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Dec 03 - 05:21:31
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How do you feel about mandating the vaccine? Started by: TheGodfather on Aug 24, '21 00:10

I know some states and countries have implemented different levels of restrictions. I just want to know your views on mandating the covid-19 vaccine and requiring immunization identification cards to be possessed in order to function within the community.

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Seems like it's needed at this point. Some people are just oppositional, and there is no evidence as to why one shouldn't get vaccinated. There is data on why it is beneficial to though. 

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Every vaccines I have gotten were required for either public schools or public service. To get into either I had to share my health and immunization records and were required to get some if they weren't up to date. I don't understand the fuss of adding one more.

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Vaccines are surely useful, and so must be these requirements to do some activities, but I don't like much that, while vaccination is "almost mandatory", if you get side effects from in, it's your fault because you decided to do it.

Yes, that happens also with other meds, but with them you have the leaflet telling you all the eventual nasty effects.

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Now that there's approval I don't really mind vaccine mandates as it pertains to public institutions or companies that mandate it.  When it comes to how the virus transmits, in a lot of ways I view the unmasked/unvaccinated as second hand smoking on steroids.  Unfortunately, it's likely that the unvaccinated are still going to drive mutations that are eventually resistant to it, which is going to cause a game of cat and mouse, not to mention the mountain of paperwork that's going to be needed to verify people's vaccine windows, dates, etc.

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I really don't care what reason they give for a mandate, no one has the right to tell someone how they have to live.  Also medical science has also shown the vaccine can be deadly to some people and actually give them the virus when they had no real risk of catching it at all.  The idea that any vaccine works for everyone was proven wrong long ago.  In fact did any of you read the information that you signed before you got the shot?   It says there is no assurance that this will prevent or lessen your chances of catching Covid, just that it might.  So even the drug companies are doing a CYA on the vaccine.  It is your life and your choice, so do what you think is best.

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​​This shit didn't come from a wet market. This whole situation came about from the very institutions pushing for draconian rule. Why would you trust those fools?

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Pretty sure when I got registered for school every single time I had to provide my medical records that stated I was up to date on my shots. The only reason this is any different is because people apparently have gotten dumber. 

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Being a person who is double jabbed and yet recently caught the covid virus, I don't see the point of a "Covid Passport." As much as I think the people refusing to have the jab are being selfish, you also have to respect their freedom of choice.

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I don't mind honestly i think everyone should have it to protect the elderly and the vulnerable, and if you think its a tracker you really need to grow up.

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Wow this could be a hot topic that hopefully doesn’t trickle into the game. I don’t believe mandating is right especially if you need proof to sit and eat at a restaurant or to shop. Business will lose money hand over fist.

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Like I heard when compared to small pox vaccine years ago, we need the world/country to take this one on the chin as a group. Delta is no joke. So many articles of a non vaxxer being surprised, sorry and dying.

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I think it should be up to everyone's personal choice. We read so much about how great it is, but it was developed so fast. Maybe people's kids will come out with 6 arms. We don't actually know for sure. Other vaccines took many many years to create and get right.

Before people jump down my throat, I got vaccinated. Even though I was hesitant and waited a long time to to do it. Believe me I wasn't  the first one up on that list to get it. I pretty much didn't think I would do it. I know I got lucky with side effects but not everyone else did. There were some people that were really screwed up by it. And some people that were fine.

I just think people need to consider the risk and weigh the options and then decide for themselves.

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It's very much needed, if more people would have gotten it earlier I don't think we would have had this much new death with the delta variant as we do now. Too many anti-vax people when they themselves were vaccinated by everything when they were kids and now they're making their own kids suffer by not getting them vaccinated nor themselves
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i think that we need to come together and realize that there are people who are extremely susceptible to dying from things like this and if we all just take simple steps, we can prevent a lot of deaths. i also believe that the government should be providing more financial support to individuals rather than businesses, but that's neither here nor there. 

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I think they are trying to control what we do and how we do things witch is wrong idea for helping our community.
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I believe in people's right.  But it's not right to not take the vaccine to protect others, plus it protects you from getting severely ill or dying.  and We need to especially protect our underaged children who can't be vaccinated yet. 

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As much as I'd like for everyone to just get the vaccine, I dont think it would be wise to fully mandate it. I like the idea of the Corona passport stuff we have here in Denmark - basically, you need either a negative test result or the vaccine so people can make the choice for themselves :)

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This shit didn't come from a wet market.

Reply by: Chinaski at Aug 25, '21 01:56

I would agree that this shit did not come from a wet market, because there has been zero evidence to reinforce that claim, despite exhaustive testing of the wet market in question. My current opinion is that the RaTG13 (CoV4991) strain of the coronavirus - which came out of a bat cave in Mojiang in 2013, was essentially weaponised.

From what I've read, the original strain was subjected to unregulated gain-of-function research in the Wuhan lab, to make it considerably more transmissable and virulent. The scientists doing the gain-of-function research work were mostly using BSL2 protection (biosafety level 2 - the same level of protection a dentist would wear). The researchers infected humanised mice with the virus, and were surprised when it escaped.

COVID-19 has never been found either in a lab or in nature. RaTG13 is 96.2% identical to COVID-19, and needed no mutations to spread, despite never having encountered humans, which is unusual for a virus. RaTG13 has a similar protein spike which binds to the ACE2 receptor, the same way COVID-19 infects it's hosts. I also believe RaTG13 was renamed "COVID-19" in an official document, but I'm struggling to find confirmation of that right now, so I'll stop short of making that claim.

But anyway, I digress. Back to the question in hand: -

How do you feel about mandating the vaccine?

Whilst I would like everyone to have a vaccine, I don't think mandatory vaccinations is a good policy. I've had both vaccines personally, but I strongly believe in citizens having the right to decide what goes into their own body... regardless of how moronic it is to refuse vaccination.

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