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Oct 24 - 05:45:05
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Make Purging Great Again Started by: Wood on Aug 11, '20 00:57

I can attest that 2 of those names, JohnnyGuns and EvilClown- were not purged.  Both were shots taken after Detroit had been wiped, well most of it. So I guess those two are off the purge list.  Thank you and have a blessed day.

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Serene, do you honestly expect anyone to go through a list of 58 names and provide explanations as to each death? Get serious. Who would take the time to do that.  Pointing out a few examples of the absurdity of this list is all that is needed to destroy its credibility. But if you are thirsting for additional examples, how about Nyx? Pretty sure she was another war time casualty, and an unsponsored Wiseguy at the time of her death. Most likely shot by an opportunistic triggerhappy looking to add a notch to the gun, not by the powers-that-be eliminating threats.  And, hold on to your seat - I'm sure there are many other ridiculous examples, but I'm not wasting my time going through them, and nobody else will, either.

Wood (GRHS), would have made his point much better if he didn't intentionally try to inflate the list by adding every fucking name that popped up in the obituary, including, FOR FUCK'S SAKE, those his father shot himself as a rogue.  Once your credibility is gone, your argument is weak and your point is invalid. Be smarter, Serene. The children are depending on it.

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So we have 51 people purged at the moment. Any other facts or were 51 people purged?

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Honestly I never even looked at the list. Don't care for it. I addressed two that that I was concerned with, math all you like. It's lost on me. 

I know who I've killed and I know why I've killed them, I'm comfortable with my choices. If you want to call it purging, then knock your fucking socks off. Purging is the new bloodlining. It's a fad, its a word that people can easily chuck around becuase you can't do fuck all else about it.

I'm currently a GF in a regime that is disliked, you only have to look at the hitlist. Where is the difference in people disliking me and hitlisting me, and me shooting people that I dislike and/or don't trust?

People are fucking hypocrites.

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Also, the moon is made of green cheese at the moment. It remains a fact until someone conducts hours of research to prove it wrong.

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Scousepole, I can seriously see your point regarding the HL bro. I have constantly seen your name among others up there. Apparently there are some people with too much cash on hand with nothing better to spend it on. My suggestion is to just send it to me lol.

SN tho, as far as our sparce communications are concerned, you have always been a pretty stand up guy.
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Alright it is no longer unspoken admittance it is revealed as fact by himself, Scousepole participates in purging. It shall also be clear that Nipples had to read the list of names to find Nyx as it wasn't one of the first ones on the list.

Until we go to the moon it will, until proven otherwise, be considered made of green cheese.

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Shock, horror. I've killed people. We live in a dog eat world. We are bred to kill. What's so ground breaking about that? 

Like I say; I've killed people, I know why I have and I'm comfortable with .y kills during my long time here so far. Wars.. rogues (our friend wood',s father) being my latest victim. Again actions I'm very comfortable with. Actions my who lineage has been very comfortable with. 


Answer this; what's the difference in the constant hitlisting? Is that not a form of bloodlining, no? Oh no of course it isn't becuase that's not the narrative becuase you ae too fucking lazy to do anything about a regime you the so much. 

But I advise you to not put words in my mouth, or Mr woods father will not be the last notch on my gun.. and yes, that's a threat. 

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What we have here is a valuable lesson that many of you drooling fucktards would do well to pay attention and learn from. Looking through my ancestor's journals, I see several accounts of whiney little cunts doing and/or saying things that would rightfully get them killed in the mafia. Since my ancestors were all traditional men, they followed through and assigned a pair of cement sneakers to said whiney little cunts.  The next of kin of said WLC's would then show up on Ellis Island demanding an explanation for the atrocity. After an explanation of what is and what is not acceptable from a mobster in the WLC's position, you would think they would learn from it and become better than their parent. But did they?

Fuck no.

They went on a mission to exact some sort of retribution for the perceived slight, which, naturally, landed them in the same place as their parents.  Next generation, rinse and repeat. It's not bloodlining. It's not purging. It's fucking idiots who never learn their lesson.

Here we have Serene, a mildly retarded goomba demanding explanations for the deaths of several individuals. Whether those deaths had good reasons or questionable reasons is not her place to decide. Hell, it's not even her place to inquire about them.

Nipples puts on his turban with the fancy emerald in the middle, because he's a fucking clairvoyant...

"I predict that Serene will see an early grave because she doesn't understand the nature of Cosa Nostra. Her children will then be righteously indignant at the perceived injustice and seek retribution. Rinse and repeat."

As Anton noted previously, those who move on and work with the leadership have no ceiling. Look at Anton, himself. He's got his own real estate in Chicago, despite having a grandfather who was shot down in the very same city for stepping out of line. Did Anton throw a bitch fit and dedicate his life to revenge? No. He set out to make his own way in the world and he's doing very well. As I said in the beginning. There's a lesson to be learned right in front of our eyes. Do you want to learn from it? Or do you want to see my prophecy fulfilled?

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Dear sir it is to each their own. I am participating in the discussion and will show no sign of emotion. If you feel dealing with me personally is worth the Wackback Death risk might I suggest you send someone else that way it doesn't risk your life? I deal with facts only here. Although I must encourage that you follow proper respect and reach out to Curtis.

Has Curtis done anything not to deserve your respect?

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Aaaa, so not answering my questions? Very transparent. You aren't talking facts, you're putting words in my mouth and trying to he clever and all you're being is annoying. Just becuase you use the words fact, doesn't mean there is fact to it. 

I'll warn you one last time; do not put words in my mouth, it will be your last action here. 

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, are you suggesting that I might shoot you? Are you calling me a murderer? I'm just a respectable businessman trying to give you some helpful advice, which, clearly, has fallen on deaf ears. Side note: Do some research on the logical fallacy of "straw man attack".

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In reality Serene, Nipples has done far more to deserve my respect than you. He was a devoted member of my father's family and down through the ages our lines have shared mutual respect, and generally observed the same traditional approach toward our professional relationship. You may be an associate but I'm afraid the weight of my experience and history lands with Nipples.

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I think the only thing needed to be said is....this is the mafia. You don't think people get killed when someone one is on the rise to power? Or when someone is trying to retain their power. Yes, it happens. Let's get over shit and move on. 

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My kin is on the list.

I'm definitely starting to feel suspicious at the circumstances...

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If Scousepole and a few others can't learn who was your kin, your nothing to them. Scousepole is a huge fan of purging out of fear.

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I'll talk to your dead self, well well because no doubt your slimy son of a bitch is or will be sloping and crying about in a drake corner somewhere. 

You can ask anyone who is crewed directly under me or in my organisation as a whole, I've never asked any of them who Thier kin is. I've never made them show me anything and even when reaching the rank of made man, I've still not asked. My lineage never has and never will as frankly I dont even care. 

If you are a cunt while you're under me then I'll shoot you. 

You lie about SR's then I'll shoot you.

You show disrespect to your peers, I'll shoot you. 

Can you see the trend? 

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So I feel since my ancestors name is in this "purge list".  That I am compelled to speak on my opinion of this. The majority of the people on this list are without a doubt people who were purged. Unfortunately the  person who started this conversation added information to  the list that are not a "purge" therefore  this negated the rest of his argument. This is  the unfortunate fact of persuasive speaking. Once one fact is proven false the rest of it hard to accept as fact. 

That said let me  define this situation:

What exactly is purging?  

As I see it defined, from looking through my Family Bible, "purging" is the act of the current regime taking out those who they deem to threaten their hold or control of the society they are currently running. Which ever one it may be at be the time every regime does it. Some are more aggressive about it than others. Or maybe open about it more so than other regimes. In other words they don't try to hide that they do it , they just deny it exists, in the attempt to discredit the person who brings it to light. 

If people would look at "purging" the way I have defined it , which is pretty unbiased in the fact that I state that you all do it( regardless of regime), then people would be able to move on from the loss o fa family member.

Is it a means to bloodline people?  well possibly if you see bloodlining as an effort done by a person  or group to get rid of what they feel threatened by.  I however don't see bloodlining in this fashion, bloodlining is actually a form of nepotism. Defined as  the act of giving someone  a position because you know them (their family line) instead of because of what they have done. This is unfair only because you negate the new blood to these shores and what they may or can potentially offer to the this society of ours. 


This bickering over purging and bloodlining do nothing to improve our society, they only give discourse to more bickering. Especially when people come to the argument with false fallacies  and name calling. Instead of using false information, and discrediting the person or calling them names like some sad politician with no real argument, the real issue should be discussed.

Unfortunately the human animal often reacts instead of observing and  contemplating on what the real intent of an action is.  This post was a reaction from a man who felt like his family and those around his family were disrespected, and they were simply by the fact that the city they died in did nothing.

They stood there with their thumbs in their ears and said I wonder what happened. Nothing went out asking why it happened, nothing went out giving anyone left alive from the group the standard week protection to find a family. Nothing came out as use to be customary about why.

Even if you are just going to say you felt threatened for what ever reason, a statement is needed to the public so  the public does not question your motives as aggressively. People will always question your motives, but if you give rational reasoning they may understand you a little better. These issues  should be questioned. 

Not the "purging or bloodlining" especially like  I stated above when all the regimes do it to some degree or another. 

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When you are at the top I'm afraid anything along the lines of protection orders and statements are mere courtesies that don't need to be given unfortunately mahihkan like it or not that's a fact. It's something we all need to deal with. If you were at the top would you do different? Let me ask a question then to everyone is it better to wipe a city with 50 dead or just weeding out the dozen potential threats? Why is war not frowned upon but strategical deaths are? Wouldn't the argument be less people are dying and the community is thriving more than I can remember in recent times.
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Selena I don't believe I stated whether I liked it or not. I don't believe I even said if I supported it or not. I pointed out it was not only common human animal behavior, but  also a common practice that all the regimes have used through out the years. 

I was merely giving my opinion.  I believe  you have mistaken my opinion as questioning. I was not questioning the reasons behind it.  I fully understand the reasons. 


And if leaders can not take the time to give  an explanation to those they are ruling or guiding, then that is the ruler or leader leaving room for discontent. Most likely in the direction they don't want, which leads more often than not to  the loss of support for them. 


Am I saying less are dying and lives are longer,  no. If you are wanting to compare this to the Disorder regime like so many have I lived a year under that regime, not 20 to 30 days. So I would say no people are not living longer. The  people the  powers want to live longer, are living; again this  is common practice.  It is just the way it is done naturally. So no reason to complain about.



This is common practice in this society and others as well. So why question this basic human behavior, or rather animal behavior, it is what it is. Everyone here does it, regardless of the regime leader. We are animals after all and animals kill or hinder what they perceive as  a threat. This  last  statement is pretty much a summary of what I said earlier here in this conversation.

So, I kindly ask you don't come at me and twist what I have said.Please go back read it with the intent to understand it not simply to give  me a response.

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