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Dec 05 - 01:55:57
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Make Purging Great Again Started by: Wood on Aug 11, '20 00:57

Well Grin-08, SpikeSOfThePeople is making an effort to provide a few facts. One being his lineage has been around for many years. And quite successful for some time. The passing on of each kin appears to have a shorter life. This is a problem. And you were called out on this dilemma. 

Back to the topic at hand. Make purging great again. Take your paranoia meds and stop slowing down business. 

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Funny how Scousepole spoke on Farage and Sean and ignored Stoney. Farage was scheduled to die willingly With the agreement his father Alan take the reign. I have no knowledge on Sean.

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Whilst Tetley is looking down the list he sees a familiar name and begins to chuckle.

Keypunch    LV    1057.5

"Oh god that makes me laugh so much, I knew First was a paranoid twat but that is laughable. That is more than double the actual number as anyone can see here"

Tetley pins up an old journal to a nearby post

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Wowww... I'm such a nobody that my gun wasn't even estimated? :(

Funny thing is - my great grand-daddy got shot for having a stronk gun at that exact time. Loool. FML.

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