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Working from home Started by: PeterMcNeil on Apr 06, '21 09:59

Life is full of changes.

Teleworking is here to stay.

In the name of Covid-19, we'll be affected in many ways.

Big companies and enterprises, however, need to protect their working stuff. Working from home might be comfortable in one way (expences saving, house keeping, etc), but socializing is a basic human being's characteristic. 

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I prefer to work from the office as I end up getting more work done, But working from home has it's benefits such as being able to do washing / dishes / cleaning house while on lunch etc

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I've been doing a split for about a year now - 3 days at home and 2 in the office.  I told my boss I'd snap his hand off if I could do that fulltime but I know there's no way they will do that once it hits next year.  I find I get more done at home.. I don't really have any distractions and I can easily set my status to busy if I need to ignore folk to get something finished whereas in the office I find myself getting distracted real easily. Not to mention the uncomfortable chairs and arguements over whether the heating goes on!

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I'm classed as key work and worked right the way through. I'm thankful that I did. I don't honk I could have coped with having to work from home then be bound to my house, expect for exercise.


My Mrs worked from home and it really affected her mental health. She now does hybrid and is enjoying it

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