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Apr 15 - 02:43:57
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Enough of this Stupidity Started by: LOBSTER on Apr 01, '24 14:26

What is happening to this society?  I saw that not as an unconcerned human, but as a very concerned one indeed.  A man has literally lost his mind on these very streets, rambling incoherently about becoming a lobster, and nobody has anything to say?

Not so long ago, fantastical ramblings about werewolves and talking goats was considered acceptable on this street.  But it was stopped.  And in its place came a thriving community of media moguls and self-styled competition organisers.  
So what's happened?  Where is the LEADERSHIP?  
One leader figuratively fell asleep at the wheel and stopped being a leader.  Another leader offers up very poor speeches which everyone ignores.
Is this who we are?  What we have come to expect?  Nothing-burgers with stupidcheese?
Moronic stories about ravioli and lobsters?
I was in an Avenue bar when there was talk of just getting rid of some of the parasites.  But nothing was done.

Why is nothing ever done?  Why is everyone so scared?
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What is happening to this society?

I ask myself the very same question at this moment in time.

On a sunny day I arrived on these shores, life savings stowed away in my coat, a twinkle in my eye, ready to make a name for myself and leave my mark on the world. Maybe I'd pursue a career in (non-competitive) writing and try my hand at penning the genre of mafia-philosophy. I had studied the works of the greats that came before me (WhereWasI, tha_hustla, Al_Capone, LonelyWolf, Conceptualist, GrizzlySon), and was ready to make my own contributions to this budding field.


However I then fly into a panic after I check my pockets:

    Apr 01, 23:16:32     An unidentified assailant PICKPOCKETED you, taking $88
    Mar 31, 01:01:20     An unidentified assailant PICKPOCKETED you, taking $20
    Mar 30, 02:23:43     An unidentified assailant PICKPOCKETED you, taking $119
    Mar 29, 18:30:28     An unidentified assailant PICKPOCKETED you, taking $11,640


Distraught by the fact that my coat feels lighter than it was when I put it on in the morning, I count any bills I am still able to find between the stray strips of lobster flavoured chewing gum:

You currently have $15.


My life dreams of becoming a renowned mafia-philosopher whose works are celebrated 10 years after their creation are in shambles.

What is happening to this society?

I don't care about any other questions that were posed. I have lost my composure and am fucking fuming with rage.

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Seanie is passing by when he overhears the fresh-faced gangster bemoan his lack of luck and the state of this society.

My apologies for the unruly treatment you've received since you arrived my friend. We try encourage those pesky pick pocketers to focus on the foul-smelling coppers that are supposedly trying to uphold the law.

Seanie drops a wad of cash into the guys hat. 

Hopefully this helps to make up for the loss of your savings. Word of advice if you want to hear it. Get yourself a group to hang with. You'll be surprised how much cash potential there is out there. This world is unfortunately a tough place without some back up.

He heads off, leaving the young lad to ponder his next move.

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Rufus read and read once again and wonder where the stupidity are, he couldnt find it wanted truly find it. He had to call some friends he thought can tell him where to find the possible supidity.

He was so lost and laughed big after talked to his his nearest buddy that told him where it was. He truly were surprised and walked out smiling in the night.
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