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Dec 02 - 18:59:37
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Whatcha Watching? The Best Recent TV Shows Are. ? Started by: LuckyLucy on Sep 08, '17 12:13
Eventually I may actually read through here and update my to watch list. Once I finish watching hemlock grove and stranger things >.>
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Just finished Vice Principals.  Would seriously recommend it as a dark comedy.

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Big Brother 

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Right now, only TWD and Lucifer. 

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Mmmm Lucifer is one of my "must watch that night" shows. Of course Chicago Fire/PD too... Oh and my beloved NCIS, NCIS LA, and NCIS NO.

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Stranger things!
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Walking dead
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Vikings and GOT :)
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Catching up on White Collar and Season 2 Stranger Things.

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Looking forward to The Alienist in January...

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Inhuman- is a good show, Marvel show
The Gifted- another marvel show
American Gods is awesome watch it
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I just started watching the man in the high castle on Amazon. Not a bad show.
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Stranger Things (2)
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I don't know if I have said this before, but I like Life in Pieces.
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Just started el chapo and just finished narcos
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Family Guy


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Lucifer. One of the only shows that I have ended up watching and waiting for the new episodes.

The Pretender. A really good 80s show. 3rd time watching is right now.

There are others but I stopped watching Arrow, The Flash, Ledgends of Tomorrow, Agents of SHIELD, all were on Hulu and now are not and I don't have Netflix so I got to wait. 

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The office, Shameless.
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I'm absolutely addicted to the Great British Baking Show, I've blown through the forth season very quickly. 

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