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Favorite song from the 80s?? Started by: LudariusCane on Dec 05, '20 22:57

I'm not an 80s child but I have heard some great things about the 80s, especially the music arena. Care to share? 

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The 80’s were terrible, particularly the music.
Tho I suppose there was some exceptions.
It is after all, the decade that gave us... MANOWAR!,
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Well for me who is born in the end of the 80's I honestly can't say a specific song or band that is great, but I love almost all of it. I have albums with songs from the 80's and I love most of them. I will put on songs here as soon as I remember them all, but for now I want to mention Michael Jackson.. He has several songs in the 80's that's not just good, but amazing. Just to mention a few: Beat It, Thriller, Billie Jean... And Earth Song we won't even go into, because that one is just.. Wow for me.

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Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money. Maybe? it's a catchy tune. The 80's were full of garbage music for sure. Pop music has always been garbage though... 


I like The Cars, so maybe something by them?

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Summer Of '69
Song by Bryan Adams

This is un questionably the best song made is the 80s. Such a great song!
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Probably a tie for me between Just Like Heaven (The Cure, 1987) and Tainted Love (Soft Cell, 1982).

Marilyn Manson did a cover of Tainted Love in 2001 that I thought was pretty cool, too. 

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There were alot of great songs In the 80's.   I liked Darling Nikki from Prince purple rain album.  

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It's almost impossible to pick a favourite! The 80s was a decade of amazing music, esp so many epic ballads. Anything by Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. One of my all-time faves is I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith.

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Dude the 80's had some great musics, for me one that stands out is "Another one bites the dust - Queens" they had some great music in that year

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i have to say "Crazy Train '' by ozzy osbourne but i all so love the band queen all music is great 

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Being born mid-80s and having older brothers and sisters theres a lot memorable songs but one that always sticks in my head is once in a lifetime by the talking heads. Its a strange but very catchy song... but seriously in a decade with the cure, joy division, r.e.m, U2, the smiths, the cult etc all on top form whats not to love.
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Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order is my all-time favorite song. My parents would just blast it on the stereo whenever we’d take roadtrips when I was a kid, that never happens now so I think it makes me miss those simpler times in life. Take on Me by a-ha is also a song that triggers happy memories, my college friends and I would make covers of old songs ironically but we ended up unironically liking that one more than the others :)
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80s had alot of great songs. I couldn't narrow it down to just one song! That would be madness (I really hope people get that joke)


If I had to just pick a few off the top of my head then 


Girls just want to have fun by Cindy lauper 

Billie Jean by Micheal Jackson 

Wake me up before you go wham


I could list so many more but 80s was an elite time for music

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Gotta go along with SavageEagle here.  "Crazy Train" was a beast and got millions of kids into metal, leading to an explosion in the genre which is still used as an influence by many bands today.

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Oh the 80s didn't have totally bad music.  
I've  had a lot of fun with this song

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Song by Cyndi Lauper

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The Message by Grandmaster Flash. It's the first song in hiphop to talk about how bad the slums are and he does so in such a beautiful yet gruesome way; he paints a beautiful dichotomy. Of course, hiphop doesn't sound like that nowadays, so it might not be for everyone, but do listen to the words and what Flash is saying. 

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1979, but close enough.... heart of glass by blondie for sure. too many memories of mine just go with it and is clearly still relevant today... thanks miley 

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Now ya can't talk about 80's music without talking about Punk music. 


Chickenshit conformist like your parents....

Chickenshit Conformist.Dead Kennedy's


Or Trent Reznor (pre 1990's pre NIN) 

Exotic Birds - "No Communication"

He was one of the first artists to use computers to make his videos.

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1. Runnin' With The Devil - Van Halen

2. Sweet Child O Mine - Guns N Roses

3. Livin' On a Prayer - Bon Jovi

4. Here I Go Again - Whitesnake

5. Photograph - Def Leppard

6. Round and Round - Ratt

7. Shout At The Devil - Motley Crue

8. Metal Health (Bang Your Head) - Quiet Riot

9. Rock You Like A Hurricane - Scorpions

10. Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard

11. What It Takes - Aerosmith

12. Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N Roses

13. Looks That Kill - Motley Crue

14. Tell Me What You Want - Zebra

15. Panama - Van Halen

16. Foolin' - Def Leppard

17. Eyes of a Stranger - Queensryche

18. 18 & Life - Skid Row

19. No One Like You - Scorpions

20. Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi

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Rebel Yell by Billy Idol...because in the midnight hour, she cried more, more, more...with a rebel yell. 

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