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Do you vape? Started by: Spicy on Jun 19, '22 00:28

I started to since last october, on and off - it's not the same as a cigarette but i found myself only smoking because i have nothing to do, not because i was addicted - been three months smoke free, if you don't count vaping anyway. I don't vape with nicotine, it's just the flavours themselves and i've found a nice rythem atm, wondering if anyone else is on the same boat.

Favorite flavours are Grape and something that tastes like a redbull (I've also quit caffine due to heart problems, and i love the taste of redbull). 

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i never smoked but i have smelled other peoples vapes before and man  they do smell good. i think i smelled a cherry one the other day

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Nowadays I vape instead of smoking cigarettes and I feel about the same - not particularly addicted to it anymore, it's more out of habit and much easier to control. It's also more expensive around where I live than cigarettes, so it's an incentive to go easy on it for me at least :P 

Started vaping in January and so far the only time I've had a cigarette since was when I couldn't afford a refill. And wow, cigarettes taste awful now. Could barely finish one. So I guess that's a win?

I like cotton candy flavors, or anything extra sweet - I've tried some fun cocktail-flavored pods too that I quite enjoyed, like Mojitos and White Russian.

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I do not vape, just because of the douchebagery of most people who vape. Honestly they are so annoying I prefer u smoke anything else lmao

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Yes i do vape. It is as good as a cigar, and usually people react better when around me. Only downside are the prices...
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I tried a strawberry lychee one. That was good. Not addicted either, just love the different flavours. 

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I vape for the last 5-6 years I think now. Always with a nicotine and never with a flavour in the liquid. It barely keeps me off cigs but at least it does seem as the lesser evil. Clothes doesn't smell, house doesn;t smell etc. 

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I was able to quit smoking with it, which is a godsend given how much I vape if I was smoking still I'd probably have half a lung left. But I need to find a nicotine free minty one to replace this in order to give it up completely. 


The only good thing is having a vape means when I'm at work I can still smoke socially, without any draw back or urge to have a real cigarette. 

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I do not. I smoke diesel like a real man Grrr etc

In all seriousness, props to those who were able to quit smoking thanks to vape pens etc. I dunno if I'll ever be able to, maybe someday.

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I do like vaping. Maybe a little bit too much.
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I stopped smoking cigarettes because of pods, which are like the meaner version of vapers. If im not mistaken, pods are meant to feel more like cigarettes, harder pulls, heavier vapor, anyways, i like it better because it leaves no residual smell, plus its smells a lot better, right? The pricces are still ok down here, but gov is trying to pass a ban on it so yeah, im planing to quit whenever it becomes ilegal.

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I don't. I'm actually trying to quit smoking and I don't want any replacements. It's a pain though!
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I think the whole idea around vaping is that its supposed to be a replacment and not another addiction - we know the full effects of cigarettes, but not the full effects of vaping, the true downsides (Apparently it damages the lungs and heart but not long term studies). I hope all those who're trying to quit succeed, vaping or not - and those who vape, keep fighting the cigarette if thats your plan - it's a good, cheaper alternative

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I love smoking cigarettes way too much to get into vaping. Plus, for some reason, even though I smoke the heaviest cigs out there and I have no problem smoking unfiltered ones, vaping is really rough on my throat and makes me cough like a whore.

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I vaped for a while in college. As a non-smoker, I was using nicotine free vape, and I found it conducive to thought.

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Hell no. Real cigaretts onlyy. I heard vape do as much or more damage than normal cigarets but might be wrong, correct me someone.
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Never vaped; but I see a lot of people doing it!

What surprises me is that people have gone from never smoking to going straight to vape

You walk past those shops and see loads of the vape smoke
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I have tried it, it tastes really nice and I could see myself get addicted.

However, there ia evidence that it is increasing blood sugar so I didn't follow through..

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I don't vape, but if I were to vape I would be the most badass vaper. Taking on the cherry, raspberry, dark chocolate (if that's even a flavor).

I tried it once and it just wasn't the feeling I wanted over smoking cigarettes. So I stuck with those.

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i do vape i like somke any thing but meth i like coke lol may be all mete head start do coke

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