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Writing Competition Started by: MattCollins on May 18, '23 19:27

Welcome all to the newest competition amongst our wonderful streets. Things will be simple, write a simple story about how you got your feet underneath you upon these shores of ours.

Did you break away from the familiar norms or did you step into the family’s foot steps? Was this a spur of the moment decision or have you been mulling it over for some time now? How did you in-vision everything turning out as to how it actually did?

There isn’t a word limit so have at it.

This is an independent competition with independent judges and independent prizes. Any outside interference is meaningless.

The competition will last for one week from the date of this fliers posting. Awards will be presented as credits, cash not applicable.

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What's the prize pot, Sir?  I'd like to make a contribution to it. I recently won $175,000,000.00

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This place is reserved for entrants, MrKuku. Unless you have an entry, kindly move on.

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Has this competition got the Competition Commission seal of approval? I predict a BLOODY & SWIFT response for all organisers & entrants if not. The CC is the real power on these shores & is not to be trivialised.

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This place is reserved for entrants, TakeThe7. Unless you have an entry, kindly move on.

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I think you mean "envision".

One would posit that to run a truly successful writing contest, one should have a proper grasp of of grammar.  How is one to judge such a contest fairly if one does not know the difference between in-vision and envision?

Now, one could argue that you are using the old English spelling here which dropped out of usage hundreds of years ago but seeing as you have hyphenated it that is simply not the case. 

Regardless, in-vision is incorrect.  Envision is correct. 

I am sure however, that the competitions commission will have picked up on this and declared this competition null and void by now. 

Good day to you sir.


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This place is reserved for entrants, Kelly_Kapowski. Unless you have an entry, kindly move on.

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Thank you for taking the time to enter, TakeThe7. Best of luck.

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I think you misunderstand MattCollins, these streets are a public forum, for all manner of public things.  I will frequent when and where I please and certainly do not need the permission of some lowly earner to tell me where I can, and cannot open my mouth to give my 10 cents worth.

Please sit the fuck down and do not presume to tell me what I can and cannot do.  It is RUDE.



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This place is reserved for entrants, Kelly_Kapowski. Unless you have an entry, kindly move on

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Colonel_Ives approach, coughs and says:

"I would love to participate and pardon my french, but screw this competition commission, they don't own this place. Everybody is allowed to throw their own competitions, not just only a selective group of spoilers and their buttkisser friends.

So here is my entry, a very short one."

He hands his story to MattCollins. It says:

As i've said and told before, i'm a cannibal. Yes, one of my hobbies is eating human flesh. I've been doing it since the 19th century and let me tell you, things were simpler back in the day. All i needed to do when i lived in the region of Sierra Nevada was wait in the cold woods for a caravan or an inattentive traveler and i would have a glorious feast, without consequences.

I always avoided huge cities and settlements to do my business, i didn't wanted to attract attention, specially because i'm a condecorated US army officer. Unfortunately, time passed very quickly and i needed to move on and pass with it, not live in the past. Also, it was getting harder to catch my prey. So i decided to come these shores. This busy and chaotic place brought many opportunities to live and enjoy my lifestyle, specially being a mafioso.

I'm a hard working fellow and i would die for my family if i needed to. People disappear all the time in this business and my boss doesn't care what i do with the family enemies, as long as i do my job. So they all end up in my kitchen. Boiled, roasted, fried, saltéed, seasoned and deliciously served.

Eating human meat also brought me the joy of cooking and enjoying a good meal. I can cook amazing recipes, but one of my favorites is a very simple and savory one: The beef bourguignon. I would glady share this recipe, but that's not the point.

The point is, this world of ours is a blessing for me.

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Thank you for taking the time to enter, Colonel_Ives. Best of luck.

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In the shiny lit streets of Las Vegas, a young & ambitious hustler named Kuroro arrived, ready to make his mark on the city's dazzling underworld, born into a life of hardship and disapproval, Kuroro had always possessed a cunning mind & a knack for taking measured risks, he knew that Las Vegas held opportunities that could change his fate forever

Kuroro started his journey as a skilled gambler, winning and losing fortunes over the years in these dazzling casinos that lined the famous strip, he earned a reputation as a fearless player not afraid to go all in with Dice & Blackjack both at the card tables and in life as well. With each successful hustle, Kuroro gained respect and caught the attention of an influential figures within the city's district

Fate arrived one night as Kuroro counted his winnings a mysterious man approached em, this man Godfather Luciano was a powerful leader of a formidable family in Los Angeles. He recognised Kuroro's potential and saw in him a strong spirit that could help strengthen his family's empire

Kuroro at the time being was looking for protection as he became a bit successful & influential.. The offer was tempting & Kuroro found himself at a crossroads, He saw an opportunity to create something greater than himself, to leave a lasting legacy that would echo through the ages & made a decision by accepting the Godfather's offer and stepping into the mafia family.. It was a decision that had been making within him for some time

Under GF Luciano's guidance, Kuroros natural talents flourished, he quickly roses through the ranks proving himself though experience and clever strategies. The streets of LA became his playground and he dedicated himself as a strong member to be reckoned with.. The family provided him with protection, loyalty and a sense of welcome he had never experienced before

Time past & Kuroros vision began to unfold, he became a wiseguy of the family and his influence expanded far beyond the city's limits. together they grew wealth & expanded their criminal enterprise and solidified their HQ on the city

Upon some flashbacks, Kuroro realised that his choice to join the family was not impulsive but the result of experience through out the years, he saw himself as a crucial figure guiding the family towards dominance and ensuring it's safety

Kuroro broke away from his hustling days and embraced the family's legacy, becoming a symbol of the mafia dream, as he watched the dazzling LA skies with thoughts, he knew his journey was far from over. The legacy he helped shape would stand as a testament to his audacity and strong determination.

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Thank you for taking the time to enter, KuroroLucifer. Best of luck.

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It was a cold night when Kelly Kapowski stepped off the train and exited Grand Central onto the bustling streets of New York City.

Her senses were overwhelmed by the sights and sounds and she couldn't help but feel a rush of excitement mixed with an ever so slight touch of nostalgia.  She certainly wouldn't be expecting to be saved by any bells here, this was the real deal.

Kelly strutted down the street, her hair perfectly styled; Her attire turned heads, she felt like a true fashion icon.  All the diner's and shops that lined the sidewalks brought back memories of Max's, her beloved hang out spot at Bayside High and she half expected Zack Morris to appear every corner she turned, not to mention the rest of the gang from those heady days. 

Noticing a movie theater across the street, a mischievous smile crept across her face as she remembered the unforgettable antics of Zack, Screech and the rest of the gang, perhaps she would find a screening of one of their favourite movies and relive her carefree schooldays with a movie or two.

Over the next few weeks, Kelly continued her exploration of New York and found herself drawn to the cities vibrant music scene.  She had always fancied herself as an entertainer and found herself particularly enjoying the cities newly established swing and big band scene; She was determined to find a place, a local venue, where she could dance and sing the nights away to the popular sounds of the era, like in the old days at Bayside High.

She discovered a little place, purely by coincidence, called "The Max" and the moment she stepped inside she was transported back to her heady days at Bayside High.  The jukebox pounded out familiar tunes and couples jived the night away on the dance floor with their feet effortlessly gliding across the buffed wooden floor to the beats.  With her signature moves, incomparable style and infectious smile, Kelly quickly became the talk of the club and began to put her plan into practice.  She scored a 1 hour slot every Saturday night where she performed all the popular hits, her dulcet tones wooing the crown every time she set foot on stage.  The 1 hour slot soon turned to 2, 3.  Before she knew it she was performing 4 hour shows every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Little did she know that her performances at The Max would one day bring her face to face with the notorious underworld of the city, the New York City Mafia. 

One night, after a particularly captivating performance, the compere slipped a mysterious note into her hand.  All she could gather was that it had come from a mysterious figure in the crowd, it read:

"We've been watching you, Kelly. You've got talent, and we have an offer you can't refuse. Meet us at the old jazz club on Elm Street at midnight."

Though a little apprehensive, Kelly was intrigued and her curiosity quickly got the better of her.  She could not resist the temptation of this clandestine meeting with the men who effectively ran the city and with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, she quietly made her way to the jazz club as instructed. 

She was a little early, but as soon as she set foot in the dimly lit club, she was ushered by a group of sharply dressed men to a table in the corner of the room.  They introduced themselves as the Ultra Instinct crew and explained their boss had heard about her performances at The Max and wanted to bankroll her, the only caveat being, she would perform at the Jazz Club and only at the Jazz Club.

Kelly hesitated, her mind racing with thoughts of danger and consequences, but, deep down, there was a spark of adventure that couldn't be extinguished.  She knew that this was an opportunity to delve into a world she had only seen in movies and TV shows.  She knew that in return for her loyalty the crew would offer her protection and access to all the exclusive venues the city had to offer but there was a lingering sense of foreboding as well; she knew that her discreet involvement in certain nefarious operations would be requested.  It certainly was not the life that she had envisioned, but she couldn't lie to herself, it certainly had an allure that she found hard to resist.

With each day that passed, Kelly's involvement became more dangerous and she found herself walking a fine line between the two worlds she found herself living in.  On one hand, the glitz and glamour of her performances at the Jazz club and on the other, the clandestine world of the Ultra Instinct crew.  She often found herself wondering if she could find some way to bring light into the darkness and make a real difference in a city consumed by secrets and shadows, could she do it though?  Only time would tell................

TO BE CONTINUED....................

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Thank you for your entry, Kelly_Kapowski. Best of luck.

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I got my start due to my military experience. 


I led the in-vision of Haiti.

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Colonel_Ives, great story again, bro. Coincidentally, I was just thinking about entering another writing competition (I do have a 100% success rate after all) and was looking for in-spiration...

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It certainly is nice that the Competition Commission has set up and approved yet another Writing Competition for us, thanks to some last-minute negotiations with the Leader of the Streets. No need to worry TakeThe7 the Competition Commission's Constitutional Committee is already well into its session working on expanding the CC's power. 

Wellerman pulled a small bubble pipe out of his trouser pocket and puffed on it. As the bubbles floated and danced in the streetlights Wellerman began to tell a story. 

"It all started one fateful day at the docks. I had spent the better part of my life toiling away on boats and docks. I was diligent, sturdy, and reliable. The sea had always whispered promises of adventure, but I was bound by routine. This was all until that fateful evening. As I was finishing my shift a strange-looking man in a tailored tracksuit approached me. His eyes gleamed with intrigue and his voice was filled with mystery. He revealed himself as a representative of the amazing Competition Commission. 

The Competition Commission had been impressed with my keen eye and passion for fairness. They knew with proper training my sharp observational skills and natural charisma could be a valued asset to the competition world. With a mixture of curiosity and concern, I stepped into the dangerous world of Competitive Competitions. Days turned into weeks, and weeks back into days, then days straight to months. I found myself surrounded by skilled mentors who taught me the secrets and intricacies of competitions. I studied past competitions, analyzed historical controversies, and learned from the wisdom of our failures. They shared their combined knowledge with me; strategy, detecting foul play, how to decipher hidden schemes, and the ability to unravel the intricate webs of deceit that taint the Competition Competition Circuit. 

Though I left the life of a dock worker behind me, I still carry the lessons of resilience and perseverance with me. All this taught me the value of hard work and the importance of upholding fairness. Also, I am a cannibal." 

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Thank you for the entry, Wellerman. Best of luck.

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