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How long have you been playing? Started by: Hakopa on Dec 13, '20 12:36

How long have you been playing? For me I first found out about MR in primary school, so about 10 years ago.

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Mid 2008 is when I started but 2011 I really started putting in hours 

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Since 2002. I'm an old man now sadly. (Not as old as Optimus or Zebedee)
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Since August 2009. Didn't know how to play the game properly til like 2012 though.

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Just a matter of months here for me.

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sometime in 2002. The amount of free time back then was awesome!

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It'll be 13 years next year, and still loving every aspect of this game
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Started Xmas 2015. My first character lived for 5 whole days. I was pp'd and they didn't return the cash. So I shot at them (I don't even know if my gun was maxed lol) Needless to say my CL spoke to me and then killed me :D

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lol Frankie4Fingers, thats a great story!

For myself Im not sure when exactly since it was before the game kept account history but I think it was somewhere in 2007 or 2008. My first char actually lasted very long I don't remember who the CL was or anyone in the family but I was one of those active low rank members that was very active but didn't really know how things worked. I made it to made man after like 100 days or more lol

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On and off for many, many years.  

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