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When did you start playing MR? Started by: aethersix on Jul 04, '23 10:30

When did you start playing? What was going on in your life at the time?


I started in 2009ish, I was in high school and my good friend introduced me to it. He's since logged tens of thousands of hours, and I, only hundreds since then.

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Doesn't matter... We're all still here... :(

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Ummm 2008 I think?

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I started in 2021, so a newbie essentially :)

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I start playing when I played another game and pressed a button when a voting place in that other game, still a bit angry doing it since I then played this games for so many years now without a paus...
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I started sometime in 2015, then played occasionally.

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I've been playing for 20 years, since the original days. I started right before the original SVDM. I honestly don't even remember exactly what year that was anymore.

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I started playing back in .org days cause some friends got me into it. Must have been almost 20 years ago now. I still remember a few of us playing on the library computers in high school then getting hit with a dd cause we forgot to report it xD

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I still remember it, it was in November 2017, I was looking for a mafia game that looked little close to this one and I found this one by chance and here we go haven't stopped since then :3
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It was 2007.

At the beginning i didn't like it much, however, time after time it's 2023 and i'm still here.

A colleague mentioned it and i was curious about it.

16 years and i'm still learning.

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Just started playing about a month ago because .org went down. This has more characteristics of the original that I loved at this point. 1 shot 1 kill. Think I’ll stick with it
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long time ago just goten satrcraft 1 just had got bmy frist lab top back long time a go 20 yrs what feel like the game come long why

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I started to play back in 2008 and still going strong. I can't never get enough of playing, even if they do kill me I always come back

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I started some time around 2007 probably. I was in high school with YOU and Telkin, and he dragged me into it. :p
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Think I started playing in November 2015. I still remember how new I felt when touching the game for the first time but I had a helpful crew and had decent conversation so I learned quickly enough how things worked, was super addicted and still kept playing long after. Now I'm just on and off but it's a good game that scratches the itch lol.

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I started in 2015.  Been playing pretty steadily since then.  For me, at least.  I can't imagine putting 40 hours or more per week in like some people do.  


Good past time, the drama here is interesting - and I'm not one that likes drama typically, but it's always fun to see a drastic change on the board and see the moves that people are making.

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I started playing before I got my beautiful white caviler. When I still worked at a physical therapy office. When my interneting was done in the family room next to the big TV. When we still had dial-up. When my parents would lock the PC at night to keep me off of it. When I didn't smoke. When I hadn't drank. When I still watched TRL and went to highschool football games. 

So ya know, 20 years ago. 

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I started playing 16 years ago I think.  It was sometime in 2007. 

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Started playing around 15 years ago now I was searching the MMORPG boards found it and got hooked lol
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Well let's see: I started MR in March 2006. Before that I was into the .org game and I joined them in December of 1998. So all in all I have done a little time around these parts.

Bow and tips his hat to all the people.
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