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Favorite song from the 80s?? Started by: LudariusCane on Dec 05, '20 22:57

I like that period a lot mostly because the Rock Ballads. My favorite band's/singers are Brian Adams, The Police, Scorpions, Prince, Aerosmith etc. Favorite song is Purple Rain - Prince.

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Take on me - Aha
Michal Jackson
Men at work - land down under
David Bowie

There was actually a lot of good music in the 80s, I’d probably prefer the 70s myself though!
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Junk in the Trunk, that's a very good list you have there fella. Some don't even feel like 80s songs.

I'd have Sweet Child as No1, though.
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My favorite song from the 80s is a new creation Ratt mashup with Marvin Gaye:

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Ah the 80's

when people were no strangers to love and everyone knew the rules of the game
Guys like Rick going around singing about never giving up or letting you down.
Not even lie or hurt you.

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So hard to choose. I mean there was a lot good and a lot bad in the 80s. I could list awhile for both categories but best (or worst if we went that way)? Not sure I could pick one.

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Lovely list there Junk_in_the_Trunk. Saw myself Def Leppard when they werent so famous and playd in Olympics which were their first gig as a band before Scorpion. And when the famous Scorpions came on we all let them hear how badly we wanted Def leppard back to the stage and Scorpions were nice and called them back fast and they played two great songs extra, wow, still has good feeling when thinking of this concert.

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So many to choose from, but "Mystify" and "Need You Tonight" by INXS are both in my list of great songs from that particular era.

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My all time favorite song from bryan adams of course, Run to you

i mean all people know his more good natured, sappier love songs, but for me this is defo my favorite song of his :)

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I'm a pretty big fan of Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode. In my opinion those two had their best albums out in the 80's. Everybody Rules the World is timeless.

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Well, that is a tough question! There are so many bands from the 80's that rocked. I'm all about hidden gems so I'll just leave this one here: The real thing by faith no more.

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That's a long list.

Born in 1974, 80's was my puberty.

When i started to understand what i was listening, music bands like: Duran Duran, Aha, Modern Talking, Wham and Europe were some of the favorites.

However, "The eye of the tiger" still today brings me unforgetable memories.

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In the 80s my favorite band U2 released quite some records. Their first albums were for me more a rock & roll band then some of the albums they released in later years.
I still often listen to their concert: Live in Dortmund from 1984.

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Ozzy Osbourne Paranoid.... That was my Brothers theme song. He was a multi-millionaire and many girls in his life and still couldn't find happiness. I miss him a lot! 

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Damn, Junk walked up in here and dropped a roll like the oscars. 

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I forgot to mention in my previous post -- Heaven is a Place on Earth! Heard it in a Black Mirror episode and found a healthy obsession with it. Love it when it plays in clubs too, such a fun song to dance to!

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This is a great topic and a hard one to pick only one song. 

But if I had to choose just one I think it would have to be "Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. 

It's a great message and still applies today, especially when surrounded by zombies.

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None whatsoever lmfao, wasn't my era, wasn't even fighting the battle :P So yeah I'm here to see if there might be some oldies but goodies out there, so let's see people, it'll be great! :D

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The 80s I was in my teenage years.. blue eyeliner and stonewashed jeans. Was into a variety of music and was a few that stick out to mind that was very popular at the time. Alone by Heart. Purple Rain by Prince. Crazy for you by Madonna - got a memory to that one at a youth disco. 

And not sure if this is a shame to remember or not but towards the end of the 80s 'Do the Bartman' by well yes Bart... the shame in it is at the age of 45 I still know the dance steps to it... again from the youth discos. The lads knew 'Ice Ice Baby' dance at those discos too.

I guess the 80s were not that bad! 

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Blue Monday by New Order, despite the songs age, you can put it on today and it still sounds as good as it did back in the 80's. Good to have on in the background or while driving too

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