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When did you start playing MR? Started by: aethersix on Jul 04, '23 10:30
Another one that migrated over after the original .org went down.

It was good that someone actually went out and recreated this pretty much entirely off their own back.

I still do pine for the simplicity of the original.

Three screen IA race. 10 bodyguards max. Jail parties. Feels like a time when it was more skill based

Good times
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Agreed with bighead on them good old day.

For myself been on MR since 2009 with few breaks here and there.


TonyAlacchi back in action

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Sheesh, I started back in 2013. Seems like a decade ago—wait...

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2009, stopped in 2013 and here I am again.
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Exactly 8 years ago, actually :D

Originally made an account as a joke, because my ex was playing, so i wanted to surprise him. I started just before attending my boarding school, so I of course got some of my friends there to start playing as well. Only one of them still returns every now and again though, that I know of!

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Started playing in high school in ‘06 or ‘07. SpaceCowboy roped me into this life when I was young and innocent. 

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I started begging 2022 i think. My mate at work kept pressuring me to join, so I did and here I am. Started off with 1 character till I got admin killed for logging onto my mates phone while we was watching an England game, then the next character and so on. im on my 4th or 5th now...i want to climb the ranks

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. 
Seriously though it does feel like that looking back now. I started in 2004 during a two year motorcycle trip from California to Peru. I was told about the game through a mate and a football forum, while I was living in Quito, Ecuador. I spent several months drinking in a Scottish owned pub called ‘The Turtle’s Head’ while writing some truly awful posts and being quite rightly executed on a regular basis. Fun times. 

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Boy, lots of people have been here a while. I started this a couple months ago. Just googled a text based browser game, like I played when I was younger and I landed here.
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I start play 7 yrs ago love game lot I like there no other game like MR its fun have some do other then facebook see in end game

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i started playing mafia.orf in 2003 at uni. ive been on and off since then. Not been that active over recent years. 

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Many years now.

Pretty much 3when started.

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I started playing before I got my beautiful white caviler. When I still worked at a physical therapy office. When my interneting was done in the family room next to the big TV. When we still had dial-up. When my parents would lock the PC at night to keep me off of it. When I didn't smoke. When I hadn't drank. When I still watched TRL and went to highschool football games. 

So ya know, 20 years ago.  Samkme here

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I started playing in 2016, which seems like so long ago. I was so young back then, and now I am nearly 30 years old. What the actual fuck lmao

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I was 18/19 when I was pointed towards via FHM 100 online games. I'll be 40 in 2 weeks time.. so yeah been around for a long time.

Its good to see a fair few faces that were around back in those days too, the community is what causes most of us to return so much.
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10 bodyguards max

unless your -mrevilman and use a loop hole to build a huge BG defence 

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Started in 2014 and left in 2018 and now I am back :)

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i found this sight years ago.  ive died numerous times. usually in a war.  came back, not played, and am back again.... 10th time is the charm ??

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I have bee here 

playig gsince 98 

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I started to play MR in 2016 stopped for a few years then started back in 2020 then stopped again for a few years and now I’m back bitches !!!!!!!!!!!

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