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Who here still watches Friends? Started by: KaraZor-El on Nov 07, '21 14:55

As the subject lines askes, Who here still watches Friends? 

I love watching it on a Sunday afternoon with a Cheese and Tomato Pizza :-D

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I watch it when there is nothing else on I like watching

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I have it on as background noise a lot of the time, just tune in now and then.
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friends is a classic, worth watching once in a while. 

i used to binge watch it for hours but now i only watch it if i catch it on randomly.

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Similar to others, if i'm flicking channels and its on i'll stop and watch it. Joey is just too funny not to.

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If it's on TV I'll watch it but I wont put it on to watch if that makes sense, but it still makes me laugh and rewatches are always good.

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I have watched Friends a lot.

Like I have binge watched the entire thing a few times, repeatedly. Not one right after the other mind you, but like any good show I will just binge watch it from time to time.

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I go through phases of it being by default evening background when nothing else to watch. Historically was on in the house at Uni permanently too

Probably run through the entire playlist 10-20 times on my life - it never gets old
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Granted some bits I have seen have made me laugh but as a whole I think it is one of the most over rated TV shows ever! Maybe there is something wrong with me because I have never really met anyone who agrees!!
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I'll watch it here and there.  It's one of those things where you can throw it on when a buddy is over and you can chat and have beers and it's just kinda there as you chat.  When there's an awkward pause in the conversation there's usually something funny on the TV to carry you through.

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I use to watch a little episode every once in a while and I use to enjoy it, actually quite funny when you give it a try but ive never been one to sit there and watch it consistently :P 

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I still watch it...It comes on at 7pm on ME TV. I think Rachel is hot. You have to choose between Rachel Fibi or Monica.....Pick one..

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I watch it and all the other old shows.  It is what I have on when I am playing the game, it gives me something to watch between doing things in game and I do not have to focus to know what is going on.

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I tend to watch the older shows over the new one's tbh, i enjoyed friends as a young adult :) it always made me laugh, like big bang theory, that 70's show, futurama, american dad, Yes dear etc :)

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Oh man back when it use to be on tbs. Friends and the office were netflix two most watched shows it was a big deal when they lost them and they both went to hbomax
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Yeah i watch friends still, every once in a while.

I still find it hillarious.  I think Pheobe is my favourite one, but they all are perfect together.

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I really wish i could leave it with that, as many would completely understand. While I dont watch the show, it was a funny episode and I get to see it often since the wife and her sister both watch it. Its s good thing they are both smokin hot or they would be out the door! 

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It’s my ultimate comfort show!! I am of the opinion that while they were on a break, it was unethical for Ross to go and hook up with someone when the breakup was so fresh. So sure he’s right technically but morally nah if my boyfriend did that there would be no 18-page letter front or back just a straight up block from me

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Think this is a great one to have on when you don't really want to actually watch anything. 

Such easy watching and if everyone else is anything like me, they've already watched all the episodes 3 or 4 times over so know which bits are coming and tune in for the good ones :)

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I can never get enough of that show. I have watched since I was a kid and continue to. Joey still gets me every time he does something so funny. Mostly his reactions are what gets me. 

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