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Apr 15 - 02:24:53
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Say it aint so Mid. Started by: Tsunami on Mar 20, '24 15:58

Swiping through my Facebook to see you’re no longer here is not how I planned my day out. We had differences that won’t even that serious, but when we connected it made our bond stronger. Fucking hell, wish these last couple of years would of been different for us. So glad you reached out not long ago even if our conversation was short.


you will be remembered my friend.

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Sad to hear this, if true. Whilst not everyone’s cup of tea, I found MidPoint to be a genuine dude; wouldn’t try to sugarcoat what he thought, regardless of the situation. Always game for a laugh… and a bet. May there be a dice table wherever you are, big fella. GRHS.

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Damn.. When I saw this I really did not want to believe it and I still find it complete absurd having to make this post at all.

You will be greatly missed and always remembered. 

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Does anyone know anything more? If this is true, that horrible. :(

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Mid was a great guy him and i shared many laughs over the couple years ive known him i'll miss him dearly where ever he is may he rest in peace and rake in all the dice profits.

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Mid, you were unique in so many ways, but all the laughs and joy and friendship we shared will never leave my thoughts.

Anytime i hit dice, i'll be thinking of you, any time I see a hq drop as a joke i'll think of you. Anytime i see someone cuss everyone out alphabetically in Main you'll be on my mind.


I hope your final moments were not those of worry and fear and that you passed in a middy way, too soon but fully confident in your own stupid way.


Love you my friend, you will be missed in so many ways and in hearts from now on.

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From my first run on here, I knew you were my people, I'm absolutely shook to find out you've passed, Middy you always brightened up my days with shit talk, I'll miss you, I don't have the words right now... 

This all seems like one big fucked up joke and I'm waiting for you to message and say "got you kangaroo  fucker!" 


While you werent everyones cup of tea you were my shot of refreshing whiskey, love you so much fucker 💔

I just hope you rest easy and peacefully it's the least you deserve 

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Absolutely torn up to hear this. Someone I’ve known here for well over a decade we had some differences from time to time but always good for a laugh and could cheer anyone up. The best part about you was you never took this place or anything too serious never afraid to have a laugh at yourself or anyone else, you were truly one of a kind and you will be missed :(
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Damn this is awful, Pyro and now Midpoint. The great big dice table in the sky is going to be forever active with those two 

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So fucking brutal.

Man Thomas we are going to miss you. I'll never forget going shot for shot with you at the MR meets. We'll never forget you holding it down for your people on MafiaReturns. It hurts so bad that your gone but the stories about you will keep your memory alive and well here. Take care of our people on the other plane of existence for us. Save a seat for me.

RIP to a real one.
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I'm completely gutted by this. I know many of us are.

I always saw you and I as unlikely friends. You insulted and laughed and made jokes and I couldn't help but connect with you more each time.

Each time we spoke, you were hilarious and insane- and I mean that lovingly.

I'll miss you man.

Rest well.

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Well this is fucking shit. 

Middy you were a unique one. A true legend. A wild one with a good heart. Your honesty was admirable. 

This place will be different without you. I will send some yolo bets for you. 

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam

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For the ones asking if its true, its true. I talked to his mom and she told me he died peacefully in his sleep. We were trying to get him to help himself and go to the hospital, but he was a stubborn fucker.  I'll leave my goodbyes here too. Im heartbroken and extremely sad. I didnt had many significant losses my life. So what im feeling now its a mix of emotions: sadness, anger, emptiness, feeling lost. Middy was my best friend. The biggest dickhead i met in my life. I know he was known for insulting and joking around with everyone, dicing and getting fucked up, and it was so fucking good to be his friend, and i know everyone dies and turns into a hero, but he did had a great heart too. He was a good friend. Countless times i was shitfaced and in benders and ran to him for help and advice because he had been in the same situations than me. He was a good friend, the best. Im so sad i'll never be able to reach an US airport and have him waiting for me and being able to hug him for the first time. Ill never hug him, or kiss him, or drink with him, or gamble and marry him in Vegas as we planned to. And this hurts so much. Little piece of my heart died with him too.

Husband, i hope you're finally free and found some peace. I hope theres a heaven and youre there finally chillin (or a hell, im pretty sure you would be the devil's best friend and would sniff cocaine off of hookers assholes with him)  You wait for me! Wait for a good ass whooping, because im gonna fucking kick your ass when i get there. Save some cocaine for me.

I love you forever, my best friend, the male version of me, my husband. Forever. You'll never be forgotten

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Thanks for all the laughs man, may you be causing havoc on the other side.

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Thank you for that update Gillian, You couldn't have said it better. I've known him for years and it's a shock to hear he's gone. I'm glad it was peaceful at least. If anyone wants to hold a wake via discord, hit me up, I'll set something up and grab some whiskey.


Rest well Middy, I'm gutted and miss you already. </3

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Aaaaa no ffs. While we had our arguments, I did fucking enjoy our battles and arguments. You made it fun. We didn't always see eye to eye, but i know you'll be a huge loss in out community. This really does make me sad.

What shit news to log in to. I know I'll miss us ripping shit out of each other in main when we where both fucked up.

Rip pal.
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RIP Mid, this makes me really, really sad.  You have always been one of my favorite people here, you will definitely be missed.  It won't be the same without you around.  <3

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I am shocked by this news. I think I already know you for 20 years, where you played Dark-Future as a very young guy and where I was a player and an admin. A while ago I searched in my Mirc logs to see what you said to me that long ago. We had a good laugh that day and you were happy. 
Rest well Middy, we will keep you in our hearts forever. I will sing that sleeping song for you again tonight.

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I know we didn't really have many interactions during my time here but Ive definitely shared many a chuckle hearing stories about you and im beyond sad to hear this news.

I hope you rest well now lad. RIP.

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These tributes and messages are so heart stabbingly accurate. Middy was (fuck, this past tense)..he was a good friend. He made me laugh when no one could, he made me angry when he death diced...without remorse.. ha, it's funny now, fucker. He let me in to see the real human behind the joking, name calling, wild streak, insulting, mischief maker we all knew him to be. 

And today, he made me shed a few tears. Then I remembered his words to me, "Don't be such a pussy"! and "I will be fine".

You will be fine, Mid. 

You will also never be forgotten. 

May you be at peace, Thomas. You lovable, larger than life crazy bear. I am going to miss you, my friend. 

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