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Cities you'd like to see that wont happen Started by: Burnett on Jul 28, '16 04:10

There are six cities in MR 2 on the East coast, 2 in the Midwest, and 2 on the West coast. So we're pretty much have a good division with the cities people may disagree on that. We always want to see more though it isn't just about the number of cities but also the city's history with the mob or just places that we want to see in the game.

New Orleans - The first reports of Mafia activity in the USA came from here and It was in the game before. Also the idea of running a mob in a swamp sounds awesome.

St. Louis- Another city in the Midwest could always work and it also used to be in the game

Boston- Lots of history there with the Irish and Italian mobs it also used to be in the game at one point.

New Jersey- Not really a city but I'd like to see some parts of the state in the game either Atlantic City or Newark at least I mean it's probably the most mobbed up area or at least used to be. The only problem with it is that it's too close to Philadelphia and New York so travel timers could be an issue because it's very close to those two

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New Orleans, St. Louis, and Boston have all existed in game before, but were removed due to a lack of population to support so many cities.

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i even have 5 districts they could add 

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Houston Atlanta and LA
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New Orleans or St.Louis would be awesome
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San Luis Obispo California
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saint louis used to be a city here

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DC: The increased federal aspect would be interesting.

Miami (or Orlando, I guess): Come on guys, let's give Florida some love and acknowledge it as the bath-salts, alligator-fucking, insane place that it is.

Atlanta: The culture and general feel of ATL would bring some diversity to the stage

Ditto to all already mentioned cities

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What about the districts? I'd like to see Queens,NY back

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New Orleans. (A city with such great personality; I was very sad to see it gone.)




The Shire.

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Would love to see foreign capital cities like Amsterdam, London etc. So you have to take the drugs over there and watch out so the dont get seized by customs.

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I'm still waiting for a Canadian city to go along with the bootlegging storyline.

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Kansas City, Missouri they had a shootout at a train station in 1933 and wasn't the city very corrupt during that time?

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I'm still waiting for a Canadian city to go along with the bootlegging storyline.

I'd definitely second that. The addition of Havana, or some area of Cuba would be nice as well. Bumping into Hyman Roth while he's running molasses.

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I'd like to possibly one day see the worlds major cities. Adding more travel options could be extremely beneficial to gamepla and character/story development aswell as pushing the limits a bit. International travel would be great especially to central and south american cities I BELEIVE.

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Austin, the land of cowboys :D
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Liverpool,England. All hubcaps will be collected at customs. Mine! ALL MINE!
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WOULD LOVE to see new orleans in the game or Boston....Ugh. MR DREAMS.

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London would be great as they did business with the Kray brothers
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