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Favorite song from the 80s?? Started by: LudariusCane on Dec 05, '20 22:57

I agree, I wouldn't say it was my favourite song from the 80s but it's definitely an absolute classic.  I didn't appreciate it until I started getting into music which happened with the likes of Bomb The Bass.  I still have mad love for Beat Dis and especially Megablast.

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This has got to be one of the toughest "favorite" questions ever on here.  With all of the great big hair rock bands of the 80' way to  pin it down to just one song.  I'm not even going to try.  There is an argument for all the great ones that have already been listed in this thread.

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Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

Faith  by George Michaels

There are probably a few others that I really enjoy but they are not coming to mind at this time.

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Gotta be Love Shack by the B52s!!! Still a banger to this day.

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Your daddy works in porno, now that mommy's not around
She used to love her heroin, but now she's underground

So, you stay out late at night and you do your coke for free
Drivin' your friends crazy with your life's insanity

My Michelle, Guns-N-Roses - classic, iconic 80s music

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Summer of 69 has goto be my favorite, It is a never ending classic. I love everythign Bryan Adams.

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Im gonna have to say Bust a Move by Young MC.   Still hear it at weddings all the time.  Get your groove on

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I really loved the band Madness. If you watch the video on Baggy Trousers you will understand why they are called Madness.

And of course Nightboat to Cairo 😂makes me laugh again 

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In terms of what still hits me, it's probably going to have to be The Working Hour from Tears for Fears. There's something about the song's atmosphere and lyrics (the sax also helps) that can still work its magic and get me to tune out for ~6 minutes.
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Thats a hard call there is so many songs from different times of my life that mean alot to me :/ its a hard call Though i wpould probs go with Round and Round by Ratt as that was my girl friends fav song just before she passed away i couldnt listen to it for a long time as i would cry but now when i hear it it makes me smile as i think about her.

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I will be honest I don't typically like 80s music but there are few that I do like.

One of the better ones was Eye of the Tiger  by Survivor. You have to appreciate the Rocky movies helping to make it more popular. 

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Spandeau Ballet - Gold

Not only the greatest song of the 80’s but quite possibly the greatest song of all time. The dulcet tones of Tony Hadley just force you to sing along no matter who is watching.
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Well, I don't know my favorite song of the 80s exactly. I generally don't have favorites...

But my favorite stereo tester is a 45 of Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart. 

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Love the power ballads of the 80s.

They always seem to have some of the best songs for karaoke too!

Probably John Waite - Missing You for me.
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Most there are so many that jammed in the 80's   ,so much it was excellent.

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Oh shit now you make me feel old. I grew up listening to 70s and 80s rock. Def leopard was great, van hale , Styx, the rollling stones, Phil Collins, Ratt, just to name a few. Anyone who says 80s rock sucked is talking out of their ass. A lot of the bands from that era shaped rock the way we know it today. Metallica was born in the mid to late 80s and are part of the big 4 remaining from that era.
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There are so many great ones, but I will say "Don't Come Around Here No More" by Tom Petty

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After some thought i have decided as lead guitarist lead singer leader of the heavyest of heavy metal bands Bad News and being more metal then NathanExplosion that the great song Drink till i die is the greatest and best song of the 80s it is also more metal then anything Nathan Explosion could ever do.

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What Vim said, I think... but Billy Joel White Wedding is up there
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Hmm 80s songs I'm pretty bad at thinking about what era songs are from but a bit of Google reminds me of some amazing songs, at least ones that it seems like everyone knows the words to! A couple more to add from Run DMC, It's Tricky and It's Like That
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