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Dec 03 - 05:08:25
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How do you feel about mandating the vaccine? Started by: TheGodfather on Aug 24, '21 00:10

Things are getting out of hand again...

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I have never been a fan of mandating vaccines.  In the army they forced vaccines, those that are not in the service have the right to say yes or no.  Those that take it freely great those that choose not to thats their right as an american.  To force it on people when the FDA just approved it is wrong.  I would like to see the data on what the FDA reviewed and why they approved it.  The rights of an American is still the only true valuable thing that the common person has.  Lets not tread on them.  

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If it was just a matter of protecting oneself, i wouldn't give a flat damn. but the numbers are showing that of the cases where someone who ad the vaccine gets sick, the vast majority were infected by someone unvaccinated. So it's not just about self-protection, that's part of herd immunity, and people need to get their goddamned shots

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I have mixed opinions on it for sure. I did finally go and get my first dose recently but I feel like people should just go and get it already. It's like any other vaccine.. shit they shoot you up with two at birth.
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As being part of the Medical staff, I really know how it can really save lives, it is really important, the higher powers won't change to zombies or put some sim in your body to control you, it is just a drug to keep you safe and help your immunity till this disease become a normal one like flu and others.

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I would appreciate this, as it is for the well being of society, and it is not a major issue for me, as in todays world vaccines are taken by newborns to babies, so it is a normal thing so why create a issue in taking chorona vaccine.
And in my personal experience vaccines do benefit from getting critical.
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Its not right to fource it on peoples, but for the world to be opening up again there are likely that most of us have to take it.

it may be early to give it to children, but young adolts can take it so we all can start to live normal again 

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It's a tricky one

I personally think everyone should get vaccinated but a mandate?  I'm not sure.  there are certain religions which don't allow it and whilst I would agree to it, I think when you start ordering people to put things into their bodies you're creating a whole new problem.

It's an incredibly nuanced situation which in my opinion needs education rather than orders.

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Like, I really do not want the government to impose anything, mostly because every government in the world is bunch of corrupt old dudes. Like legit, most governments are like 50-75 assholes. 


But when it comes to public health, since many do not have this approach "Well, I might save others" fuck them, mandate everything. If you are not good enough to say "Look, I am healthy, but vaccine might help others around me, lets do it" 

I took the vaccine, even thought I was literally never sick in my life, why, well first, to reduce the consequences if I get COVID, that is right, vaccine does not make you magically immune, it boosts you, so IF YOU GET COVID, you do not have respiratory failure, you still get it, but it is not as dangerous or deadly in some cases. Second, I took it because we can all carry a virus with us, weakened version bla bla, so I took it just in case, a bunch of what if's. Old ladies, sick and weak bla bla.

To recap, I am against anything that government has to enforce, considering how government are idiotic. But man, vaccines are public health issue, meaning that everyone depends on it.

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I thinking mandating the vaccine is fine in my book. For those that don't want to take the shot they still have that option. They might lose their and have to start their own business or they my not be able to travel, take crews or leave the country, but they'll still have the right to refuse the shot. They'll just have to alter their lives to enjoy things that don't require the shot.
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I don't think anything should be mandated nevertheless if you don't get the vaccine then you should be resticted from public events.  You can't have it both ways you are putting others at risk.   Not everyone trust the government which I can understand.  But your rights not to take the vaccine should not effect my rights to live.  So stay home.  

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I feel like everybody should have a choice yes but sometimes for the greater good it's the right decision to mandate some things you also have to look at what we have to lose

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Sounds good really at this point. Too many people wasting federal money by getting sick and hospitalized... And of course too many getting other people sick. 

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i feel like it should be a personal choice, just like everything else.  i have never had any vaccine ever but my girlfriend has had every one, we agree to disagree.  :P

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I don't think the government should force people to get a vaccine. That said, I have them and the boosters. I have had covid and it took me over a year to recover somewhat. Perhaps, lower insurance deductibles or other incentives for those who get the vaccine would be nice. 

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Well the mandating sucks around here. The wife and I both got our shots a while ago so we decided to try and go out to a restaurant. We grabbed our paperwork and took an hour drive to one of our favorite places to go.
We got there and went in with our paperwork in hand to prove we have had the shots.

Well when they scanned the paperwork it came up as "Nothing on record" to say the least we were pissed.

On our way back home we found out that we had to take that paperwork to a register office and then they give us a card that can be scanned.....nothing like not being told all the steps to make things semi normal.

I hate how every place you go things are different and every government of the world is just flinging the bullshit as much as no one knows the real rules to make it harder for those that are trying to do things the right way.

I've said it before and I'll say it again..... Any time a company says that they don't want to be held responsible for what might happen is a big red flag and no one should be forced to get any shot.
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Well i had covid and healed my dr.  used a vitamin regiment to build my own immune system up,by the time quarantine was up i was  all cured,and mo own body built up antibotys against it,  TY, Lord.

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I was all for it last year. Especially where I live. The rules are so strict and things seem to be improving. But in countries like Ireland it doesn't seem to be getting any better despite the high vaccine percentage
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I am vaccinated and in this particular case prochoice. Unfortunately we do not know enough, it has been trial and error since day one, COVID passports showed to be crap as it has fake safety feeling, vaccinated can still infect, so letting them go around (vaccinated) is also not a best way to go. But it has been proven that vaccines on average protection up to 13 times more, basically vaccinated person has 13x times less chance to end in critical condition.

But recent protestors showed me that it should be mandated, because they said things likes "Jesus will protect" and such... So, you know, Prochoice to a person that believes earth is flat and that Jesus saved is not an educated choice.

To remind that Hitler got in power by voting, people's choice :)
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I'm a bit unsure on my stance. I know how important the vaccines are to end this pandemic.. But I also know that people really should have the right to choose! Especially in the USA. Land of the free and what not.. So I guess in my own statement, I proved to myself that I don't like the mandates on vaccines. Interesting. Lol!

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