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Working from home Started by: PeterMcNeil on Apr 06, '21 09:59

This would be ideal for me but then I'd never leave the house and I'd probably start going insane so I'm going to not work from home. The pandemic taught me I need to get out. lol

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I was fortunate enough to not have to work from home, not sure that'd even be possible. I've got a mobile office and well, all of our services are usually house calls or at local businesses. Those who do work from home, I think it's great and what not but surely after awhile it gets old. 

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Home, sweet home

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It's nice and annoying at the same time.. not having to travel to work is nice, but boy you need a spare room that to have to make an office.. and this happened overnight.. it feels like the office and home are the same thing in my mind and this is not ok...

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It's nice, no conmute so I can rest a bit more or do chores around the house. Bad news is, since my desktop is in my room, I've been having issues with sleeping, since my body now is in work mode while in my room zzz.

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I’m generally more productive in the office because we have stable internet speeds, extremely comfortable chairs, and my desk is clean and uncluttered, unlike at home where it’s full of makeup and various plants. The exception to this productivity is whenever I have to go in and my boss or friends are there, because they talk soooo much and I have to periodically spend 10-20 minutes nodding politely at their story about cookies. I live alone, so I guess that’s a pro for working from home — no one to bother me when I’m in the zone.

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I'm completely unproductive trying to work from home.  Too many distractions and a lack of discipline, I guess.  And a large part that I have trained my mind over the years to turn work on/off once I get in my vehicle each morning and night.  So, until I actually feel like I'm heading to work, my mind just doesn't get into a productive work related mode.

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I have been working from home since February 2019, I even changed jobs remotely, ze thing is, in one hand, it is amazing not to travel to work and waste time on stuff like that, but the thing is, there are no coffee breaks with buddies, lunch together and verbal shitposting. But working from home gives me option to do so many things when there is no work or when daily stuff was done... Soooo ugh, I have no idea. Also vaccines work, don't be Americans.
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I so like working from home. I am way more productive here then at the office. 

No phone calls, no people coming into my office.

But yeah, the social part of being at the office I do miss. So right now I am on a hybrid mode. 2 Days at home and 3 at the office.

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I think a mixture would be nice. Although I found too that I’m really easily distracted and don’t get 50% done of what I would have at the office. I do have an 8 week old baby though; so working from home has been a gift to spend extra time with him!
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I don't have the discipline to work from home, or so I think, but I'd like to try someday.
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I enjoy working from home now, it took a while to get used to it now its like why do I have to go into the office.  The change back is rough.  

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Working from Home.
I could never do it.
I need the time to relax before I get home.
I am glad I've never worked from home.....I probably would have killed someone by now.
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I honestly dont know if I could ever see myself full time in an office setting. Working from is the way of the future, and would help companies save on things like office space, and maybe they would be able to pay more....  MAYBEEEEE

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I'd love to be working from home if for no other reason than saving three hours a day of travel. Add that to 8 hours of work that's 11 hours a day, 5 days a week gone.

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I had to work from the covid I caught,and quaranteen till today be carefull.out there it's a dam, scarry    14 dayc behind bars and flu like symptoms.

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I would love the opportunity to work from home but unfortunately working in a factory doesn't have many at home opps.   :(  

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working from home is great. i hate going into the office. i hate small talk i hate having to fake being friendly and smiling when i dont like someone. id rather be in my room comfortable in my chair

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I consider it the most laziest thing to work from home, as going oit for work gives you so many benefits, like meeting your collegues, making friends, physical activity and so many more.
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I’m most out on the road - but I did some school and training that was all at home and virtual. I guess what I can say is that some things aren’t for everyone lol.


I enjoy being out of the house working, seeing people and being on the road for sure.

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