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fav.comedian Started by: don-vito on Aug 31, '08 22:15
I find it difficult to watch comedians, although Frankie Boyle is quite brutal, which is more my style of humour and I quite like him. Other than that I don’t tend to find them funny.
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Also a fan of Frankie Boyle - although I also like Jason Manford (in the less extreme category)
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Recently watched Daniel sloss stand up again, definitely not my favourite or best comedian but 100% worth a watch if you like abit of dark and awkward comedy!
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best comedian is Katt williams hands down

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Robin Williams watched his career from Mork and Mindy till his death. May he finally rest in peace.

"I used to think being alone was the worst thing in the world. I was wrong. Being surrounded by people who make you feel alone is the worst thing in the world." Robin Williams

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The ones from the silent movie era by far.
Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel, Harry Langdon and Mr. Chaplin.
They keep inspiring to this day.

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Good choice Alice. Robin was truly a comedic genius and it was such a shame to find out how alone he was always feeling.

Just goes to show being rich doesn't fix everything
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Kevin Hart, and Gary Owens are an excellent comedians.  I love when they tell stories about family members interaction because it reminds me of some of my family members.   

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I don't know if I have a favourite comedian. There are so many that I didn't know of, but Netflix specials have made them a lot more accessible. It is something great to watch when you don't really feel like a movie or a TV series for sure!!
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There are so many to choose I would pick one but I would defile the rest by picking just one.

Every country I have been in as so many and if you are up on local news and that countries trends then you can laugh all over the world.

I with the way the world is nowadays we all need a little laughter....however I cannot pick just one.

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James Acaster is such a weirdly great comedian. Both his sets and his appearances in other shows, would recommend checking him out if you haven't.

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