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fav.comedian Started by: don-vito on Aug 31, '08 22:15

I’ve always been a fan of those ‘90’s SNL people. Farley, Rock, Sandler, Norm MacDonald etc.


I get a kick out of all the roasts. The Bieber one and the Sheen one are likely my favourites.

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I absolutely love both James Acaster and Bo Burnham for different reasons. Repertoire on Netflix is a brilliant collection of shows and Inside is a work of art.
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ahhhhhhh so many

I do miss the late Bill Hicks and Ricky Gervais is constantly pushing the envelope which I love

Love some of the real old schoolers like Tommy Cooper too, he made me absolutely piss.

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I would have to say my favorite comedian are Dave Chappelle and Kat Williams. You don't really see much of them anymore but yeah.

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I've always been partial to dark comedy and very dry humor. The only real comedians I can come to mind with that in mind is Bernie and Bill Nye lol.

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The late Sean Lock. Probably not my favourite comedian but most certainly one of. I definitely won't be watching anymore 8oo10cdc knowing it won't be the same.

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Dane Cook was one of my favorites, then I found Gabriel Iglesias and he was very good for years until he started on his health kick and the family stuff I found him to stop being as funny as before.
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Odin agreed, losing Sean Lock just seemed so out of the blue and was very sad.  Definitely the best thing about 8oo10c.  The carrot gag still kills me every time.  Between losing Sean Lock, Trevor Moore and Norm Macdonald in the span of a month this has been a pretty shit time to be a fan of comedy and some great minds were lost. 

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Don Rickles.  The man could insult anything and anyone without being called all sorts of negative things.  It did not matter who or what you were or even if you were a friend, everything and everyone was fair game.

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Sad to hear the news about John Challis yesterday. Not exactly a comedian outright but a comedy genius nonetheless as I'm sure my fellow Brits or anyone who has seen OFAH would agree. 

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Hats off to the late Norm MacDonald, he was so creative and his timing was crazy good. You found yourself rallying for him

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One of my favourite comedians is John Bishop, hes from quite local to me and I think hes can be funny at times, really good watch when you see him on TV. 

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Billy Connelly will always be one of my favourite comedians. Absolutely hilarious, most of his work, but his earlier stuff was absolute genius. Kevin Bridges has some fantastic patter too.

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I like Dave Chapelle at the moment.

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Been stuck watching Tom Segura on repeat on Netflix for a bit now. Anybody got any good suggestions? 

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Think it kind of depends on mood too.
I love lee evans energy.
I like Jimmy carrs delivery of a punchline.
I like frankie boyles no limit attitude.
I really enjoy lee macks quick wit
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Bill hicks and George carlin are probably my 2 favourites,Jim jefferies micky flannegan, frankie Boyle, also really like Daniel sloss some very dark comedy from him divides the crowd abit!
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Hey there friend,

Let me tell you something. If you decide to spend some time on youtube I suggest you take your time to appreciate a South African comedian, who has been living in USA for quite a while. Not only is He hilarious, he also makes you reflect about recent events in the world at times.

His comedy is top notch. You will not regret it. He has a youtube channel. you could search his video where he talks about his arrival at United states of America for the first time. My favorite part was when he was trying some burritos.

Pleas do let me know what you think about him and maybe we can talk about that. I will take a look at some comedians people mentioned. So far Kevin hart is the other one who won my laughs along side with Chris Rock. 

Have you noticed that sometimes we simply laugh because we know that the person is a comedian and he is telling a joke rather than laughing at the joke itself? No? Oh Well.

I hope this is enough to get them hustle points. 

Thanks for reading.


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Dave Chappell is the GOAT without a doubt. Tom Segura Bert Kreischer Joey Diaz George Lopez just to name a few 

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Jimmy Carr without a doubt. He is so so so wrong you almost feel guilty for laughing. Very NON pc in all ways and sometimes a bit shocking too. I love watching him, its a guarenteed spit your drink out to laugh watch. 

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