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Make Purging Great Again Started by: Wood on Aug 11, '20 00:57
Come at you? I think you are now misreading I merely stated why they didn't need to provide answers many wanted and then just asked a couple of questions to try and start a positive conversation to debate. I didn't twist anything of what you said so please don't start manstrating all over me. I thought you'd maybe just get into a conversation not get bitchy.
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Curtis listened to the young woman make her points.

"mahihkan, thank you for your contribution. You make some good points. Just a note on the difference between my grandfather's regime and this one.

When Disorder was alive, they were permitted to do a lot more things than we are now. They were allowed to ask people who they were before being taken into the inner family. By doing this they were able get an honest foundation between crew leader and initiate.

They were also allowed to collect witness statements in way that is no longer possible. By doing that they were able to roughly track who was becoming a threat and who really wasn't. There were numerous things that were possible then that have since been made impossible or illegal, that enabled a crew leader to establish much more clearly if they could trust a person or not. They could make a very calculated guess about whether someone was a potent threat or could be happily trusted to live a long and loyal life in a family. They were the salad days.

Unfortunately the world now is a different place. We are unable to ask anyone who they are and we are unable to track anyone's murderous activities. Therefore all levels of humanitarian decision making has been forced out the window. I'm afraid all we can do now is look at what is possible and assume everyone is potentially the worst kind of person. Therefore the decisions on who lives and dies have lost any level of discerning compassion and have been forced to become utterly emotionless and ruthless."

He took out his grandfather's hip flask and had a swig before continuing.

"This brings me round to the definitions of purging and bloodlining. 

Purging is the act of killing a person based on nothing other than their age. You take the age in which it is possible (not common or even likely, just possible) to develop a capped gun, then you kill anyone you can not identify before that age. Without emotion, or understanding, or even feeling. You have to know a target to have feeling for it. The rules removed all that. So anyway, that is purging defined. Emotionless, cold mathematical problem solving. 

Bloodlining on the other hand is something entirely different. Bloodlinging is the act of having an issue with a particular person's lineage and deciding to kill their descendants as soon as they are identified. Again and again and again, until the entire family bloodline eventually gives up all hope and leaves these shores forever to live, unmolested in the old country. It is a brutal and sadistic act that allows absolutely no room for redemption, change, growth, evolution or any other cherished human trait. it is a horrible act and one (thankfully) that is almost never seen.

The two things are very distinct and different.

I hope this helps."

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Curtis I appreciate you coming and setting some history down. I understand the differences, I had no intention of appearing like I did not and  it is quite apparent I should have been more descriptive on my explanation.  I only mentioned the older regime because others are comparing this one to that one, as well as  that particular regime is accused of harshly purging people. 




I think my post was mistakenly misunderstood. Which is partly my fault for not communicating in a way that all could comprehend. This task is actually daunting in an open speaking environment like this one as you can not talk to many people in the same manner. You have to talk to individuates in a way they comprehend. 


My point is this behavior is natural and that every regime in the history of this game has done so to some degree, so why are  we condemning a practice and a particular group for doing what is natural behavior that all regimes have exhibited to some degree.


Maybe this  will help some understand what I am saying. 

Jesus once said he who has not sinned may cast the first stone. 

This means everyone has practiced "purging". It is a natural occurrence in this society.  It is animal behavior and humans are animals so we behave like animals.  

 I suppose my post would have been more accepted if I  had chosen a side . That purging is bad or purging is okay. 

 It is neither actually.

It is just the nature of this thing.

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“Not at all. I find your comments refreshingly objective and clear. I appreciate what you have said. You shouldn’t be so concerned about coming out here to speak. You articulate yourself well.”

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Thank you for the compliment. 

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what do I have to do to make one of these lists?

Zeb kicks a pebble and pouts

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Curtis puts a friendly hand on Zeb's shoulder.

"Like any dream Zeb, it's a lot of hard work and travel. There is all manner of challenges you must conquer before you can be selected.. And cake, there must always be cake. Few beers maybe but there can be no progression without cake.

Then my friend, you never know. If you're a very lucky mobster, we may wipe you out for very obvious reasons. And in so doing, afford you the (seemingly) very desirable position, of being able to have your kin return and claim all kinds of innocence, injustice and every other righteous indignation you care to explore.

It's a wonderful gift but as I say, only open to a very select few who really put in the effort." 

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Read down on the list and had many there that I still miss and are still very sad mood over theres dead.


But so has this world become too, purge seems like a good thing and this is sad as I see it.


RiP all of those fallen ones.

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God damn Curtis

I made you pie! PIE!

I feed you beer from my hairy nipple and massaged your toe jam.


Zeb kicks a pebble and wanders off cursing

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"You've made a great case for yourself so far Zebedee, there's no denying that. But this is a special thing we're talking about here. I mean, it's a really big deal, man!"

Curtis takes out a stick of Blackpool rock and hands it to his friend. Putting one arm around his shoulder, he gazes into the distance and waves the other hand slowly across the sky.

"If you keep going the way you are, there's a chance I may come and shoot you myself. You never know your luck. It's a total shot in the dark, normally. But for you, with all your ambition and eagerness, the sky really is the limit."

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Zeb wipes a tear from his eye and looks up at Curtis hopefully really mean that?

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"I do man... I do"

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Zeb nods and a real moment pass between the two

I have no words man, no words.

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While there may be people on the aforementioned list who had malicious intent, there are many obvious ones that anyone with a brain would know wouldn't act out of line. It is clear that you execute using your statistics and figures rather than primarily good detective work. You minimize people down to a number. See how far that goes for doing good for the community. But as I've said elsewhere, no harm, no foul. This is your version of self-preservation.

What I do find funny is that you have a habit of viciously blaming others when you don't get your way, like a wee posh spoiled child. When you get set back, you rage like "the Clank 2.0" those close to you know you are. That madness does not serve you well. People are not your tools to throw in the drawer angry after you hammer your thumb by accident.

The people, who allow this Egyptian Pharaoh-like Genocide to continue that do not benefit from your "cleansing," only hurt themselves. You are not forever, and your existence, as the 1% (which it would seem people are hoping to fall on you), is an affront to the 99% of the community, whether they are going along with it in fear, naiveté, or not.

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Curtis sighs and shakes his head.

“So far you have defined me as frail, wee, posh, spoiled and a child. Anyone that actually knows me can tell you, this list of characteristics is the polar opposite of me. I’m every way. You clearly know me so well. 

Also, the issue with increasingly divorced forms of control is entirely a byproduct of an increasingly restrictive systemic issue. The more the system restricts our ability to gather information, the more we are forced to make binary decisions based only on what is possible and the fact we aren’t allowed to ask anyone who they are. If you look at it the approach the current leaders are taking is inevitable, for any group wishing to maintain control for more than a couple of months.

Also this insistence that I am somehow a controlling voice in our leadership, is as funny as it is wrong. I have a voice, certainly but is just one of a number. My grandfather suffered from the same public misconception. But hey, if that basic lie quenches your thirst for controversy, drink it in kid.”

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Curtis, I comment on private reviews and transcripts I have seen of your raging. We all have seen the evidence of your ancestry's end and its unfettered and wild rage. This is founded, but I appreciate you trying to tone it down here in a civil fashion. 

In your reply, unlike Grin-08, you validate part of my argument. I agree with you on why you have to make binary decisions for survival. This is why I have continually said no harm no foul. I do believe in killing those that want to kill my interests. I do believe that bloodlines' interests transcend down lineage in some select cases.

That said, the changes you discuss are due to the abuses of your ancestry, such as the use of invalid witness statements to bolster up various bloodlines you guys disliked, and the ancestry of Cohle going out of his way to harass bloodlines. I know you can blame this on your other partners back then. However, now that you've become more binary in your executions than bloodline-y, being partially-non-discriminatory, it has resulted in you driving even innocents away and alienating much of the community. I find this tactic of being purely binary as relatively lazy, and widely injurious. 

The main point of my argument is that the binary executions are at the behest of a very small collective, interested in survival. In the process, your executions shame those under you. The systematic executions are for the benefit of that small collective, and they have to eat the cost. Personally, I would not put my allies through this to benefit myself, not any way to this extreme or what you may call efficiency. Your culling is non-selective. You can kill everyone, and be relatively safe, but you will be alone, and that is not why we are here. 

I will share the following for the public to understand part of what I described in history. Perhaps some people can look to their books, and see some inconsistencies in these "estimates."


IGN    City    "Gun
Angy    LV    3004.5
Disorder    LV    2994
Kharon    LV    2748
Orange    CH    2582
MonsterHair    CH    2246
Hank_Moody    LV    2210
Tobias    LV    2146
Camp    LV    1992.5
Diogenis    LV    1906.5
Vile    LV    1553.5
Bobbi    CH    1551.5
The_XX    CH    1525.5
AgentSmith    LV    1473.5
Greasy    LV    1414.5
Bella_Swan    LV    1383.5
Pollution    LV    1364.5
Dollface    LV    1356
Bunny    LV    1333.5
DanGleeballs    CH    1328.5
Muzzles    LV    1315
SteampunkMax    LV    1284.5
LawnMower    PH    1204.5
JoeKing    LV    1192.5
Princesa    CH    1148
Digong    LV    1139.5
AdmiralAckbar    -Unknown-    1101
Keypunch    LV    1057.5
Jacobthefirst    LV    1044
JebBush    LV    995.5
Lynn    LV    943
Dub    LV    918
FutureStealer    -Unknown-    861
Assassin    CH    782
Yvette_    LV    725.5
HowardHughes    PH    714.5
Gaston    CH    693
angelo    PH    676.5
Vivian_Ward    LV    675.5
CletusKasady    NY    651
BreeZe    LV    643.5
RampagingFox    CH    627
Winston    -Unknown-    615
Ilyich    CH    606.5
Zmeika    LV    602.5
popeyes    -Unknown-    599.5
BetsyLou    LV    593
LarryLongNeck    DT    577
Billie    LV    562.5
Underwood    -Unknown-    558.5
Ohwtfh    LV    553.5
Dolph    CH    544
EnriqueShockwave    -Unknown-    541
South-paw    CH    532.5
The_Doctor    LV    531
Mr_Rasta    LV    525.5
Ishmael    LA    521.5
HarveyDent    CH    507
Romance    DT    507
Varys    PH    500
Arya_Stark    PH    492
xMakavelliSw1tchCruz    DT    486.5
Boobie_Clark    CH    482.5
TrevorPhilips    PH    479.5
-PhatCatKnuckles-    CH    461
Sliver    LV    455
SweetPrince    LV    446.5
Magneto    -Unknown-    446.5
Frank-Dicaprio    LV    446
DustinBowls    CH    442.5
LucaGiordano    DT    435.5
Blublank    CH    434.5
FearlessJ    DT    405.5
Jenbola    NY    405
Rhea    LV    396.5
Scatman-John    LV    393.5
Cloudwater    PH    385
Petah    LV    385
Riley    LV    384
Mephisto    -Unknown-    384
Palamiotis    CH    381
The_Kid    NY    369
Blaah    -Unknown-    369
HenriDucard    CH    369
Firehawk    LA    360
Kageth    CH    358.5
Nikki_Swango    NY    356.5
John_Brady    LV    356.5
GiulianoBona    CH    350.5
Osiris    CH    349.5
TheMadHatter    DT    333
Republican    LV    332
Punk    LV    332
The_Big_K    -Unknown-    328
Juto    CH    324
Duncan    LV    322.5
UncleAlbert    -Unknown-    319.5
Enoch_Thompson    LV    319.5
Lunara    CH    318
Kenzi    CH    313.5
Indubitably    NY    310.5
Honoka    -Unknown-    304
RickyRoss    LV    301
JoeyC    -Unknown-    297
Menace    NY    295
PaleRider    LV    295
V    LV    288.5
Brooklyn    -Unknown-    284
Armin    LA    282.5
Shadowdante    CH    274.5
Harrison    LV    270.5
Gamma    LV    270.5
Addyson    -Unknown-    270
Cosima    NY    262
Nero    CH    260.5
Tallulah    LV    258
DeanFratto    NY    255
Deviate    CH    246
Jester    LV    246
James_Kemp    -Unknown-    243
Lampshade    -Unknown-    234
Sarah    LV    233.5
-Aphrodite-    LV    230.5
YourNextWife    NY    220.5
Salt    -Unknown-    215
Genji    LV    215
le_clochard    PH    212.5
Sandberg    CH    205
East_Side_Tacos    NY    202.5
Forfax    LA    199.5
DiamonDz    LV    196.5
Caine    LV    188.5
Dexter    LV    181
EricNorthman    LV    176.5
God    LV    176
Duster    -Unknown-    175
Sarah_Farron    LV    173
HotIce    NY    172
Disgusted    NY    172
X    LV    170
Jon_Snow    -Unknown-    169
TheBibel    DT    169
Dawson    LV    168
Foamy    NY    164
RiccyT    LV    162
Frozone    CH    162
Tyrion-Lannister    NY    159.5

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Now Trump2020 lets out a long sigh


Curtis, I have witnessed your lineage for years. Early on, right before my time, you were well respected.  Not long after my lineage arrived on these shores you played the role of being butt sore. I can relate. It happens. You are within your right/role to come spew lies because you are a hard core mobster. 

A hard core mobster would not feel the need to question an outstanding asset until given a reason.  But I suppose when paranoia runs in the blood, explains why and what you are about these days. 

Final thought. You killed an asset to this thing of ours.  

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You would have thought the private reviews you have claim to have obtained would noted the Clank 2.0 comment wasn't made about Curtis. An easy mistake to make though when you don't know what is actually going on and have to trust every little desperate whiff of the winners table you catch a scent of. Rather like dropping a 3 year old list to back up a mistaken point of view, which isn't even the real data that was used by those in charge. You should probably stop trying to seem "in the know" at this point, it is getting quite embarrassing to watch.

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I know you are not speaking to me Grin-08 but I feel compelled to inform you that other than the dirty dozen, nobody cares what you have to say to the small crowd.

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Good to know. Spike does though because he is tagging me all over the place to get my attention. Whilst we are here, well done on saying something that was comprehendible, a vast improvement on your usual efforts. 

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