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When did you start playing MR? Started by: aethersix on Jul 04, '23 10:30

i started in 2015, so i am still a complete newb at this

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I started in Dec 21. I was,so lost and overwhelmed I almost gave up and never started
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I started in 2009  so i have been around for abit had a fair bit of break inbetween and came back god i feel old lol 

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According to my profile 2012, but I think it was more 2011.  Started with intentions to rogue with a few people, then decided to stay after we did what we came to do.

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For a couple of days ago. Just wonder what is for a game and how to kill time.

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This was my first account

i didnt even knew how to RP, used my name and my real pic lol 🤣

i found MR while looking for browser games to play while working and MR was one of the few that wasnt blocked on work

i'm so happy i found it <3

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Back in 2013, still not a choice I've regretted. Having a browser based game pull you back over and over like this has been a truly unique experience for me with mafiareturns.

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I believe i started around 2001/2002 on .org.
Found it on the FHM 100 site and gave it a shot.

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A few friends showed me the game sometime around 2005ish I think... I was in grade 9. I didn't have a cell phone back then, and we just had one family computer so didn't really get into it. Had an occasional character that did nothing every few years when I would remember about the game. 

Then in 2017, I got one of those "come back" emails, and that time I actually got into it and never left. 

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I started playing MR in probably 2009. I started with the other mafia site in about 2001-2002. This game has always been a getaway for me from life and responsibilities and stress. haha

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Started playing november 2023, coming from another mafia game the RP is completely new to me and interesting concept. I've been looking for another community and I hope this is the one, it seems promising, I've really enjoyed my time so far 

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I actually have no idea. Whenever in dot org the FHM top 100 online games came out way way way back. I'm guessing 20-21 years ago?? Guess that promotion in that FHM list was the start of a few people's journey in the MR life.
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It was early in 2015 that I started playing I think. I’ve been around pretty consistently since then - rarely taking more than a few days off between accounts. I’m getting to the point where I like logging in casually - but the inner workings and the politics aren’t really that interesting to me any more. 

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I started exactly in November 2017, and died a day after I started because of a war against the city I joined before I even know or understand anything in the game.
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Started in 2009. Was brought over by somebody I met on Neopets, lol.

Been on/off, mostly off though.. since 2015. Damn RL

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