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Jan 20 - 16:14:31
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NY Citywide PP Competition! Started by: Squirrelly-Dan on Nov 01, '21 23:03

Squirrelly-Dan was in his office back in the Canadian Suburb of Manhattan when Le-Semois came storming through. He seemed a little out of sorts....


"Boss, Mr_Keating mugged me!! He said that New York people should not pickpocket him!!" He shouted.


Dan rubbed his beard thoughtfully.  "What a cuck.  He is rather irritating, if you let him."


"Fuck it.  From this moment forward, I declare a citywide competition for the City of New York.  On top of the $15,000 you get out of pickpocketing Mr_keating - I will give you an extra $100,000.  Prizes will be given to the top 3 pickpocketers.  Send me proof and I'll log it accordingly.  Any evidence of funds going to Mr_Keating will result in your disqualification from the competition.  I reserve the right to change the rules as the competition progresses as I see fit.  It is a fact that New York people can pickpocket Mr_keating, and we intend to do so.  Cheers!!"


"PS - last known location was Downtown LA, and last known PP time was 21:53:51.  Have fun!!!"


Squirrelly-Dan cracks open a fresh Puppers and leans back in his chair.

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Amendment #1:


Any tips generated as a result of this speech will be added to the prize pot.

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Hearing the presumably  drunken mans speech, he stops. Brandon does not know many things, admittedly, but one thing he does know, is that he enjoys a good competition, especially one like this that is solely for the purpose of proving a point.


Well, After seeing how this has all transgressed, I feel the need to pitch in, My accountant will be sending a small sum of money your way for the person who can steal directly from the pockets of Mr_Keating the most.

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Thank you kindly for your contribution brandonheat.


amendment #2:


all members of Philadelphia may now participate.


cheers, ladies and fellas.

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Godfather Dan, may I humbly donate to the prize fund for this stellar competition? 

Mickey reaches into his inside pocket a pulls out an envelope. He reaches across and hands it to the shinny new Godfather.

Sorry, its not cash, I figured a bank transfer would be more suitable for a transfer of this size. 

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It's nice to have fans!

It is sad, however, that Lincoln_Lawyer can eagerly participate in this contest but not lend his hand to one that would benefit us all.
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Amelia was no stranger to having someone dip into her pockets, and she wondered if perhaps this would be an excellent way to call the hounds off that had been set upon her by the powers of Nevada. "I would like to also make a donation," Amelia said to Squirrelly-Dan while rummaging in her purse to see if she had enough cash, which given the influx of donations for the whopping amount of six whole dollars, she had plenty to spare it would seem. Kneeling down she started counting out the crumpled singles. Once she got to twenty-five she sighed and gave up. Gathering what she had thus far, she shook her head, "Right, my bank shall sort something out for you, don't worry." Amelia said to the Godfather. "But perhaps," she said shoving the mess of uncrumpled, crumpled and several receipts, "This will tide you over until then and allow Las Vegas to participate in this competition?" Amelia said, with a tinge of hope in her voice, that finally she could leave her house without constantly watching over her shoulder. 

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Oh I'm sorry Mr Keating, I didn't realise my approval means so much to you. I will gladly assist you in a venture that would benefit us all, I shall volunteer to be chief Pallbearer and Mourner at your Funeral.

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Are you, like, threatening me?
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How can even you twist a genuine offer of assistance as a threat? I would have thought by now that you would know that I don't make threats.

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OK, I misunderstood. It's just you assuming that you'll live longer than me could be construed as a threat.
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Superbly GF  Squirrelly-Dan. Its a lovely idea you comes up with, I like it very much and hope you have a great pp-comp along in NY.


Also sad toi see that damn kuku destroy even this thread, cant any stop him from what he is on doing, were many that are so tired of seeing he doing this just to get credits fast, sad shit really.

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Shady stands there noticing AmeliaGato searching her empty purse for money to partake in this event hosted by New York. He shakes his head in embarrassment. He makes his way through the crowd  over to Squirrelly-Dan.

I apologize for Amelia lack of money as she spends it on bus fare. I would like to contribute to this event if you will allow us to partake. I hope the funds I sent over was sufficient. 

Shady looks over at @Amelia

Now Amelia, you go have fun but the abuse isn't over for you. We will continue to pickpocket you as well. 

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When will this competitive pick-pocketing end? 

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Im sure it will continue to a certain point in a life that soon stops.


Pickpocketing is for many a way of fun in life and I like it myself and will soon get going with it again to have fun.

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Thanks for asking Mr_keating


The competition will be over in a week’s time from now. We will end it November 9th @ 20:00 game time. Maybe we’ll adjust it as it suits but that seems reasonable at this time.


amendment #3:


LV may participate thanks to a generous donation from slimshady


amendment #4


the prize pot is pretty substantial and still growing. 


50% of the cash will be given to the winner.

35% to second

15% to third.


tiebreaker is the first pickpocket.


all personals sent to me will receive a 100k bonus on top of having mr_keating’s monneh.


that’s all. Thanks and have a wonderful day!!

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     MidpoinT was strolling around being the kind and friendly person he was. Helping old women cross the road while snatching the wallet out their purse. After snatching an ice cream cone from a child he continued his amazing trip to the city of Las Anales when he spots something interesting. Remembersing about what Godfather Squirrelly-Dan had said about the new competition and what a lucky day it is for Middy it seems. Tossing the ice cream cone behind him laughing as it lands on a bald mans head he uses his hands as if they were binoculars. 

"Krikee, what is this I spot over there. It's the rare Mr_Keating in his natural habitat. Maybe I'll sneak up behind it and shove my thu....wait its a pick pocket competition that would be illegal without a doctorine or permission." After finishing talking with himself Middy makes sure to update on the location for rest of the competitors. 


Mr_Keating last spotted in Downtown, LA on 

Nov 02 - 20:10:40
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Damn Im not a Newyorker now, it was close I been one but really love this comp and hope all that are in this have a wonderful week to express pickpocketing Mr_Keating who wonder why he is targeted, what a joke.


Were many that love this Squirrelly-Dan, a wonderful thing to start that made many glad can I assure you.

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What a time to be alive and boy do I live for a good pickpocketing competition.

I will also be making a donation to the cause in hopes that this competition brings in a sizeable amount of pickpocketers.

Now excuse me, I've got to make a run to the store. Afterall, Godfather Dan needs a refresh on Puppers.
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In 36 hours, the combined might if two cities have managed a grand total of *five* times to pick my pocket.

During that time, I've got two of there's.

At this blistering pace, I'll be broke by the 60s!
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