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Favorite song from the 80s?? Started by: LudariusCane on Dec 05, '20 22:57
I grew up listening to Oldies with my parents so the 80’s music is something I love. I enjoy listening to the Bar-Kay’s, Zapp and Roger all those groups/artists. One of my all time favorite songs is

This will forever remind me of my childhood and my parents
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I know it's a bit earlier that '80, but I'd say Imagine of John Lennon.

Hell it's 40 years since we lost him and I wasn't even born yet.

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I was a teenager in the 80,s and was a huge Judas Priest fan. Like many here have said, the 80’s were not a great decade for music. There were exceptions. U2, REM, and Guns and Roses come to mind. Overall, though, the 90’s were much better.
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I always liked songs from joachim witt- Probably not known outside of Germany here but he had great songs with good lyrics.

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I dont remember is it exactly from the 80's but I fucking love The Whitesnake - Is This Love, ofcourse theres more of them but my head doesnt remembers anything much sadly :/

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I'm only here to say that vim_fuego is not and will never be as metal as me. 

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My favorite band from the 80s was the Red Hot Chili Peppers, my favorite song would have to be Under the Bridge by them

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Apparently last post was not long enough, which is unfortunate, but exhilarating to see that a for has been enacted to make sure the posts are long enough.

My favorite 80s song...hmm difficult. There are so many. For the sake of this thread, I will say my favorite 80s song is run to the hills - iron maiden.

And Vim is still not as metal as I.

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In the 80s, I wore Iron Maiden back patches on my jean jacket, because their album covers and art etc was by far the coolest... but I never really really got into their jams until I was much older. Didn’t actually see them live until I was almost 40! Highly recommend if you get the chance, their shows are spectacular.
“Wasted Years” might be my favourite 80s Iron Maiden track, if were getting specific!
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I think this one characterized the 80's and many others of Disco

Nice days then, now we're closed to our houses-internet.

We have everything, but we can't joy our life.

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Mhm i rarely listen to songs from the 80's but i like Hit Me with Your Best Shot, Sweet child o mine & livin on a prayer.

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So many so many songs... I think the best 'modern' music actually was made in the 80's

I wear my sunglasses at night :) Corey Heart

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There’s some good tunes there. It’s so tough to pick a couple. There are some great ones here.

One I didn’t see scrolling through - Lonely is the Night - Billy Squier.
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Oh man, there are too many great songs from the 80's. Oddly enough there are just as many artists as this was the era of the one hit wonders!


but then of course there were the killers and the top of that list is always Bon Jovi. that dude is still 20 something and killing it.



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Best decade of dance music by a country mile.

Although the song peaches was released in late 70s, I feel it’s very much an 80s feel song
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I will always remember the first time I heard 'We're Not Gonna Take It' by Twisted Sister. Instantly loved it.

Dee Snider, the lead singer, did a remake of it four years ago and oh my god it's so powerful and very emotional. The video deals with child cancer. This is by far the better version.

you have to see this >

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Welcome to the Jungle is likely my favourite. I get things mixed up between the 90’s and the 70’s though, and I can see I’m not the only one lol.
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So many options to choose from. I'm looking forward to create a badass playlist.

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I was born in early 90s so I didn’t get to actually experience the 80s. However I grew up with my father showing some of his music from the 80s which was his prime 20s and I gotta say music today CANNOT be compared, in fact most of todays music is influenced by that decade. In my opinion everything from led zeppelin, van halen, ac/dc, the police, genesis, Def Leppard, scorpions, GnR... they are classics for a reason. If I had to pick only one song it would have to be Back in Black from AC/DC since that is one of my most iconic songs reminding me of my father.
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Did anyone mention this gem?
Not only good, but Canadian and good!...
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