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Dec 02 - 18:49:01
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Whatcha Watching? The Best Recent TV Shows Are. ? Started by: LuckyLucy on Sep 08, '17 12:13

Watch Scrubs a good show

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The Office is priceless!  I totally agree.

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Star, love that show. 

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I think you've got to go to Netflix for this one so I may not be playing this thread right...  But The 100...  Yes!  :D 

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Wayword Pines is a nice show too but only two seasons.

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Wayward Pines was great but it was supposed to be one season originally as it’s based off a book. I haven’t watched The 100 since the fist season.
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Just pretend I can type.

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The Punisher is kicking ass right now. I won't say much more to avoid spoilers, but it is a very enjoyable watch on many levels.

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Currently watching The Orville. It's quite funny, plus I like the references and sci-fi theme overall
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Gold Rush

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Started watching The Gifted, enjoying it so far.

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the brave. and the gifted. off the chain..  

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Started watching rerun of Ashes to Ashes. Its amusing and a reminder of some terrible fashion choices.

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The Flash is killing it rn

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Now that I've finally finished watching Hemlock Grove (what in the serious fuck on some of those episodes), I've finally moved on to Stranger Things. Yes I know I'm super behind everyone else lol.

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I know it has some time now but I've just finished Breaking Bad and damn... just no words for it.

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Chicago PD is getting better , Chicago Fire.    love what Dick Wolfe does with these shows. even Law and order. 

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The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, House of Cards, Lie to Me, Blacklist, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Black Mirror

My ultimate faves :)

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Mr. Robot (The Best show on television!)

The Sopranos

The Wire

House of Cards


Jessica Jones

Luke Cage

Iron Fist

Arrow (Even though it's terrible now)

The Flash

Miami Vice

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