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The Moral Collapse of Lincoln_Lawyer Started by: Mr_Keating on Oct 28, '21 13:08

@Mr_Keating's poetic style had gained him a number of fans and advocates, but, sadly, one person, Lincoln_Lawyer, so blinded by hatred, degraded himself with profanity, vulgarity and spite.  This caused Mr_Keating's brain to be sad and, so, he returned to his beloved Streets to investigate why Lincoln had deteriorated into the mess he currently finds himself in...

"This sad story goes back generations.  Lincoln's ancestors first came to the attention of mine when my great-great-great-grandfather, the disgraced Commissar, noticed a very hard-working, talkative WiseGuy named Neil_Anblomi constantly challenge him over this and that.  History suggests that Neil mugged the Commissar and, despite being in-line for promotion to Consigliere (a ranked attained only once by a Kuku), was shot dead by the Commissar on account of Neil being an associate an the Commissar being a Made man.  Neil was simply one of a number of associates dispatched by button holders in this era of time, and were it not for Neil's son critiquing writing competitions run by the Commissar, I doubt my lineage would have any knowledge of his.

Neil's son, ChrisVaugn wrote a celebration of the Commissar's contests, which can be read here.  You will notice that Lincoln's ancestry demands answers to the questions that he himself will not provide when it comes to writing competitions.  You will also notice a complete lack of fatalities, and that no prizes were awarded to those who didn't enter the competition.  Both of these misdemeanours have been associated with Lincoln.

You will also notice that when upset about something, he resorts to the despicable tactic of insulting adversaries mothers with the most crude, vulgar language quite unbecoming members of this thing of ours.  In this case, and for no explainable reason, it was the late, great Destro whose mother the Lincoln lineage attacked.  So perhaps it isn't a moral collapse we are seeing: just a bloodline doing what it always has.  Resorted to insinuating that the mothers of enemies are sex workers.  This is classless, tasteless, and, in all sincerity, whilst I am engaged in a battle of words with Lincoln_Lawyer, I feel it is behaviour that simply lets him down.  He's capable of more, and I feel genuine sorrow that my endeavours have enraged him so totally that his standards slip so far beneath the gutter.

But back to the present day.  Lincoln's admiration for elements of the Kuku lineage are clear to see in his assertion that "He could be a spiritual leader for good in this community."  For my part, I do not dislike Lincoln's linage, and in many ways see the good that he tries to do.  
Lincoln_Lawyer asked when I contest has been run when there hasn't been fatalities linked to it.  His ancestral words condemn him as either a fool, a knave, or both.  

But some more hypocrisies cannot be left unanswered any further.


Lincoln_Lawyer needs to be consistent on whether he condemns the Curtis linage or defends it.  If one compares the Kuku death toll to the Curtis death toll, it's like comparing the literary output of @Tutte to the dedication to historical archiving the writing competitions of the Commissar.  In other words, one is tiny and insignificant, the other is enormous, and the word of someone dedicated to their craft.
Lincoln's latest outburst against me included this:

"the disgraced Disorder"

I have it on solid authority that, using your description, the disgraced Disorder,  once called a relative of yours out on something of little consequence.  Such was your then respect for the man that you barred yourself from the coffee shop where you, him, and many others (but none of my lineage) would hang out at the time.

You play the man, not the ball, Lincoln.  And it ends with you getting yourself into tangles like this.


Lincoln has difficulties respecting some dead people.  Miachell, CherryDarling and Nicoletta were all dead upon competition judgement day, but all had their entries evaluated anyway.

Why were their souls treated with respect not afford to, say, EddieMame, or SpiritualLeaderofMR, or one of the many others who died because of the competition?

I quote Lincoln directly:

"if you die you die, i am not a geneticist, so proving who is the son or daughter of whom is a little tricky. Like if some one were to shoot you in the face, and then have an associate impersonate your son or daughter, how would I know whether that person actually carried your DNA?"

And also (to Nicoletta:

"I'm sorry that your entry has been voided by your death"

Can you explain who some of the dead had their entries validated for the competition?  Can you further explain how you would have awarded the prizes, since you carefully explained that you had no way of doing so?

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Let's admit it, you have a crush on Lincoln don't you.

You are seeming more and more obsessed these days. I'm not sure if I should compliment him for your fandom or tell him to take his shoes off before he steps on my nice clean carpet in our HQ.
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Squirrelly-Dan looks at the source of the material...


Oh, TLDR don't care.


Squirrelly-Dan strikes his two thumbs up pose and smiles.


Good job though, lil' trooper.

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SatoruGojo - using your logic, Lincoln's ancestry developed a serious and enduring crush on mine long before now.

Let's stop lurid nonsense and instead concentrate on the task, and the evidence at hand?

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Squirrelly-Dan - oh, hello.  Thanks for stopping by.

I have received some very compelling and interesting information about you.  Currently trying to get it verified by a second source.

If I were you, I would take time out to read evidential testing measurements.  You might need that knowledge.

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Mr_Keating, I did.

The task at hand is your words, not his. I do not see Lincoln here on a soapbox dedicated to your name.

I see you, ranting.

Move on.

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Here are some quotes from Lincoln recently.  You will notice that they are not the cool, collected, logically constructed arguments that I put forth about Lincoln, but instead excitable and triumphalist bombast, devoid of evidence, or even coherence.

In truth, I simply do not understand why Lincoln's bloodline turned against mine so aggressively.  But this aggression will not stand.

I thought it could be to do with the sad death of LostBoy, but he was something of a no-mark, so who knows.  Anyway, here's what Lincoln's said about me (I've left off the bad and worse vulgarities for the sake of taste):

"So following yet another god awful tragedy of a competition at the hands of the Kuku bloodline I have decided to run a competition of wmy own, if Kuku can do it then surely anyone can."


"Curtis isn't evil Robert, with Curtis you know exactly what you are getting. He's a man who sets out to domjnate the 6 cities using any means at his disposal, and we all know and accept that, and every time he appears, we sit back and let him, that says more about us than him. He is simply a scorpion conforming to his nature.


Kuku, well kuku is evil incarnate. On one hand we do have a man who appears to be relatively intelligent, capable of espousing profusely on a range of topics. A man capable of great good and kindness, of igniting a bright future, but who decides to do the exact opposite. A man who would rather antagonise and ridicule, a man who who would rather victimise and persecute and play the jester when he is capable of much, much more. He could be a spiritual leader for good in this community, but is lest trustworthy than Lucifer himself.


So I ask you, which is more evil, the scorpion that conforms to its nature or the 'Priest' who would rather murder and sow discontent?"


"I like that after your constant slander and accusations that i was the first one that you came crawling too, begging for help, pleading for mercy. As I said to you, you are Persona non Grata here, you constant trolling and slanderous comments have alienated you to most decent people. Perhaps you might finally realise that our actions have consequences, although seemingly it has taken your bloodline longer than most to arrive at that conclusion. May the gods have mercy upon your soul."

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Lincoln_Lawyer wasn't always so blinded by hatred and bitterness.  He once apologised for accusing the Commissar of rigging contests.

I have to admit to feeling a profound sense of sadness at reading this.  Had these two bloodlines worked together, for the greater good, what riches we might have brought to this thing of ours:

"CommissarZverev, it takes a big man to admit when he is wrong, and I guess I owe you an apology. In the course of my investigations into other matters for a client, I have had to look into your competitions, and the accusations of corruption levelled at you by myself, and members of the Media such as CoconutRandy. Randy of course gets a by ball in all this as he only goes where the news leads him, I on the other hand may have been unduly harsh on my assessment of you and your philanthropy. I now know that you were not behind any fraud perpetrated during your competitions and I humbly seek your forgiveness. I tried really hard to find an olive branch to offer you as a token of my sincerity and wish of reconciliation, but I was unable to find one, apparently Grape vines are more common than Olive bushes in Nevada, so please accept this jar of gherkin stuffed olives as a token of my honest, and heartfelt sorrow at accusing you in the wrong."

Neil_Anblomi said this.  I for one deeply, deeply regret his murder, for that is what it was.  

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Still salty and still crying? Damn Son, when you gonna dry up and grow up? Looks like the Rockfather had your not so great granddaddy pegged for the fool you still are all those years ago. And you're still up to the same tricks now as you were back then, making shit up to fill in the blanks, and pulling quotes out of context.


I can do the same.... "Mr_Keating", "is" "blinded by hatred", "his" "literary output" "is tiny and insignificant". "His" "mother" "is" "engaged" "as" "a" "sex worker". Wow man, so its all true then, you are blinded by hatred, with a tiny and small... literary output and yo momma is a sex worker? Couldn't have said it better myself.

Your desperate grasping at straws is sooooo sad, makes me almost want to shed a tear along with you. 


Mickey takes out a kleenex to wipe away the imaginary tear in his eye, and then thinks better of it and hands it to the idiot who tried to tag himself in his own speach instead.


Naw son, you need it more than me.

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Lincoln_Lawyer - you appear to have an historical fixation on mothers being sex-workers.  As with Dr_Satan's fixation on being "cucked" it truly does shine light on the deepest fears of those indulging in such lazy rhetoric.  Dr Freud would have something of a field day with the intensely disordered inner world you broadcast.

Compare and contrast the hyperbole, inner fears, and obvious trauma of your anguished prose with the dispassionate recital of facts I give and ponder if how you appear is, in actuality, as you hope.

But now that you are here, let's have EXHIBIT A.

One of your dead entrants (you still haven't explained what the criteria for a dead entrant is) was bribed by the late BradleyJackson into entering your competition.

There is much, much more evidence to come.  This competition was rotten to its core. 

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Soooooo, your family member who was 1 chromosome pair short of a genome and was out to ruin the competition bribed someone to enter the competition and that somehow makes my competition rotten to the core? I fail to see how the duplicity of your ancestors is my fault. That being said, it wasn't against the rules. If you wanted to pay the whole site to post your inane drivel, thats up to you.

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The only thing your Exhibit A shows is your line (once again) taking advantage of someone new to our shores for your own personal benefit, resulting in their death, and their son's likely immigration back to the old country.

You are, literally, cancerous. You are damaging this community.

You are the only thing rotten here.

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His death has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with me, Dagda, and to claim otherwise is mischievous nonsense.

Issue proof linking my Bradley's interaction to his death, or retract your statement.  

As I have said, Lincoln_Lawyer, there will be much more proof of irregularities.

We are all waiting, patiently,  for access to the judgements?  When will we have the access to them that we were promised. 

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Dagda - official statement about Miachell's death:

"The removal of Miachell was a decision made by Karma's upper structure for infractions against multiple family rules despite ample warnings provided in advance. It is unfair, and unjust, to pinpoint any one infraction as the root cause."

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I'll do what you do bud - issue no proof and make no retractions.

It is well known to established bloodlines that association with you is not good for life expectancy. I wouldn't say you were the sole reason or root cause for which he died, but I'd be very surprised if it wasn't a contributing factor.

But honestly that wasn't the main point of my statement, rather, that you target and attempt to take advantage of newer bloodlines whenever possible is what I was highlighting.

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"that you target and attempt to take advantage of newer bloodlines whenever possible is what I was highlighting."

This is absolute bullshit.  Ask Maverick - I put him in touch with someone newer to these shores.

You won't like to admit this, but I care deeply about this thing of ours.

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We are still waiting on:

The written judgements as promised
A reason why the competition organiser changed his rules regarding deceased entrants in some cases
Whether Sonic has paid out all of the prizes
Whether the organisers and supporters of this competition colluded in issuing prizes
Why no dead people won
A note of thanks for the award issued to Paste

Our demands are reasonable.

ChrisVaughn taught me everything I know about forensic analysis of writing competitions and thorough arching of said events.
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Sammy read over some of source material and tuned in to the conversation at hand.

"I truly do not understand everyone's fascination with past bloodlines. It pains me to see how often the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children."

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Never a truer word spoken, SammySoul.  It seems to me that nobody is taking my valid criticisms of Lincoln's competition seriously because of what they allege my forefathers did in the dozens of competitions that they successfully organised.

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Listening to Mr_Keating

“If that is how you truly feel, then why not do your own competition in the way you proclaim is correct. This would build your own credibility instead of looming in your bloodlines shadow.”

”Some of us, have no memory or care about past bloodlines. I advise all to lead by example and not by what once was.”

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