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Aug 19 - 00:16:08
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Wars not war anymore Started by: Vincent-Valentine on Mar 01, '19 21:48

  So anyone who has been around here for a couple years now can tell you how wars used to be, we used to fight for days with little sleep and even little idea what was going on outside the game. Now days the games wars are over in 5 minutes, one city just wipes another one out without anyone having any idea or chance to react.

   I'm not sure what needs to happen I just wanted to make a thread so the community had somewhere to add ideas about how we could improve the wars for the community without clogging the suggestion thread. I will myself be working on an idea for this thread.

   So if anyone has any ideas at all please post them so we can discuss them among ourselves here.

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Just prompt the party you're about to wage a war on their turf and you'll see wars lasting for days

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I didn’t knew wars were a thing I’ve been playing for a cup pile of months
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Yeah I know back 8-9 years ago we would have wars that would last anywhere from a few hours to literal days of conflict between cities and families

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Agree -  and I think it is also easy to bring it back. Give every city their genuine own city again and don´t wipe them simply because you don´t agree with how they run it.

Cities should be balanced, are they balanced here with PH being the city with the by far most members since a good time? No, they are not yet they constantly blame others, when they had their very large share of rogues

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Unfortunately, things wont change, not for a long time.


You can build a gun insanely fast now, some players earning a 'cap killer' in 70 to 80 days old.


8-9 years ago, there were so few kills ingame, small durden spawns, whatever. The game is inflated with a lot more kills in comparison to many years back.


When you're on top, you most likely want to remain on top. If there is a potential threat to your life / city - you'd act, surely.

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Well of course and you're absolutely right I remember we'd get a durden spawn MAYBE once a week now I feel like if we don't see him at least once a day then something must be wrong. Maybe there should be something to curve the gun building that we now have.

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That is correct Mixwell, but where is the line?

Should one regime be able to run the whole game? I do not think so.
Also what is up with those horrible wipes nowadays. Back in the days we used to fight wars that lasted huge tons of hour, even days for a few. What do we do now?

They are not part of our exclusive little group wipe them guys and boom all done in 5 minutes or less

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Also, won't happen.


What happens then? You stop the amount of kills ingame. The leadership still do as they do, and the people beneath now have a lower chance of ever doing anything to rise up.


It is an intricate situation to try to balanace.

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Sorry for the double post, just saw the @.

The reason wars were fought so much back then were really the lack of kills. There were so many more pro wackers in comparison to hitters, so hitters could stay alive for days on a decent sized city. Few people could kill BG'd up players then.


Back then though, for example, when I was a crew leader in 2013, the bodyguard cap was 239 and 4 players ingame could shoot through cap.


Take 2011 though. No one could shoot through the cap, we had to bodyguard wave crew leaders to kill them, which prolonged wars and casualties.

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That is not wrong but seeing how the game is being run since some good time, brings back some PTSD from old regimes.

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Oh trust me I remember those days very well and I just feel as though they were a better time in my opinion, it was so much better seeing an actual war fought that took strategy and saw casualties on both sides.

Now it just feels bland in a certain sense of the word

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As much as I enjoyed the days of old, this era gives to the rise of new people.

If the game had stayed the same as it did in 2011, I would be a nobody and likely would have fallen off and stopped playing.


BG waving was a lot of fun, huge wars, all of it.


The May War was one of my favorite wars of all time. - A thread made by Vino Gandor showing the height of such war, which was one of the last big wars before BG waving was about completely dead.

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Lets all listen to Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Their song about wars tells it all.
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Part of the biggest issue with war is the fact it's so easily calculated from an attack perspective.

You can list all those you want to eliminate in the first wave and know exactly which shooters are required to hit them.

If BG Levels weren't able to be seen on each other the outcome would be less certain. Gone would be the biggest advantage and a higher risk element comes in.

It's not a game changer, but could sure help.
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For realism it would be nice to see a war take a little longer then 5 mins.

To see godfathers, dons and other top, well protected members go down while everyone is asleep just takes a sense of realism out of it.

In my opinion i feel BG actually mean nothing. Fully protected and can still be one shot.

My thoughts is that BGs should have a better protection rate, more members of a crew should need to be eliminated before uppers can be found, HQ should be mostly distroyed.

This would give the feel of an assault on the enemy and mean more strategy would be needed to. Not just cloak and dagger..


While yes cloak and dagger also happened in the mafia world, yet to my knowledge, entire families. Including uppers was not wiped out while they slept and within 5 mins..


Just some thoughts

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I too would love to see a change where Dons/CLs had to have less than a certain amount of crew members, BGs, and, Protection rating in order to be killed. Think it would make these “wars” real wars and require sacrifice from both sides which is the biggest things wars are missing in the modern era
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Maybe this holds no water at all.  The logic may be flawed based on not knowing the EXACT heat mechanics, but here's a thought ...


Story: In real life, if a gang traveled across the country to wage open war in the streets against another gang, the feds would get involved and keep a close eye on the suspects involved - making it nearly impossible for them to do much of anything immediately following their involvement in a war.

Mechanic:  Whenever 10 or more people from the same city hit the obits within the same sixty seconds of each other, all of the shooters all come under the effects of the mechanics known as "Heat."  (

Purpose/Benefit: As wars are currently carried out, after a takedown people would not be able to deal drugs, do petties, do felonies, or shoot.  This would create a period of time after the first wave in which shooters wouldn't be able to do much and would it open chances for second cities to turn on the initial shooters or for people in the target city to get revenge.  This would make wars more strategic.  You'd have to be very careful who you put in the first wave and likely keep strong shooters back for a potential second wave of shots if necessary etc.


To avoid getting heat, cities would become strategic in how they actually organized taking shots. Making less kills in the initial opening salvos, creating a necessity to 'wave' cities and involve more low level guns in shooting & knowing what's going on beforehand (and as anyone who has tried to herd cats in a warroom can tell you - the more people who know war is coming the more difficult it becomes.)  This would make wars more dangerous and teamwork/tactics all the more important.  Also, with fewer people dead in the first wave, you have more chances for retaliation and complex strategy in wars (or more chances for everything to go tits up for the aggressors.)

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I like your idea..


Now ive actually spoken to the gods on this matter and the reasoning behind having it like it is. Is to allow smaller families to have a chance of taking over and taking out a larger family.

Just something to keep in mind when we consider how to make wars mean something more.



Like this heat idea i do like, but a smaller family would have no chance with this so we must keep this in mind if we are to come up with a solution.



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we have not had a war in years just take outs........

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