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Jan 18 - 23:56:35
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The Moral Collapse of Lincoln_Lawyer Started by: Mr_Keating on Oct 28, '21 13:08
Mr Gojo,

LostBoy is important because his death caused the first contemporaneous incident of Lincoln's moral collapse.

Lincoln is to a degree important because of his constant talking about me. I am, let's face it, quote a big deal.

I don't need any autographs
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Mr Keating,

Your father shot Lostboy and I removed part of your competition assets to use them as compensation.

It's not rocket science.

This discussion has happened multiple times already. Please try to keep up, or better still, move along.

I'll get some autographs ready for you then since no doubt, you will be mentioning them again soon anyway.

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So it was you who introduced the concept of awarding contest prizes to non-entrants?

And nobody, in all of this drama, asked why poor LostBoy had to be killed. Like he's counted for nothing. Shameful
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"Its really a thing we all know about against kuku, who is surpised over this sad persoen that thinks he is a god"


WhyBother laughs when going back to what he had to go for the next hours and have fun with.

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