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NY Citywide PP Competition! Started by: Squirrelly-Dan on Nov 01, '21 23:03

The notoriety you crave, pal.

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Marishka was passing by when Godfather Squirrelly-Dan was handing out the prizes to the winners of the competition. She approached and courtsied to the men:

"Why, congratulations gentleman! You fellas did a nice job, specially Le-semois! Next time i will definitely participate too."

She then saw Kuku's kin throwing a hissy fit in the middle of the crowd and started laughing with pleasure. She winked at the guys and moved on in search for nice place to drink a Bloody Mary.

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Le-Semois had been held up on the West Coast for quite some time now, he somehow felt drawn to the city of angels for some time. The attitude of some young upstart had irked him, so with the promise of riches while pestering this youngling was sufficient for this esteemed Don to have his spies roam the city so whenever he felt like it, he'd be able to mishandle the associate and pick his pocket. It had amused him to no end to see the youngling being unable to see who did it, for Le-Semois had perfectionized the art of slipping wallets from pockets.


Thank you Godfather Dan, the money shall be put to good use, perhaps a training academy to ensure we can share this gift of pickpockting mr-keating without him actually have a clue from which hand the act came


marishka, please do send me a note and we'll set up a meeting to share war (pickpocket) stories! i shall have a fine bottle of scottish origin reserved for this

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Hearing about the competition and knowing he was late upset PedroCalfetti. Although this was a tough one to miss, he smiled, and said his peace.

"Congratulations to the winners and losers of this competition. It is a sad day that I couldn't participate, but alas there will be more."

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"Great work all, Im so glad over this competition and wishes all winners and all others participate the best congrat I have been giving for long"


He stood there and smiled for long and had a great day seeing this great competition being over and hoped another soon would be on so many could have a greatt ime again.

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