I'm sure you know what happens next, whoever the fuck you are." She straddled him and began to stab. He begged to be spared, but no mercy would be given. The knife sunk into his chest multiple times, and he was already dead after five stabs, but Lucatiel continued to stab the man after. By the time she was content, the man's chest was already a hole, a mess of red and black, and she was covered in it.

She looked up, and saw the girl who was being harassed. She was wide-eyed and afraid. Luca stood up and began to loot the corpses. She pulled out her thrown knife and sheathed it. She also gave the wallets of the dead to the girl, who was frozen in fear. "Buy yourself something pretty okay? They won't be bothering you again, anyhow." The girl nodded stiffly, as Luca stepped past and headed back into the bar. Most of the bar patrons had left, leaving only the bartender and the girl.

"Get me a bottle and a glass, will you?" The bartender nodded, not at all uncomfortable with serving a girl drenched in blood. Luca gestured for the girl to come closer. Surprisingly she was still there, and she obeyed. "My boss told me I should not leave witnesses." The girl whimpered, but she steeled herself. "M-Make it painless."

Luca sighed. She downed a glass of straight whiskey, and the two stepped out. "I... don't know how to make it painless." The girl sighed, and she raised her neck, where her jugular would be. "Th-there, then..." Luca nodded, drawing one of her knives, and she sliced the girl's throat. She took in shaky breaths. "Sh, sh, shhh..." The girl kept quiet, as her eyes remained wide. "S-Stay... with me. Please..." And so she did. She stayed until her eyes shut, and her chest stopped rising. She took a deep breath, and bowed. "Goodbye." 

She cleaned the knife, as she burned the corpses of the drunk and his goons. She looked at the body of the girl, still slumped against the wall. She looked almost peaceful... "Now, what to do..." She walked back into the bar to continue her unfinished drinking session. The night was still young, and she could bury the girl any time.

"And then... I think I took some drugs, I bought a coffin I think, buried the girl, and I walked home. Or at least tried to. I was a few steps short." She gestured to where she had passed out just a few minutes ago.

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