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Jan 20 - 18:12:54
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NY Citywide PP Competition! Started by: Squirrelly-Dan on Nov 01, '21 23:03

It is what it is to be a famous cheater and lier so no one is surprised over this wonderful competition actually.


Tried hard myself but so many tries so hard to pp MR_Keaton and that smiled I long fro in LA.


Tutte still smiles and get out to get something good to eat like a pizza soon.

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Good day fine people of MR.  


In a short amount of time, this beauty of a competition will be coming to a close.  


I'd like everyone to send me all personals of their PP attempts/successes on the great sport Mr_keating.  This will wind up this competition.  Any PPs before 20:00 tonight will be accepted.


 The response was so great though, that I will be considering further competitions should I feel the need.


Cheers, and have a Squirrelly day!!

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Dan, I don't think this competition has been the success you think it's been.
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Nobody cares what you think except yourself, bud.

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You do, son. That's why you've arranged an entire competition dedicated to low-grade thieving.
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Delusional and wrong again, my friend. I arranged it because it was more respect to your crew leader and city than just killing you outright. You ain’t worth it, pal. Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story in your narrow mind, though.

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Dan, man, my brain is supple, expansive, and really rather grand.

Thanks for not killing me.  Sincerely.  I enjoy like.

I wish more people liked me though.  I am a good guy.

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Keating, dude - you have a brain. There’s no doubt in my mind. You’re not stupid.

Devious? Sure. Dishonest? Absolutely. Delusional? You just said you’re a good guy. I’ll let that one marinate.


If you put half the effort into making friends that you do making enemies and being trolly and disruptive - you’d almost be worth my time. Alas, you just ain’t worth it.


The contest is now closed, for this round at least. All personals directed to me will receive their 100k reimbursement. Top 3 will split the 8 figure prize total that’s been accumulated. You have until 04:00 on Friday to report.


cheers, mafialand. Have a Squirrelly day!!

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Son, @Cama_The_Rama actually managed to mug me. I know it's over the finish line, but that's got to count for something?
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Mr_Keating everyone should finally know that you are NOT a good guy. Your cwc was an abject failure and your unwillingness to provide the winning entry with compensation, should out you as the cheat that you are.

Personally, I think you should be blacklisted from these shores. Furthermore, I invite any of your "friends" to duel me, so they can be dealt with as well.

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Dr_Satan - I most definitely am a good guy.

One of the best guys.

Few guys are as good hearted as I am.

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"Dr_Satan If my member has done something to specifically offend you then I would advise that you reach out to me with how he has done so and maybe we could work this out. I have no intentions of dueling you though, as I don't want to see a person die over silliness." Adalynn smiled in hopes that this ridiculous shit would end here.

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Truly funny to see this going on both the pp-comp which I love much and also all sads small writinbg from Kuku.


keeping on  whining like a pig that is about to get killed before christmas.


Wow, its soon that time of year for us all, just over a month and then we eat good things and having fun without anything else happens around us.

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Are you threatening me WhyBother?
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Threating no one, just having fun with words, must be really hard for you that your brain aint so good as many other had a good brain-function, please let it go and try to be a polite one instead of what you are like now our little Kuku.


Cant you get thropugh a joke that I just wrote its not easy to be like you must I say.


The Kuku-watch is still on!

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"must be really hard for you that your brain aint so good as many other had a good brain-function"

Are you implying that brain function is a finite resource and that my lack of it is due to others having a greater share of a limited resource?

If you are making this claim, it upends much of what is understood about neurology, philosophy, education, and linguistics.

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Don Dan, your people are waiting.

Who from two cities managed to successfully pick the pocket of an associate the most?

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Yeah, its very much in Copehagen and also in many big cities in south-america that is horrible big.


Don Dan havent the time for such a small cases to handle as I know about, just have fun and ask other things that is more important than that in life. Can easily say theres houdreds other more important things that are more important for all.

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Well, I’ve scoured the personals. I’ve made some changes on the fly to assure we have winners and the money gets disseminated to those who took the time to pickpocket our friend Mr_keating


in first place - we have le-semois with a total of 13 pickpockets. Coming in second - we have Dave. While he didn’t successfully do it - he tried and failed twice.  A+ for effort. These were the only 2 personals which were turned into me. So, I had to get creative for the third. We had someone who successfully mugged our friend from LA - so I’m going to give him third place prize money. Congrats to Rama_the_cama


Maybe there wasn’t that many participants. But hey - at least they got their prize money.


Stay classy mafiosos,


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What's my cut, Dan?
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