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Beat the House - A Dice Competition Started by: FutureStealer on Apr 06, '23 12:52

Roya walked into the gambling party and FutureStealer had just thrown another dice dare! She focused and all she could think about was "425, 425, 425..."

She rolled the dice!


You accepted House's Tops dice bet. House rolled 224 and you rolled 425. You won $20,000 cash. You gave the dealer 1% of the profit. Click here to rebet.

At exactly 13:21 she did it! 

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Nice job on that one Roya!


Apr 13, 13:37:13 You have regifted Quad Corrupt Agents to Roya.
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Entries are now closed.  I will have final results as well as first round matchups within a day.  Thanks all who participated!

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Once again, I'd like to take a second to thank all who participated.  Before I get into the numbers, here is the final leaderboard:


  1. 984 - worm
  2. 983 - Roya
  3. 982 - MarkCorrigan
  4. 978 - TinyTim
  5. 975 - Marston
  6. 966 - Betty_BigOnes
  7. 961 - Wellerman
  8. 918 - Balls
  9. 895 - Skorpeon
  10. 883 - KennyRusso
  11. 804 - Malcon-Tucker
  12. 779 - MiltonWaddams
  13. 620 - Nord
  14. 502 - Genevieve
  15. 272 - BlakeOakfield


Nice work everyone!  Overall I'd say it was a success, let's take a look at some numbers.  Over the last 7 days, we had:


51,470 rolls - This is over 50% of the 30-day rolls.

We won a little over half the games in that time (50.02%)

We took it to the house, raking in over $160 million and 850 credits.


It's a small dent, but a hit nonetheless. 


We're on to the tournament portion.  Here are our first round matchups:


(1)worm vs bye

(2)Roya vs (15)BlakeOakfield

(3)MarkCorrigan vs (14)Genevieve

(4)TinyTim vs (13)Nord

(5)Marston vs (12)MiltonWaddams

(6)Betty_BigOnes vs (11)Malcon-Tucker

(7)Wellerman vs (10)KennyRusso

(8)Balls vs (9)Skorpeon


Messages have been sent, and each matchup has until April 16 00:00:00 to send me the results.

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Your mother has questionable morals and your father can't bowl for shit.

May your balls dip into the bowl water.
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I'd like to publicly congratulate Roya for absolutely smashing me in our first round match. The first three games went against me, sending me crashing out instantly. I sent another challenge for a fourth game for shits and giggles, just to see how bad my luck actually was... I lost that one too.

Needless to say, I won't be buying a lottery ticket this week.

Back to the waves for me, hopefully I can keep my head above water there for a while until my luck it back in. Cowabunga!

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Ooof seems we got under someone's skin.  House seems very unpleased with our work, which means overall it has been a success!


The first round of the tournament is completed.  Thanks to all for coordinating your matches in a timely manner.  Here is our round 2 matchups.  Messages have been sent to participants.  You will have until April 18th 00:00:00.


(1)worm vs (2)Roya

(14)Genevieve vs (4)TinyTim

(5)Marston vs (6)Betty_BigOnes

(10)KennyRusso vs (9)Skorpeon


Best of luck all!

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Our second round is complete, thanks again to all participants for doing your bets in a timely manner.  Only 2 rounds left to determine our winner.  Here are today's matchups.  Results will need to be in by April 20 00:00:00


(2)Roya vs (4)TinyTim

(5)Marston vs (10)KennyRusso


Good luck to everyone!

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Once the bright lights of the mobster dicing community began to shine it was a do-or-die type of situation. This sort of tournament is what the first-place worm had been waiting for his entire career and now it was finally here, but something wasn't quite right and the creature couldn't put his wormy fingers on it-- perhaps it was because he had been gifted a bye week and had not really gone up against House at all for that entire time, or maybe it was just that the nerves were getting to him.

His throwing hand had begun to weaken with every passing day that he didn't roll some dice and it was very evident when he finally went up against Roya in what was only the second round of the competition. This would be some good clean fun, but the credits and money were both high enough for him to take it at least moderately seriously.

"I can do this... I can do this..."

Both House and FutureStealer stood there as ever-watching presences. The first die had been cast and as they jumbled up around the floor, they finally settled to reveal a shocking revelation; the worm was in trouble and Roya had taken the first win. This would be a theme within this round of the competition as the worm lost over and over again, he attempted to quickly do some finger crunches to get his head back into the game, but it was to no avail. 

"Roya wins again."


The enemy had taken the first two wins and now worm had to win out to have any sort of chance, and just like with most things in life there was a bit of breathing room right before the final downfall- the calm before the proverbial storm. It was 2 to 1 now and things were looking a little bit more on the upswing, but that wouldn't last. It just wasn't sustainable.

"Can we take a break? Let me roll a bit to get my head in the game?"

That's when worm learned one of the first rules of mobster-based-dicing-competitions, there were no breaks. You stood there and swung your dice around until somebody was declared the winner. There was a feeling in almost all five of his hearts that something wasn't right, that there would be no fifth roll, and he was correct.

The dice spun and spun for what felt like an eternity, never stopping. Always present.

"Roya wins it all!"

That's just how she goes, he guessed. Sometimes you finish with the highest score and other times you're out in the first round, all that he could do now was root for KennyRusso to take it home for the soil. Sitting down with the rest of the dejected losers, there was no further that the giant could fall, the painful part was at least over. 

"Congratulations, Roya. Best of luck to your next round."


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Everyone was very much on top of their bets for this round, thank you!  So we'll close it a little early and move straight on to the final.


Good luck to:


(2)Roya vs (10)KennyRusso


You've got until April 21 00:00:00

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Roya had no idea she would reach the finals. She had been blessed with what you could call "a big bad luck" and for a straight month, she had been losing a good ammount on dice.

Your Dice Stats
Last 30 Days
Total Net Cash: $-31,244,074
Total Net Credits: -44.00

So when she reached the finals, it was a big surprise. Not only because of her bad luck, but also because of her opponents. They were all worthy and professional gamblers, like BlakeOakfield and worm. And now she was gonna face KennyRusso. The guy had also beaten other two opponents and was apparently determined to win! Roya looked around. Everyone from the competition was there, drinking, cheering and glambling with each other on the results to come. Who was gonna win? Roya rubbed her hands and sighed deeply. She focused on the dice, forgetting the rackety and the screams of cheer and focused only on the dice. She waited for KennyRusso.

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And we have a winner.  Congrats to Roya!  Our beat the house champion!!!

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After three throws of the dice, Kenny lost the competition, lady luck had abandoned him once again. He sighed and jumped on the dice table to try and convince everyone that the game was rigged and this was a scam like his boss worm did.


"Can I have everyone's attention please?"


Suddenly, from the crowd, the nefarious Jhuubbent appears with a loaded AK 47 and points it at KennyRusso.


"Uh... I have to go." Kenny jumps down from the table and runs towards his car. Remembering about etiquette he screams while running:


"Congratulations Roya! And thank you FutureStealer for the fun event!"


He didn't know if they heard him, but fleeing from the vile Jhuubbent was his priority. After getting on his car he raced to his HQ to tell JubTheNub the details of this horrifying encounter.

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Roya could not believe her eyes, she had won the competition!

After receiving a funny congratulations from KennyRusso, she shook hands with FutureStealer.

"Thank you very much FutureStealer, i had so much fun. I hope we can have more of these tournaments in the future!" Roya puts up her beer and cheers!

She drank with everyone all night long and then left for so much needed rest after that joyous evening, only her pockets were so much heavier than before.

Apr 19, 14:43:41 You were transferred 50.00 credits from NY:FutureStealer. The note "Beat the House - Winner" was included.
Apr 19, 14:41:59 Your accountant has received payment of $20,000,000 from NY:FutureStealer. The note "Beat the House - Winner" was included.
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